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May 24, 2006

My response to Dan Gillmor on Backfence:

You had 30 minutes worth of parking. You took 31 minutes, even knowing that after 30 minutes you were liable for a fine. You broke the rule. You got caught. Pay the fine and don't complain.

Your response suggests that you were somehow entitled to 31 minutes. You were not. Your response suggests that the meter attendant should not have enforced a violation of the meter restrictions. He should have; that's his job.

The meter reader did a good job, catching somebody who was trying to game the system. I would have been satisfied too. It's hard to catch people who cheat by only a few minutes. That's why it's always worthwhile nabbing them.

Finally, consider the impact of your actions. The meters are restricted to 30 minutes because it's a busy spot. It is almost certain that during the time you were parked with an expired meter somebody drove by looking for a spot - your spot, the spot that should have been empty. Your inconsiderate action almost certainly caused someone some needless delay and aggrevation.

Normally I am very sympathetic to what you write here. Today I am not.

You broke the rules. You got caught. Pay the fine and don't complain.

Stephen Downes Stephen Downes, Casselman, Canada

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