Shareski on Sharing - Exploring the Share-iness Factor

Miguel Guhlin, Around the Corner, Oct 13, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The K12 Online Conference has started for another year, this year beginning with an online keynote by Dean Shareski. Miguel Guhlin comments, citing Mark Pesce, "Sharing is the threat. Not just a threat. It is the whole of the thing. A photo taken on a mobile now becomes instantaneously and pervasively visible on Flickr or other sharing websites. This act of sharing voids "any pretensions to control, or limitation, or the exercise of power". I wish people could see how these little actions change things. Sharing defeats power. Which undermines the whole idea of a revolution being about "seizing power." Who wants power? Who needs power? Give me a website and a Creative Commons license and I will change the world.
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