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  1. Associations Should Consider the MOOC
    J.T. Cobb, Mission to Learn, By , , August 4, 2008
  2. The Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course George Siemens and I are teaching at the University of Manitoba has attracted a fair bit of attention and a new title: the Massive Open Online Course,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 45490

  3. Edtechtalk 82
    Stephen Downes,, Ed Tech Talk, By , , August 21, 2008
  4. Geirge Siemens and I had another talk about our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) slated for this fall. This time we talked about the actual mechanics of delivering the course. [Comment] [Direct Link] 45676

  5. Quick Introduction to Connectivism Course
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , September 4, 2008
  6. George Siemens has created a short video introduction to our online Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course. Also, our MOOC will be the subject of a Fringe Alt discussion (see here and here). [Comment] [Direct Link] 45919

  7. Open Learning Is Here - Where Next?
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , October 1, 2008
  8. "And now we are witnessing an explosion in open learning. Of course there are the big publicity happenings like the CCK08 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) organised by Stephen Downes and George ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 46541

  9. The CCK08 MOOC - Connectivism Course, 1/4 Way
    Dave Cormier, Weblog, By , , October 2, 2008
  10. Dave Cormier describes the set-up of our CCK08 course and how he has seen its deployment one fourth of the way through (three weeks out of twelve). He's in a very good place to judge: he's ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 46550

  11. MOOCs, Connectivism, Humpty Dumpty and More - with Dave Cormier
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , November 10, 2008
  12. Graham Attwell writes, "Dave [Cormier] spoke about his experiences, so far, of the CCK MOOC on Connectivism and Connected Knowledge, the technological platforms being used to support participants, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 46890

  13. MOOCs Might Prove a Practical Answer?
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , November 13, 2008
  14. Graham Attwell writes, "I had a fascinating meeting with two representatives of a Bejing school district last night... I started out as a sceptic about MOOCs but the meeting last night has changed ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 46931

  15. The Technological Dimension of a Massive Open Online Course: The Case of the CCK08 Course Tools
    Antonio Fini, The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, By , , November 18, 2009
  16. According to the abstract, "This paper focuses on the technological aspects of one MOOC, the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK08) course, in order to investigate lifelong learners' ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 50767

  17. The Spanish Connectivism MOOC, TIOD10
    emapey, Online Sapiens, By , , April 6, 2010
  18. Here's a link to TIOD10, a 12 week Spanish Connectivism MOOC (a MOOC, recall, is a Massive Open Online Course). "During Weeks 1 and 2, participants only used the TIOD10 Ning Forum to discuss,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 52162

  19. La vía Ivan Illich (I): Mapa conceptual de Stephen Downes traducido por Potâchov
    eraser, e-learning, conocimiento en red y web colectiva, By , , April 17, 2010
  20. Good post, in Spanish, linking my groups versus networks distinction with Ivan Illich and a Spanish Connectivist MOOC being offered through Ning and other resources. I used a Google translation to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 52237

  21. Networked Learning
    Various Authors, Website, By , , May 18, 2010
  22. Papers from the Networked Learning Conference from early May are now online. There's a lot here, too much to do justice in one post, but I would like to point to the sociotechnical theories of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 52450

  23. Can MOOCs make learning scale?
    Robert Cosgrave, Tertiary 21, By , , September 1, 2010
  24. Robert Cosgrave questions whether the MOOC course model can succeed. "A core part of the concept of a MOOC is peer to peer learning, through dialogue. But it's a dialogue between 2000 people ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 53228

  25. MOOC: Massive Open Online Course
    Mark Guzdial, Computing Education Blog, By , , September 1, 2010
  26. Mark Guzdial: "They talk about how much students like it, and about how energized the faculty were about doing it, and how the challenge was getting these huge number of students to 'behave.'... [Comment] [Direct Link] 53232

  27. The Wild World of Massively Open Online Courses
    Emily Senger, Unlimited, By , , September 3, 2010
  28. More coverage of the MOOC, which seems to be all the rage these days. This article takes an approach very similar to the Chronicle article, but without the contrarian. There's more emphasis on ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 53242

