Unplanned Obsolescence and the New Network CultureCRLFCRLF

Mark C. Taylor, Tidsskriftet for Universiteternes Efter- og Videreuddannelse, mirrored in DEOS archives, Jan 08, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As summarized in DEOS by John Hibbs, this article makes two key points: "With the advent of network culture, however, that logic [the factory model of education] is obsolete. We must rethink the entire educational process... and... Since government and foundations cannot provide necessary resources, virtually everyone involved in the education business will have to become entrepreneurs." This article is an intelligent analysis of the changes sweeping education. Commercialization is one aspect. The cost of learning is another aspect. There is an irresistable urge toward change, but what change? To even survive, educational institutions must work together, must collaborate. Network economics make that essential. But collaboration and convergence are not steel rails pointing in a single direction. We need to understand the purpose of learning before we jump headlong into arrangements that may compromise our vision. CRLFCRLF
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