The 15 Minutes that Could Save Five Years

Michael Schrage, Harvard Business Review, Jun 21, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I have always assumed I would never be able to retire, because any funds I could save would be stolen by the time I could use them. In this age of pension plan clawbacks, unfunded pension plan liabilities, and the blatant appropriation of pension plan funds through the dissolution of the company, it appears that my fears were correct (not that I feel any better about that). This Harvard Business Review article announces "The end of retirement as we know it - an emerging unpleasant reality that will (re)shape the quality of life and standard of living for billions." So what will you do? How will you adapt? "Knowledge may be power but it is also perishable. Yesterday's hot mark-up language is tomorrow's Sanskrit; last decade's breakthrough medical procedure is next year's malpractice." My plan has always been to provide some sort of online teaching or mentoring service. But will my skills be up to the task?
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