Blackboard: A Tale Of 2 Companies

Roddy Boyd, Seeking Alpha, Sept 02, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A scathing post from market consultants Seeking Alpha. The 'two companies' described are, first, the one that is presented as an aggressive, dynamic and profitable software company, and the other that is force by competition and attrition to offer deep pricing discounts and survives only because of its military contracts. "Michael Chasen doesn’t talk about this company on conference calls and its cadre of enthusiastic (.pdf) analysts never got around to going behind the numbers, where a declining competitive position, baffling acquisition binge and weakening financial state all merited research. Revealed in obscure footnotes and buried documents, Blackboard would just as soon it stay buried." Ah, but it would just be words were it not for the actual documents linked liberally through this report.
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