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There's an interesting challenge in there somewhere, I think. Number six of Tim Holt's 10 Bad Trends in Ed Tech 2011 is "Ed tech gurus not offering solutions." Holt writes, "When challenged in his blog to actually demonstrate how it gets changed, Will Richardson admitted that it would take a sea change to do it. In other words, he didn’t actually have a solution FOR change, only that change was needed. In this post, Dave Warlick picks up the matle and holds forth with a list of ten things he would do. Looking through Warlick's list my first instinct was to ask him, "and what would you do if you didn't have dictatorial powers?" Because it's easy to simply say "eliminate all photocopying" or "rewrite the budget" or "classroom curricula will evolve" (you have to love the passive-aggressive flavour of the last one). But when you have actual organizations to work with, you can't just impose change. Now of course I think that I am demonstrating how things should change, what with this newsletter and open online courses and the rest of it. So I guess to Tim Hold I'm not a guru. That's OK, I can live with that.

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