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May 28, 2009

Originally posted on Half an Hour, May 28, 2009.

Re: Standards council rules on ethics of CTV's Dion interview

Here is the decision. "CTV violated Article 8 of the Code, regarding decency, consideration and conduct."

It was totally a set-up, it was cowardly yellow journalism, and the Standards Council fails to take note of the fact that two of CTV's personalities (Mike Duffy, natch, and Pamela Wallen) were later given (Conservative) seats in the Senate.

CTV, of course, is not covering the decision in its news (beyond the required announcements), instead spending the time to have its on-air personality argue with a representative from Rogers over the mis-named 'save local broadcasting' campaign (something which will probably also land them before the Standards Council).

(p.s. The website is rejecting comments - "This reCAPTCHA key isn't authorized for the given domain.")

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