How to Do Research At the MIT AI Lab

David Chapman, editor, Mit, Jan 17, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

From this guide, and as good a way as any to start today's newsletter: "At the same time, science is a conversation. An awful lot of good people have done their best and they're written about it. They've accomplished a great deal and they've completely screwed up. They've had deep insights and they've been unbelievably blind. They've been heros and cowards. And all of this at the same time. Your work will be manageable and comprehensible if it is framed as a conversation with these others. It has to speak to their problems and their questions, even if it's to explain what's wrong with them. A thesis topic that doesn't participate in a conversation with the literature will be too big or too vague, or nobody will be able to understand it." Via Scott Wilson.
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