Understanding eLearning in Maritime Job Training and Familiarization

Murray Goldberg, Maritime Professional, Feb 14, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So what's Murray Goldberg up to these days? Goldberg was the founder of the wildly successful WebCT learning management system, which was eventually sold to Blackboard, then the founder of the less visibly successful Silicon Chalk. For a while he headed up AssoiCom, a private social network technology for associations. Now, he writes, he is building Marine Learning Systems, "the world's first Learning Management System for the administration, tracking, delivery and maintenance of training and familiarization operations in the Marine Industry.

If you're wondering what's special about marine learning, he outlines it all in this five-part series of articles. "Part 1 of this series introduced eLearning, talking about what it is, and why it is important that anyone involved in maritime training should do their utmost to understand its strengths and limitations. Part 2 of the series discussed what research has shown us about the strengths of eLearning. Part 3 and part 4 of this series covered some of the practical strengths of eLearning." And Part 5 discusses the limitations of e-learning in a maritime context. Taken as a whole, the series is a comprehensive outline of e-learning by a master of the field.
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