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I'm thinking today that it's not so hard to see the future, not so hard to see where we ought to be. Yet another thinker crosses my path today saying pretty much the same thing as is advocated in these pages: that we need to understand how technology is creating a post-literate world, how we need to be able to choose our own futures, how the educational institution needs to be dramatically reformed, how we ought as a society to form the objective of making a basic education abvailable to everyone for free. All this and more is in this interview with Mihai Nadin, the author of Civilization of Illiteracies. This future is out there, it is within our grasp, but it's almost as though it has been, like Nadin's book, marginalized, forced out of print. We need to abandon our pragmatism if we are to go forward, abandon it not in the sense that we no longer need to get things done, but abandon it in the sense of adherence to the traditional determinates of value.

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