Victim Sues RIAA Under RICO Act

Unattributed, P2pnet, Oct 05, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

File sharing, it has been well established, doesn't actually cost the music industry any money. The lawsuits launched to prevent file sharing, however, may have a long-lasting impact. What sort of impact? Consider the language in this statement: "Copyright infringement is wrong," Andersen's lawyer, Lory Lybeck, told p2pnet. But, "Thug-like threats by multi-national, multi-billion dollar businesses against people who cannot afford to speak or even explain their innonence is a much greater wrong. The music industry with all of its assets and all of its talents has the ability to handle the 'problem' of downloading much more effectively and much more humanely. Their present tactics cause real harm to real people." Whether or not the lawsuit is successful, when your business is perceived as a gang of thugs, you've already lost your customers' hearts and minds.
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