Google eBooks

Various authors, Dec 06, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Google has launched its eBook reader and store, and while the store is only available in the U.S., we can get a sense of the service by accessing the free eBooks it offers. Google has learned from services like Apple and Netflix and the interface is clean, predicable and easy to use. Even better, it supports multiple book readers: Android, iPhone, Nook, Web. But reading my copy of Vanity Fair (I have no idea whether this link will work for you; it's all I have) I find that I cannot copy and paste or do anything at all - the book is inert, static. All I can do is read it. It's not that it couldn't be presented in a more useful format - the search function actually extracts text and displays it at the side (and still won't let you copy it). I have only one word for this: broken.
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