OMG! DIY U Means EM Do RTW!!!

Marc Bousquet, Tidsskriftet for Universiteternes Efter- og Videreuddannelse, Jun 02, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The Chronicle reviews DIY-U -- you know this is not going to turn out well. Marc Bousquet writes, "Kamenetz turns out to be an adherent of the most shopworn education fantasy in history: education without educators! Like untold generations of blatherers before her, she opines that information technology will deliver education without an education workforce-therefore saving untold bazillions of dollars that would otherwise go to faculty salary. These savings will inevitably result in a 'free or marginal-cost' education! At least for savvy 'edu-punks' and 'edu-preneurs.' Right you are, Anya, and monkeys are flying through the webbing of my chair seat as we speak." Oh Chronicle - nobody does righteous indignation like you!
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