Dr. Phil Calls for Federal Crackdown on Cyberbullying

Ian Quillen, Education Week, Jun 24, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Why does everyone thing "a federal crackdown on such-and-such" is always the remedy? I am as opposed to cyberbullying as anyone else, believe me, but why would I expect the government's war on cyberbullying to stand any chance of success. Cyberbullying - and bullying in general - are social problems. They are so widespread we have to assume the bullies believe bullying to be legal and to be tolerated. Certainly that's what they see on television. I would say to the adults in charge - if you want bullying to stop, stop bullying. And that applies equally to Dr. Phil, who I have seen more than once use his large size to advantage intimidating a recalcitrant guest.
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