That Girl in Pink

Benni Cinkle, Website, Jul 17, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Benni Cinkle is 'that girl in pink' who danced awkwardly in Rebecca Black's Friday video. What's really interesting is not just her video where she answers questions for the many people who wrote in to ask why she was so awkward and how long was her driveway. It's the website she's set up to convey her fame into good works - as The Awl notes, "she has danced (less awkwardly) with a flash mob for Japan relief, walked for cystic fibrosis, and auctioned her artwork to benefit the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity." But best of all, she has authored a 'book' (actually a three-page PDF) on how to survive the hating that can sometimes accompany online life. She writes, "within a matter of hours, I was singled out in the video for my dancing and publicly humiliated for my lack of talent. Overnight, I was renamed 'That Girl in Pink' and became the target of many cruel comments." She responded with goodness and openness and humour. It's a great lesson, and her book is, I think, a great thing to share.
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