  29. EVOKE Reflections: Results from the World Bank's on-line educational game
    Robert Hawkins, EduTech , By , , September 4, 2010
  30. Two part (Part 1, Part 2) summative assessment of Evoke, the World Bank-sponsored game-based online learning project. The numbers are pretty impressive: Pyramid of Participation Est.%Actual%Diff....
    Enclosure: files/docs/iphone_user_guide.pdf Size: 4075064 bytes, type: application/pdf [Comment] [Direct Link] 53253

  31. Connectivism vs Constructivism?
    Graham Attwell, Pontygysgu, By , , September 23, 2010
  32. More traditional educators and theorists have long wondered what the difference is beween constructivism and connectivism. Today we have two posts - and a cluster of discussion from PLENK2010 - ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 53805

  33. Why MOOC Engagement is So Hard
    Steve LeBlanc, Ponderances of Steve, By , , October 8, 2010
  34. Nice article by Steve LeBlanc on why people find studying in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) so hard. "So why is a MOOC so hard? Because it breaks all of our expectations about what is supposed ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 53890

  35. Adoption as Linking: A Response to the Stephens
    David Wiley, iterating toward openness, By , , October 29, 2010
  36. There's a lot going on in David Wiley's response to myself and Stephen Carson. I can't attempt a full response here (and a full response isn't needed; we can deal with the issues ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54033

  37. Long Time, No See!! Thoughts on a MOOC
    Ian Woods, Ian's Professional Learning Journey, By , , November 26, 2010
  38. Interesting set of reflections on the hierarchy of participation in a massive open online course (MOOC). Ian Woods talks about his participation in PLENK mostly as a lurker. "Lurking," he writes, "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54240

  39. Dave's Videos
    Dave Cormier, YouTube, By , , December 9, 2010
  40. Dave Cormier has uploaded three videos describing aspects of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Don't miss these: What is a MOOCSuccess in a MOOCKnowledge in a MOOC [Comment] [Direct Link] 54338

  41. ds106 as an open and online experiment
    Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, By , , December 9, 2010
  42. Jim Groom is preparing to offer his course 'Digital Storytelling 106' as an open online course. Alan Levine will be working with him on the project. And D'Arcy Norman is along for the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54339

  43. Confessions of a Massive Open Online Course Flunkie
    Matt Crosslin, EduGeek Journal, By , , December 10, 2010
  44. Two perspectives on MOOCs. On the one hand, Matt Crosslin finds them difficult to understand. "I just don't have time to figure out how to use one. Yes, I will spend forever trying to figure ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54351

  45. Paper Accepted for CHASE2011 about #PLENK2010
    Dalit Levy, Plenk2010, By , , December 13, 2010
  46. Dalit Levy draws four lessons from her participation in PLENK 2010. From her paper, 'Lessons Learned from Participating in a Connectivist Massive Online Open Course (MOOC),' accepted for ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54362

  47. What's wrong with (M)OOCs?
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , December 20, 2010
  48. As George Siemens notes, "Soon to be offered MOOCs include: CCK11 (Stephen Downes/George Siemens, Learning Analytics (George Siemens/Jon Dron/Dave Cormier), Digital Storytelling (Jim Groom), Open ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54416

  49. The MOOC Model for Digital Practice
    Alexander McAuley, Bonnie Stewart, George Siemens and Dave Cormier, Dave's Educational Blog, By , , December 20, 2010
  50. The first of the major studies to come out of PLENK 2010 is online. "Building and sustaining prosperity through Canada's current digital strengths depends on a digital ecosystem that embraces both ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54418

  51. Architects of Vascularization Building Lattices of Learning - The #PLENK2010 Experience
    Jennifer Chesney, Sparks & Flashes, By , , December 21, 2010
  52. More reflection on massive open online courses (moocs). Jennifer Chesney writes, "We need to get serious about collaboration and create a lattice for learning so that students can weave in and out ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54420

