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Stephen Downes

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Nov 19, 1997

Posted to HotWired 20 Nov 97


Press passing along unfiltered and erroneous information as if it were fact.

Read it here first! In astonishing investigative journalism, Katz has revealed that the mainstream media GASP! printed information which was NOT TRUE.

According to Katz's sources (he read a few newspapers) the photographers following Diana were not responsible for the crash (he then astonishingly reports that this was not covered in the mainstream press - which raises the question - How did Katz find out about it?).

Those of us who read the many reports defending the photographers are astonished to find out that those reports did not actually exist!

One wonders, given this astonishing revelation, whether the news media is systematically misleading us on other stories. Could it be that their political coverage is biased? Could it be that their story selection represents their own narrow interests?

Stay tuned! and watch while Katz does some real investigative journalism (as opposed to retreading fluff).

Stephen Downes Stephen Downes, Casselman, Canada

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