Imagination: Creating the Future of Education and Work

Rita J. King, Joshua Fouts, Website, May 06, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a projected funded by the Lounsbery Foundation and IBM, among others. It presents ideas supporting a post-school model of virtual learning. "Americans are currently faced with a shortage of jobs, but by 2018 the nation will be faced with a shortage of educated workers.... Americans will no longer be globally competitive as the domestic economy and infrastructure continue to collapse.... Can that be prevented, and if so, how? With the industrial era crumbling behind us and technological developments rapidly accelerating toward a hybrid reality that still hasn't fully manifested, the co-directors of this project, Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts, call this fleeting period between the two longer eras the 'Imagination Age,' a time during which humanity must imagine and then create, together, the systems of the new global economy and culture." Nothing really that hasn't been discussed in these pages before, but it's interesting to see the same ideas in a new light.
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