  53. What's wrong with MOOCs? Some thoughts
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , December 22, 2010
  54. Bets thing I've read all day: "To think of a MOOC as being wrong is to think of it as a course. For me a MOOC is the antithesis of a course. The principles on which it is based – autonomy, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54438

  55. VNA open data file for CCK09 forum 1 released
    Matangdilism, Open Educational Tools, By , , December 27, 2010
  56. One of the things I have been uncertain about regarding the massive online courses (MOOCs) George Siemens and I have been offering is the fact that they are courses, with the start-stop staccato ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54462

  57. Learning Analytics & Knowledge: Draft Syllabus
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , December 30, 2010
  58. Veorge Siemens has posted the draft syllabus for his Learning Analytics course. This course starts the week of January 10. The following week we will begin offering Connectivism and Connective ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54488

  59. Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011
    Stephen Downes and George Siemens,, By , , January 7, 2011
  60. George Siemens and I are once again offering 'Connectivism and Connective Knowledge'. This will be the third offering of what has become out flagship MOOC (massive open online course). ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54541

  61. Connectivism and Connective Knowledge: CCK11
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , January 14, 2011
  62. As George Siemens writes, we are offering Connectivism and Connective Knowledge for the third time starting Monday. As he notes, " We are doing away with the central-space of Moodle – our final ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54597

  63. MOOC newbie Voice - Week 2 Big Data... must be important... it's big!
    Dave Cormier, Dave's Educational Blog, By , , January 20, 2011
  64. It's interesting being a participant in two other open online courses while at the same time offering my own and (trying to be) doing all my other work. It reinforces to me how important the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54655

  65. What is the learner responsibility in open education?
    Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, By , , January 27, 2011
  66. Martin Weller gave a presentation to the CCK11 course yesterday (Elluminate recording) on open scholarship, prompting several participants to ask, "What's the connection to course content?" The ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54700

  67. Personal Learning Environments for Inquiry in K12
    Wendy Drexler and Chris Sessums, University of Florida, By , , February 8, 2011
  68. We have another entry into the world of open online courses: "This course, PLEK12, will allow you to explore the use of personal learning environments both for inquiry in K-12 education and for ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54786

  69. Learning on MOOCs
    Rita Kop, Observations about learning, knowledge and technology, By , , February 24, 2011
  70. NRC's own Rita Kop presents a summary and slides of analysis she has done with Helene Fournier on a recent MOOC, the PLENK 2010 course recently hosted here. She writes, "From the data (that we ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54897

  71. Social and connective lock-in
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , February 25, 2011
  72. Today's online session in the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course was one of those where new ideas emerge from the interplay of ideas. In this case, the new ideas were the twin ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 54911

  73. An open university prep course - MOOC for basic skills
    Dave Cormier, Dave's Educational Blog, By , , March 15, 2011
  74. Dave Cormier contemplates a university prep course - "a massive open online course for basic skills." It's a good idea and he has support for it: "UPEI has funded a 30 month project exploring ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55038

  75. Welcome to the MobiMOOC course wiki!
    Inge de Waard, MobiMOOC, By , , March 31, 2011
  76. If you are in MOOC-withdrawal then you will be happy to know that Inge de Waard is starting one on mobile learning beginning next week. The course is currently based mostly out of a MobiMOOC Google ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55119

  77. The ds106 99: #3 Innovation in elearning interview
    Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, By , , April 15, 2011
  78. Interview with Jim Groom on the structure and direction of his Digital Storytelling course (#ds106). The course is interesting because it was set up as a MOOC, which means wild and distributed, but ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55259

  79. Connective Learning: Challenges for Learners, Teachers, and Educational Institutions
    Claude Almansi, educational technology & change, By , , April 19, 2011
  80. Lengthy and interesting discussion of issues raised in the recent IRRODL special issue on connectivism. The author writes, "However, connective learning in a digital world that hugely increases the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55292

  81. What polegją Massive Open Online Courses (MOKO)?
    Ilona Buche, Pontydysgu, By , , May 11, 2011
  82. Here's news of another MOOC, and a few variations on the acronym - MOKO and MOOK. Ilona Buche, writing in Polish (via Google translate), describes her participation in #OPCO11, the first German-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55438

