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Announcing "Critical Literacies", an open online course starting June 1.

About 15 years ago I realized two things. First, I realized I needed to prove that it was possible to offer a worthwhile course online. My colleagues at Assiniboine weren't convinced. Second, I realized that people learning online would need a good foundational knowledge of critical thinking.

So what I did was to post something called Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies. Over the years, it has been my most popular work – much more popular than anything I've done in online learning. You can find it here, in its relatively new home. I keep meaning to update it (and, in fact, I've just assembled the whole thing into a document).

This course in critical literacies builds on and expands that idea. It is at once a demonstration of a possibility of online learning, this time a connectivism course. And it is an attempt to articulate and demonstrate those critical thinking capacities that are needed in a new electronic multimedia world.

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There's a lot more to come...

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