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Feb 14, 2010

Originally posted on Half an Hour, February 14, 2010.

The Entrepreneur Quiz, more accurately composed (original questions in parentheses). Makes you reconsider just what is being measured:

  1. I think I'm more capable than everyone else (I don't like being told what to do by people who are less capable than I am).
  2. I'm never satisfied with what I have (I like challenging myself).
  3. I see enemies everywhere (I like to win).
  4. I can't work with other people (I like being my own boss).
  5. I am always critical of things (I always look for new and better ways to do things).
  6. I disregard 'facts'. (I like to question conventional wisdom).
  7. I like to tell people what to do (I like to get people together in order to get things done).
  8. I take credit for other people's ideas (People get excited by my ideas).
  9. Nothing is ever enough for me (I am rarely satisfied or complacent).
  10. I can't relax (I can't sit still).
  11. I frequently get myself into difficult situations (I can usually work my way out of a difficult situation).
  12. I fail a lot and blame other people (I would rather fail at my own thing than succeed at someone else's).
  13. I butt into other people's business (Whenever there is a problem, I am ready to jump right in).
  14. I have forgotten what I learned when I was young (I think old dogs can learn — even invent — new tricks).
  15. My family won't work with me (Members of my family run their own businesses).
  16. My friends won't work with me (I have friends who run their own businesses).
  17. I was poor as a child (I worked after school and during vacations when I was growing up).
  18. I enjoy cheating people (I get an adrenaline rush from selling things).
  19. I can't control my emotions (I am exhilarated by achieving results).
  20. I turn other people's successes against them (I could have written a better test than Isenberg (and here is what I would change ....)).

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