  83. University Presidents on Irrelevance
    David Wiley, iterating toward openness, By , , May 16, 2011
  84. David Wiley mixes the results of a survey of 1,000 university presidents with some lessons from scripture to argue (reasonably) that there are, and will always will be, some wealthy elite colleges ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55494

  85. Learning to Teach Online and Becoming an eTeacher
    Helge Scherlund, eLearning News, By , , May 16, 2011
  86. Helge Scherlund introduces us to Learning to teach Online, a service and series of videos offered by Simon McIntyre and Rick Bennett. The model (pictured above) they have evolved is remarkably ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55496

  87. This will be fun: Mother of all MOOCs
    George Siemens, Dave Cormier and Stephen Downes,, By , , May 20, 2011
  88. George Siemens, Dave Cormier and I are up to our old tricks as we announce the launch of the 'Mother of All MOOCs' - Change: Education, Learning, and Technology. "we decided to lean on a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55529

  89. MOOCs: a Model for Open Education?
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , May 23, 2011
  90. I do think that George and Dave and I (along with the help and support of thousands) have found something important in MOOCs. The MOOC is a way of leveargibg the best of the network to directly ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55535

  91. ds106 at Faculty Academy
    Jim Groom and Martha Burtis, bavatuesdays, By , , May 27, 2011
  92. Presentation from Jim Groom and Martha Burtis to the Faculty Academy about ds106. ds106 was a type of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), but with a difference, being first of all more rooted in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55572

  93. Trends | Rupert Murdoch in the EdTech Space
    Victor Rivero, EdTech Digest, By , , June 2, 2011
  94. This is a remarkable video. Rupert Murdoch argues, digital advances are making workers more productive, creating jobs that did not exist only a few years ago and liberating us from the old ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55614

  95. Online Learning Today... And Tomorrow
    Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois Springfield, By , , June 20, 2011
  96. Another new offering for MOOC-lovers. As George Siemens reports, " Today, The Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield announced that they are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55712

  97. U. of Illinois at Springfield Offers New ‘Massive Open Online Course’
    Marc Parry, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , June 22, 2011
  98. Coverage in the Chronicle of Higher Education of the U. of Illinois at Springfield eduMOOC mentioned here a few days ago. "Nearly 500 people from two dozen countries have registered so far, with 1,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55730

  99. OLDaily Chrome App
    Jason Hines and Stephen Downes, Chrome App Store, By , , June 23, 2011
  100. If you use Google Chrome (or have Windows and can install Google Chrome) then we have a treat for you: the brand new OLDaily Google Chrome application. It's available for free on the Google App ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55735

  101. Clarifying My Feeling Toward MOOCs
    David Wiley, iterating toward openness, By , , June 23, 2011
  102. Updating the discussion on MOOCs following the Chronicle article earlier this week: David Wiley reponds to say he is not totally opposed to MOOCs, thinks they're a good idea, but would not ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55736

  103. Why I will no longer work to differentiate instruction
    Lisa Nielsen, Tech & Learning, By , , June 23, 2011
  104. We ought, I agree, to abandon the idea of 'differentiated instruction' (and critics of learning styles need a different target to hang their criticism on). As Tom Welch, cited here, says, "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55740

  105. Study Groups without Walls
    Lisa Nielsen, The Innovative Educator, By , , June 24, 2011
  106. Peer 2 Peer University 2010 from P2P University on Vimeo. Update on Peer to Peer University (P2PU) that I ran on Ed Radio this afternoon. The speaker (I'm not sure who he is) outlines P2P&#... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55749

  107. The Existential Ed-Tech Pursuit?
    Ian Quillen, Digital Education, By , , June 30, 2011
  108. I think people need to understand that this is normal, that this is not going to change, and to roll with it: "Whether or not educators are catching up with technology, they don't feel like ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55787

