Google Reader Spotlight: Publish Posts to your Blog

Gina Trapani, LifeHacker, Oct 10, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Google launched an RSS feed reader last week to wide - and generally negative - publicity in the blogging community. Not because people questioned whether the world needed another feed reader, much less one by Google (though there was that undercurrent), but more because people found the interface less user-friendly than most of Google's previous work. Some writers reported having trouble uploading their OPML (a format that lists their subscriptions) from Bloglines; mine mostly uploaded, but it wasn't problem-free. Others commented on the clicking you have to to - the 'next' button is really in the wrong place (upper left, and it says 'Down' - it's like web-surfing with crossed hands. As the article linked here shows, you can blog items you find interesting (if you can find the tiny drop-down in the upper right). It requires, of course, a Google account - which is why I linked to a story about it rather than straight in; unless you have an account it just punts you to a login.
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