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May 09, 2010

Originally posted on Half an Hour, May 9, 2010.

Here's the full set of resources from my trip to Argentina, May, 2010


Images from Córdoba.

Technology and Communication: Education in the Digital Era
April 29, 2010. VI Congreso Internacional - Cultura del Trabajo, Cordoba, Argentina (Panel).

Free software and education Fighting the digital divide
April 29, 2010. Special Lecture, Cordoba, Argentina (Lecture).


Photos from Tigre and Buenos Aires

A Conversation in Tigre
May 4, 2010. Informal Conversation, Tigre, Argentina (Seminar)


We Learn
May 4, 2010. Symposium, Rosario, Argentina (Lecture).

Buenos Aires

Photos from Buenos Aires

Connectivist Learning and Teaching
May 6, 2010. , Pilar, Argentina (Lecture).

Connectivism and Transculturality
May 7, 2010. Telefónica Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Lecture).

The End of Books
May 7, 2010. Festejar con Libros, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Lecture).

Buenos Aires Meetup
May 7, 2010. MeetUp, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Seminar).

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