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Jan 11, 2000

Posted to MuniMall Newsletter, 12 January 2000.

Just released, a PricewaterhouseCooper's survey of Canadian internet usage states that an overwhelming majority of Canadians thought that a single web site which allowed them to access a broad range of government services would be helpful.

The survey reports that while only one third (32 percent) of Canadian internet users currently access government services over the internet, almost all respondants (86 percent) thought that online government services would be useful.

The same survey shows that 36 percent of internet users bank and invest online while 22 percent shop online.

Most users of government websites (82 percent) are looking for information on government programs and services. More than half (54 percent) are looking for phone numbers or addresses, while a similar percentage (52 percent) are looking for jobs or employment opportunities.

Internet users access government websites because it's faster (58 percent), because the government office is too far away (28 percent), because they needed to access the office after hours (14 percent) and because it's easier (10 percent).

The same survey reported that just under half (43 percent) of Canadians have access to the internet at home. Of those that do not have internet access, 20 percent intend to obtain access in the next year. Most Canadians (66 percent) access the net via telephone dial-up, but a significant percentage takes advantage of high-speed access and many more (25 percent) intend to obtain high speed access in the future.

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