Willingham: Why doesn't reading more make us better readers?

Daniel Willingham, Washington Post, Jan 04, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

More fiction from Daniel Willingham as he says the reading we do online is too lightweight. "More than ever, we are surrounded by printed words. We read text messages. We read web pages. We read instructions and information on computer games. But if we're reading more, why is literacy dropping? ... The number of words read from conventional print sources (books, newspapers, magazines) has plummeted." Questions, questions. Like: if reading scores have been 'flat', as he says, why then assert that literacy is dropping? Also, how does he know online reading is more lightweight? More: how does he know print media has not become more lightweight? Plus, the usual business asserting that 'reading is not a skill'. Fiction. Via Joanne Jacobs, who uncritically passes this stuff along.
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