Community Source Software: The Beginning of the End, or the End of the Beginning? Notes From a Panel.

Lida L. Larsen, EDUCAUSE Connect, Jun 16, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting summary of a discussion on the future of 'community source' software - 'community source' is a lot like open source, in that it supports collaborative development, but is distinct in that development, and sometimes access to the software at all - is limited to a community. 'Community source' need not refer only to software; specifications created by IMS are also community source, in that they are created by the community, even though viewing of the specification si limited to members of the community (at least, in the case of Common Cartridge). It was interesting to learn that "the PeopleSoft student system wasn't developed by PeopleSoft. It was by 8 universities and "campus solutions" who worked at universities so they started down the path to build it." An audio podcast is available.
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