If You Worked a Bit Harder, You Too Could Afford to Be Me

Artichoke, Website, Jan 17, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Artichoke does a nice job of rambling through the arguments for and against privately owned schools. The rhetoric that goes back and forth leaves us uncertain of our moral ground, as we feel almost compelled to defend the existence of elite schools for the well-heeled privileged as essential for the welfare of poor people. We need to be wary of arguments that cast people as 'voting with their dollars' as well as with arguments that speak of 'wallet morality'. From where I sit, it boils down to this: where exclusivity exopsists, the rich will turn exclusivity to their own benefit, all the while proclaiming (from a pious moral perch) that it's for the good of the poor. The poor, meanwhile, silently remain poor.
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