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Oct 21, 1997

Posted to HotWired 21 Oct 97

  • I agree with Pasty - Bill Gates and Microsoft have been slammed in the media before. The newspapers and television reporters barely contained their laughter at the 'Start-Me-Up' campaign (not to mention razzed MS about missing deadlines). Sure, perhaps the NY Times and the three networks didn't, but as has been pointed out before, mainstream media consists of much more than that.
  • That said, there is nothing unique about Microsoft being favoured in the mainstream media. The mainstream media is fed by large corporate dollars, and they don't bite the hand that butters their bread.
  • Speaking of MSNBC not releasing viewership or profits - how's Hotwired doing? I wouldn't mind seeing some figures - all we get are the 'member page' counts. How about a count of FrontDoor hits? How's your readership, Jon? What's the profit/loss picture. Do tell!

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