  109. MOOCs as ecologies - or - why i work on MOOCs
    Dave Cormier, Dave's Educational Blog, By , , June 30, 2011
  110. Dave Cormier adds to the discussion around MOOCs that has flared up in recent days, responding especially to David Wiley's challenges to MOOCs here and here and George Siemens’ response. He ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55788

  111. When more quickly becomes waaay less
    David Porter, conviviality, By , , July 1, 2011
  112. Dave Porter takes a look into Ray Schroeder's eduMOOC (which has now attracted upward of 2300 people) and asks "How can page upon page of densely packed text, links, and discussion forums ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55791

  113. Open Education Is Transforming the Way We Learn: Ray Schroeder Speaks to
    Jeff Calareso,, By , , July 4, 2011
  114. Coverage of Ray Schroeder's eduMOOC has been extensive. We are seeing a convergence here between open educational resources and open learning. "Over the next decade we may see the advent of the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55807

  115. MOOC Planning
    Stephen Downes,, By , , July 5, 2011
  116. Dave Cormier, George Siemens and I had a conversation this afternoon preparing for our MOOC this fall.
    Enclosure: files/audio/2011_07_05_Ed_Radio_Dave_George_and_Stephen_talk_MOOC.mp3 Size: 32264985 bytes, type: audio/mpeg [Comment] [Direct Link] 55813

  117. MoocGuide
    Inge de Waard, Wikispaces, By , , July 8, 2011
  118. Inge de Waard has created a website on Wikispaces to host a guide to building and running a MOOC. "This MOOC guide based on the experience of the MobiMOOC(ourse) which was a course that ran from 2 ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55832

  119. Open Questions on Open Courseware
    Eric Jansson, Inside Higher Ed, By , , July 8, 2011
  120. With funding pressures - and closures - impacting traditional sources of open education resources (OERs), questions are being raised about best practices and models of sustainability for open ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55833

  121. A short course on mLearning Design (#edumooc)
    Rebecca Hogue,, By , , July 19, 2011
  122. This is a short little course on the design of mobile learning. I'm quite sure you could take the course on a mobile device, though I used my desktop computer. The course is very traditionally ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55890

  123. Ed Radio - Show Notes - 2011 07 20
    Stephen Downes, Ed Radio, By , , July 20, 2011
  124. - Janis Joplin - Ball and Chain - Wolfgang's Vault - Christian Crumlish, Erin Malone, Stop Putting the Front-end Last, Web 2.0 Conference, IT Conversations - Paramore: Monster - ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55904

  125. EduMOOCosphere
    Various Authors, eduMOOC, By , , July 20, 2011
  126. If you want to get a sense of the variety that is possible within a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) have a look at this. If you prefer a week-by-week recap, look here. The next live event is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55905

  127. Five Tips for Creating Fresh Blog Content Fast. Every Day
    Paul Farol, The Blog Herald, By , , July 20, 2011
  128. People often ask how I do this newsletter and the other things I do. I suspect the reaction is often, "that's a lot of work." But as the Blog Herald says, "it sounds like work and it IS work, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55906

  129. The Wrath Against Khan: Why Some Educators Are Questioning Khan Academy
    Audrey Watters, Hack Education, By , , July 21, 2011
  130. This is a good summary of some of the discussion around the Khan Academy after Wired's post on the learning initiative last week. Though most known for the videos, there's three major parts: ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55925

  131. Explore A New Learning Frontier: MOOC
    Inge de Waard, Learning Solutions, By , , July 26, 2011
  132. The work that we've been doing in learning networks is beginning to attract a wider audience. This article in Learning Solutions magazine has resulted in a spate of new subscriptions to this ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55947

  133. E-portfolios: join in now
    Unattributed, Australian Flexible Learning Framework, By , , July 28, 2011
  134. Here's word of another Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), this one from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. "A free Massive Open Online Course – aka MOOC – aimed at teachers and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55966

  135. Featured Courses at P2PU This Week
    Rebecca Khan, P2PU, By , , July 29, 2011
  136. I bookmarked this because I wondered whether a P2PU course could be converted into a MOOC. I won't have a chance to check this out, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there. [Comment] [Direct Link] 55975

