Web 2.0 Could be Used in Health E-learning

Maged N Kamel Boulos, Inocencio Maramba, Steve Wheeler, E-Health Insider, Sept 01, 2006
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Article with a link describing a paper published in the BioMed Journal proposing that the new technologies, known collectively as Web 2.0, could be used to support e-learning. It's good stuff, butt I am concerned that the authors (who have obviously consulted books, journals, and wikipedia, but little else) are unaware of the work that has been done in the field to date. They write, "We would therefore like to invite educators/researchers to experiment with these tools in some formal way and report back their results to the medical/health community, so that we may start building a proper evidence base." Sure, we'll get right on it.
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