E-learning project for primary and secondary education on course

Frankline Sunday, Business Daily Africa, Jan 05, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a positive story on e-learning in Kenya with a twist in the last paragraph. What we read about is the digitization of major chunks of the Kenyan curriculum and the rollout of internet access to schools, as well as of a training program for teachers. Good news. "So far the material that we have made available has been well received in the market and the feedback is that students are finding it more desirable and effective than the conventional system." But then, at the end: "We have encountered some cases of piracy where unscrupulous operators are making copies of our DVDs and offering them cheaply in the black market," said Ms Gacicio. "The Form one Syllabus has been most affected, but we have data protecting the rest of the modules making it very difficult to reproduce." So, the Kenyan government has spent billions getting this system into place, but the content is copyrighted and DRMed so people (presumably in Kenya) cannot use it. Sad. Who sold them on this business model?
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