  137. Ray Schroeder
    Curt Bonk, TravelinEdMan, By , , July 29, 2011
  138. Curt Bonk interviews the latest MOOCer, Ray Schroeder. "The reaction (to the MOOC)," says Schroeder, "is very positive. There has been quite a bit of positive press. It seems that most people take ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55976

  139. Social Media, Google + and the Golden Eggs with MOOC
    Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, By , , July 29, 2011
  140. John Mak writes a longish post on the structure of MOOCs and the nature of learning therein. "Learning is that part of the discovery of curated information and distributed knowledge through such a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55980

  141. Massive open online course
    Various Authors, Wikipedia, By , , July 30, 2011
  142. This is the Wikipedia page for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It is in need of more editing, but the authors are off to a good start. It would be relevant to add any MOOC you may know about, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55985

  143. Interview with Rick Schwier – connectivism
    James Johnson, The Blog Herald, By , , August 1, 2011
  144. This is totally what Google+'s hangouts needed - the capacity to support a live YouTibe audience. I can easily imagine using one of these in a MOOC. The Blog Herald describes the setup thusly: - ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 55999

  145. Stanford University does a MOOC
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , August 7, 2011
  146. George Siemens posted this item, provoking a flurry of discussion on various lists about what counts as a MOOC. The Stanford University Artificial Intelligence is being offered as an open online ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56008

  147. Here a MOOC, there a MOOC
    Lisa M. Lane, Lisa’s (Online) Teaching Blog, By , , August 15, 2011
  148. Lisa Lane, a veteran of several MOOCs, inclusing our own CCK experiences, is launching a MOOC stating in September on the subject of online pedagogy. If you want to join the MOOC, you can access it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56057

  149. Welcome To Creativity and Multicultural Communication
    Carol Yeager, Creativity & Multicultural Communication, By , , August 15, 2011
  150. Here's a MOOC I've been helping out with a bit, setting up the gRSShopper software on another site. "CMC11 is an open online course that over 13 weeks explores the domain of Creativity and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56059

  151. DTLT Today: “Hey MOOCie!”
    Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, By , , August 15, 2011
  152. Being on vacation with minimal internet, I'm missing all the great audio happenings online right now. But Jim Groom writes "Today’s DTLT Today episode explored the recent explosion of Massive ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56061

  153. Virtual and Artificial, but 58,000 Want Course
    John Markoff, New York Times, By , , August 17, 2011
  154. The Stanford 'open' AI course has attracted some 58,000 students and an article in the New York Times. So now the MOOC will be deemed to have been officially 'invented' by Peter ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56066

  155. EduMOOC 2011 Gradcast
    Jeff Lebow,, EduMooc, By , , August 17, 2011
  156. More video and audio from the ongoing EduMOOC: Topic: The future of MOOC's and online education ... and acronyms alternatives to MOOC, including SOOC - Scalable Open Online Course ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56073

  157. You Ready to MOOC?
    Ellen Behrens, aLearning Blog, By , , August 17, 2011
  158. Ellen Behrens, who is out to empower subversive implementation, offers this overview of MOOCs and how they apply to associations and non-profits with two concrete suggestions: - Offer your own. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56076

  159. Open Course on P2PU: Getting Started With Self Learning
    Anya Kamenetz, DIY-U, By , , August 23, 2011
  160. Anya Kamenetz is launching an open online course on P2PU about 'getting started with self-learning'. it will be based on the Edupunk's Guide, which as readers know was subject to my own ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56098

  161. Preparing for my MOOC Contribution
    Nancy White, Full Circle Associates, By , , September 1, 2011
  162. Nancy White prepares for her Change 2011 MOOC presentation. "I realized," she writes, "I’m not so interested in focusing this week on reading, but on reflection and conversation about the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56161

  163. “EdTech transmissions: We Control the Vertical and the Horizontal” at Maricopa College
    Jim Groom, bavatuesdays , By , , September 8, 2011
  164. Jim Groom speaking at e-learning pioneer Maricopa College (I remember giving them NAWeb Awards back in the 90s) sounds like a potent mixture. Jim Groom writes, "I focused my talk on a few things: ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56204

