Online Public Consultation On the OECD Ministerial Meeting On the Future of the Internet Economy

Unattributed, OECD, Jul 26, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

According to the email I received, the last time this thing was held it "set out domestic priorities in this area and has guided such policies over the last ten years" (so much for the idea that these policies are set democratically). Anyhow, there's a new one coming up and this time they are asking for input through an online consultation process. I had a quick look at the questionnaire - the questions are open-ended, which means a proper response will take time. Will it be read and respected? Who knows? Money and power tend to have their way with such processes - but if the process is kept open and accountable, then we can at least see these mechanisms at work, and respond appropriately. And while I'm linking to consultations, you can also participate in a public consultation questionnaire issued by the European Commission. See also the European Rights Enforcement Directive.
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