What Are the Costs of Not Investing in ICTs in Education?

Michael Trucano, blogs.worldbank.org, Jan 19, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Kentaro Toyama was going to post my reply to his comment on educational tecvhnology on the Educational Technology site where his post appeared, but the UNESCO managers informed him that they had their own pro-tech writers who would respond. Because, you know, it's very important to get the right writers supporting tech, and carrying on the messages from Larry Cuban, Bill Gate and the rest. One such is Michael Trucano, posting on the World Bank site. Trucano offers a pro-tech response in precisely the ineffective form Toyama predicted: while supporting the whole 'total cost of ownership' analysis, it is based on an economics of opportunity cost, and of course an analysis of the 'fear' factor. After all, "Discussions of costs are, perhaps not surprisingly, near and dear to us at the World Bank." It's all so dull and predictable. Techno-communists need not apply. Toyama, meanwhile, has something of a reply to me on his site.
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