  165. Begging Support for Feed2JS
    Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, By , , September 8, 2011
  166. I pay for hosting too (this website is hosted by me, privately, and not subsidized by any agency or employer), I know that it's an ongoing cost, and so I am more inclined than most to pass ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56207

  167. Kids don’t play games for fun, but to tune their thinking
    Dean Groom, Design for Learning, By , , September 8, 2011
  168. In our connectivist courses there' always this 'pull' back toward traditional academia, and often what we are doing is interpreted through that lens. I'd much rather think of it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56208

  169. The MOOC Guide
    Stephen Downes, Google Sites, By , , September 8, 2011
  170. I have set up a Google site to author an handbook and guide to creating Massive Open Online courses. The guide is partially descriptive, partially normative. It is structured as a history of the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56209

  171. OERs: Public Service Education and Open Production
    Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, By , , September 11, 2011
  172. Tony Hirst makes the very good point that recent discussions of open educational resources have overlooked recent (and not-so-recent developments in the field of open learning. "from my quick ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56219

  173. Free Stanford AI Class is a Beta for a Commercial Launch?
    Beatrice K. Otto, Disruptive Library Technology Jester, By , , September 11, 2011
  174. Via George Siemens comes this link to an in-depth examination of the Stanford AI open course. In a nutshell: what if this isn't actually an open course, but rather nothing more than a beta test ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56220

  175. Change MOOC starts Mon 12th Sept 2011….
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , September 12, 2011
  176. As Jenny Mackness observes, the great Change MOOC starts today with an orientation week. It's interesting to read what she perceives are shifts in some important concepts: "Diversity: has ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56223

  177. MOOCast name change > Launch of COOLCast
    Jeff Lebow,, By , , September 13, 2011
  178. Jeff Lebow, who managed an underground MOOCast during the summer's eduMOOC course, has changed the name to COOLcast: "Collaborative Open Online Learning." He writes, "I think MOOC's are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56234

  179. How to Participate in the MOOC
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , September 13, 2011
  180. Post I authored today as part of 'orientation week' for the #change2011 MOOC. [Comment] [Direct Link] 56238

  181. How to Participate in the MOOC - 2
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , September 14, 2011
  182. Second part of the orientation guide being prepared for the #change11 MOOC. [Comment] [Direct Link] 56241

  183. Web-Based Activities
    Various Authors, Facebook, By , , September 15, 2011
  184. Something we're a lot more focused on this year in the #Change11 MOOC is the promotion of web-based activities around the course created by participants, not the course organizers. This page ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56245

  185. Call for Papers: Open Online Courses
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , September 16, 2011
  186. George Siemens has blogged our call for papers for an edited book on MOOCs. This is the academic counterpart to The MOOC Guide (IMO). He also posts the duplication theory of educational value: "if ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56256

  187. COOLCast#1 - September 14, 2011
    Lisa M Lane, Vance Stevens, Kate Robbins, Sanford Arbogast and Jeff Lebow, COOLCast, By , , September 16, 2011
  188. The alternative MOOC webcasts have started up again for the fall courtesy Jeff Lebow and friends. I haven't been able to listen yet (I've been elbows-deep writing an adapter for Big Blue ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56258

  189. el-Ukriaine
    Константин Бугайчук, Website, By , , September 21, 2011
  190. Константин Бугайчук posted in Change11 about SSDE11, the first Ukrainian MOOC, by Kukharenko and Bugaychuk (may-july 2011) Alternate link: and a machine ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56282

  191. Mobile learning: A tutor in your pocket
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , September 21, 2011
  192. Jenny Mackness summarizes today's session in the #change11 MOOC. We had Zoraini Wati Abas with us to speak about Mobile learning (m-learning) at the Open University Malaysia. Here's the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56285

