The Year Ahead in IT, 2012

Lev Gonick, Inside Higher Ed, Jan 06, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Quite an interesting column from Lev Gonick summarizing major trends in networking and education. "We can spend the next 25 years in 'business as usual mode' attempting to build the infrastructure for big science on each of our university campuses and reinforce the patterns of securing funding, building platforms, and supporting analytical services. We will also miss the train. There is simply no way we can afford to create redundant infrastructure to support the next generation of science, discovery, and innovation. Three-letter federal funding agencies, state economic development and education organizations, research and education networks, research scientists, and of course our higher education leaders, including our CIO community, should join and challenge Net+ to quickly set its sights on the development of an unprecedented collaborative set of platform technologies." If they will let me, that's what I'd like to spend the next few years doing here at NRC. Via Bill St. Arnaud.
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