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Oct 26, 2006

I have had a few people write me to say that the organizers of TechLearn have nothing to do with CMP Media. It's just a startup, I was told, and would I please cease writing as though they were some big company.

I remember seeing a CMP logo on the TechLearning site, but that is long gone. But there is a NewBay Media logo on the site, and the site states, "TechLEARNING is brought to you by NewBay Media LLC."

So why did I think NewBay is associated with CMP. Well I just checked it briefly, so I had to go back and find again what I saw. What struck me were two things:

First, that the link opens to NewBay media.

Second, that the Latest news page talks mostly about CMP Media.

Not satisfied, I dug a bit further and found this:

"The Wicks Group of Companies, L.L.C. (the "Wicks Group"), a New York-based private equity firm, today announced that it has acquired, through its affiliate NewBay Media LLC ("NewBay"), certain assets of CMP Entertainment Media, Inc., CMP Media LLC and UEMedia Community Sites, Inc."

and this

"United Business Media is an international media and business information company. UBM operates in two principal areas of business activity: PR Newswire, a global leader in news distribution; and CMP & Commonwealth, bringing business-to-business buyers and sellers together through events, publications, online media and business information."

So is NewBay part of CMP. I haven't a clue. It's all a big mess of spaghetti. But really, the ownership doesn't matter a whole lot here, does it?

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