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Stephen Downes

Knowledge, Learning, Community

Oct 20, 2000

Presented to NAWeb 2000
Preconference Session
October 14, 2000

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Overview - Participants in this session will explore emerging issues, trends and technologies that will shape online learning through the next decade. This all day seminar will focus on three major areas of interest and how they interact:

Knowledge Management - Industries and corporations are in a race to become knowledge-based organizations. To this end they are redefining our ideas of what counts as knowledge, how it is produced, how it is stored, and how it is distributed.

We will look at how database driven just-in-time knowledge solutions are being applied to all aspects of corporate process and how these forcing corporate trainers to re-invent staff development and corporate training.

Learning Objects - Learning organizations are reshaping online learning with a redefinition of the core elements of instructional design. Learning objects are reusable and interoperable units of learning content. New standards, such as IMS and SCORM, are defining how online learning materials are authored, distributed, and applied.

We will examine the concept of learning objects from concept to implementation with an eye to how they will affect our own practice.

Sectoral Communities - Online communications have facilitated the rise of industry-wide sectoral communities that act as a pool of information and resources and serve as the context for knowledge creation and online learning.

We will look at online communications technologies new and old, examine lessons learning in community formation, and consider how the rise of sector specific communities will impact learning in those areas.

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