Diigo User Communities
Mar 31, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It was like a tidal wave over the weekend as large segments of the edublogosphere discovered the social networking and resource sharing site Diigo. The site has been around for a few months; I flagged a resource in my aggregator from Beth Kanter last September on the site. But the flood came over the weekend. Vicki Davis tried blogging directly from it on Thursday. Christy Tucker picked up on that and compared Diigo to del.icio.us and Doug Noon talked about migrating to Diigo from del.icio.us. Miguel Guhlin hailed the "invasion of the bookmark snatchers." Dave Warlick chimed in, "I'm getting Diigo. Ed Tech Weekly, on Sunday, was all "Diigo, Diigo, Diigo." Clay Burrell offers three uses of diigo in the classroom. Late last night Miguel Guhlin (again) began to find flaws in Diigo. Christy Tucker, meanwhile, weighed in today with a post on Diigo user communities. Yes, I have an account (userid: Downes), which I created over the weekend. But I'm not endorsing it - I've barely looked at it (but I sure have read a lot about it). I'm not sure exactly what triggered this rush but it was something to see - the instantiation of a criticism of the edublogosphere I read last week, that it's "all about who is using the latest technology". There may have been, I think, a point to that remark. Total: 279
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Re: Diigo User Communities

Clay here. It's been around since at least July '06, when I started using it, and I've been blogging about it on and off since Day One on Beyond School - 01 Jan 07.

But my god, the arrival of a herd of enthusiasts to my quiet leading Diigo account made me want to find a quiet little place (like Diigo used to be) where I could continue reading and bookmarking in peacke ;-)

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Re: Diigo User Communities

There's definitely some groupthink happening with this. I'm trying to at least be aware that it's happening even as somewhat I'm participating in it. But I've been using Diigo for over a year. I participated in the private beta test, but couldn't write anything about the new features until this week due to the confidentiality agreement.

Vicki Davis invited about 100 people to a particular message conversation on Diigo, and that seemed to be a big push for the momentum. The discussion sparked ideas for me--that's specifically what prompted my Diigo vs. del.icio.us post. I'm not sure how many other people were drawn into posting due to that conversation, but that's part of what happened. In this case, I think Vicki really was a hub in the network driving activity elsewhere. [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Diigo User Communities

It looks interesting, we are looking for an enhanced bookmarking 'thing' at the moment, what I don't like so far is that there does not appear to be a mobile version (viewing and saving your mobile web bookmarks) - which is a shame, and not another comment wall, but I think we might use this in the meantime - am waiting to see what Yahoo's new mobile bookmarking tool looks like as well.
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Diigo changed my life (well, my research)

I'm really keen Diigo. The ability to dialogue with online texts, to see your excerpts along with your notes is a huge leap forward, in my book. Its interface had a rehaul recently and I'm missing being able to search by whole text (rather than just tag).

for me, and in terms of learning, it's the excerpting and related annotation which allows you to emphasise the relevant parts of pages and interact with them makes this head and shoulders above any established social bookmarking tool.

The strange thing is that I have been enthusiastically showing people Diigo for years and, considering the poor take-up, been unable to communicate what is so amazing about it. This makes me think that it is for researchers (whether that be researching a holiday or academic research).

I'm also following things over time, so I've started tagging with years, maybe months soon. At a glance I can see all the quotations I've seen fit to highlight, laid out before me.

I'm not trying to evangelise, honest. I have nothing to do with Diigo. I just thought when I first started using it that, in terms of what I could suddenly do that I'd wanted to do and couldn't before, it was a little bit of the promised land.



Clay, if you want quiet you could make your entries private or share them selectively.
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