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The concept of Edupunk has totally caught wind, spreading through the blogosphere like wildfire. This post summarizes several recent posts and offers something like a definition (I would like to think that true edupunks deride definitions as tools of oppression used by defenders of order and conformity): "edupunk is student-centered, resourceful, teacher- or community-created rather than corporate-sourced, and underwritten by a progressive political stance. Barbara Ganley's philosophy of teaching and digital expression is an elegant manifestation of edupunk. Nina Simon, with her imaginative ways of applying web 2.0 philosophies to museum exhibit design, offers both low- and high-tech edupunk visions. Edupunk, it seems, takes old-school Progressive educational tactics--hands-on learning that starts with the learner's interests--and makes them relevant to today's digital age, sometimes by forgoing digital technologies entirely."

Brian Lamb, edupunk DJ extrordinaire, offers a distribute3d publishing framework screencast (distributed publishing is very edupunk) and writes "another dirty edupunk is bacvk on the streets." Jim Groom tells us that BlogHer nailed the definition of edupunk. He also ponders edupunk anthems - to which list I have to offer Alice Cooper's School's Out. And he offers examples of edupunk from the annals of murder, madness and mayhem (talk about running with a theme). Dave Warlick also comments. (And that's the entire world literature on 'edupunk' to date.)

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