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Jun 13, 2008

OK, here's the deal: I'm going to be away for a month, including two weeks away from the keyboard while visiting the canary Islands in July. I could just go on hiatus, but I'd rather have some fun with this. So I've decided to open up OLDaily a bit.

How would you like to write OLDaily?

You'd need to keep in in pretty much the same format, providing a few links every weekday, and generally follow the format that has characterized the newsletter for these last few years. Otherwise - pick your own stories, voice your own opinions, it's all good.

But I only have room for four people - one to assume responsibility for each week I'm gone (all four, and myself as well, will be able to contribute all four weeks, but one person will be in charge each of the four weeks). This means we will have to have a selection process. And here is the process:

Write me a good 100 (or so) word post, in the style of OLDaily, explaining why you should be picked. Email it to and I will add it to the list of entries. On Monday (yes, Monday, in the afternoon) I will post the list of responses - but without the person's name. Readers will vote, but on the paragraphs only. They will not know who they are voting for. The top four vote-getters will be picked.

A couple of conditions. First, if you want to write for OLDaily, you must already have a weblog or an established web presence. That's to protect me; I don't want total strangers writing the newsletter (I'm sure you understand). And second, if you want your vote to count, be sure to register and be logged in (Anymouse gets a vote, but only one vote, no matter how many times it is submitted). That's right - only one vote per registered reader.

OK, let's have some fun with this.

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