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Sept 29, 2007

Originally posted on Half an Hour, September 29, 2007.

Just notes - because it's good to share


First step: recording audio. See Audacity.

Second step: recording both sides of a conversation. There's a bunch of 3rd party applications. See

  • Recording Conversations with remote participants

Third: Streaming

None of these programs capture both ends and push it out.

Use Virtual Audio Cables - Tools

Then streams out to shoutcast server using simplecast. (Or an open source program called icecast (but it doesn't support mp3 well))

or -


You're essentially using nicecast -


Jing -

Screen sharing - live sharing of computer screens

Video streaming - free hosted service

To connect audio and video to computer - Pinnacle device - takes audio and video cables in one side, and provides a/v computer inputs out the other side.

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