  193. An Interview with Stephen Downes
    Darrel Branson and Tony Richards, Ed Tech Crew, By , , September 22, 2011
  194. Discussion with the hosts of Ed Tech Crew about the nature of MOOCs, how they work, connectivism, open source and open licensing, and the rest of it.
    Enclosure: files/audio/EDTECHCREW175.mp3 Size: 47166387 bytes, type: audio/mpeg [Comment] [Direct Link] 56291

  195. Google in Education and Chromebooks (Sept 2011)
    Wesley Fryer, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, By , , September 27, 2011
  196. Wesley Fryer has summarized quite well a number of the talks from the Google Geo-Teacher Institute in Lewiston, Maine (just a few hours down the road from me!). "125 million education users now for ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56331

  197. Digital scholarship - introduction
    Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, By , , September 28, 2011
  198. It's Martin Weller's week at the #change11 MOOC and he's prepared this nice resource supporting his talk on digital scholarship. "As I mention in the video," he writes, "the week is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56335

  199. Quantifying yourself through personal analytics
    Wolfgang Greller, Reflections on the Knowledge Society, By , , September 29, 2011
  200. If your scale reports that your weight is constantly increasing, what's your reaction? If your weblog reported that you are writing at a Grade Six level and recommended more reading, what would ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56347

  201. Promethean MOOC
    Corey Papastathis, Google Sites, By , , September 29, 2011
  202. Preliminary announcement page for another MOOC, the Promethean MOOC: "Over this ten week MOOC (massive open online course) we will be using Promethean tools to explore technology integration ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56350

  203. The Virtuous Middle Way
    David Wiley, iterating toward openness, By , , September 30, 2011
  204. David Wiley states his case (and takes a swipe at MOOCs en passant. "People can learn under situations whose structure is completely self-determined," he writes, "however, the purpose of the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56362

  205. The digital scholar - which way to go?
    Steven Verjans, Stievie's adventures in e-Learning, By , , September 30, 2011
  206. A big part of the challenge of Martin Weller's presentation this week in the change MOOC was around the question of whether people can become digital scholars just yet. Specifically, as Steven ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56363

  207. The Digital Promise – It Must Be Sustainable
    Jim Shimabukuro, educational technology & change, By , , October 1, 2011
  208. Jim Shimabukuro poses what appears to be the most significant challenge to learning technology: "The Digital Promise, in its current form, is not sustainable. Over the long haul, no school or ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56364

  209. Walking the Virtuous Middle Way
    David Wiley, iterating toward openness, By , , October 3, 2011
  210. Pindham says, in the comments, "I truly wish I knew with whom Mr. Wiley is arguing." I agree; it seems to be he's argung with me, but I do not recognize my own - or anyone else's - words in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56373

  211. COOLCast - October 5, 2011
    Jeff Lebow, COOLcast, By , , October 5, 2011
  212. We had a very interesting COOLcast on the subject of central cores and threads in MOOCs. Participants: Vance Stevens, carol yeager, Stephen Downes, Lisa M Lane, Kate Robbins, Jenny Ankenbauer, Jeff ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56387

  213. Collective Learning
    Lou McGill, Weblog, By , , October 6, 2011
  214. Here's a quite worthwhile conversation hosed by Lou McGill with Allison Littlejohn, who is contributing to this week's #chnage11 MOOC. The core of Littlejohn's contribution revolves ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56394

  215. Episode 88: Why Universities Should Experiment With Massive Open Courses
    Jeffrey R. Young, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , October 7, 2011
  216. The Chronicle picks George Siemens, the MOOC-meister who is the most diplomatic of the bunch of us and who has not called them out publicly over and over, and they still introduce their interview ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56406

  217. Episode 54: Change MOOC Discussion
    Jim Groom,, DTLT, By , , October 7, 2011
  218. The #change11 MOOC has been off to a bit of a rocky start with several of our plans for synchronous conferencing choking under the weight of too many participants. In this episode of DTLT Today ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56407

  219. The Teacher’s Guide To Using Posterous Spaces
    Unattributed, Edudemic, By , , October 10, 2011
  220. Nice quick guide to the use of Posterous Spaces (to put into context, in the #change11 MOOC, after Blogger and WordPress, which numbered one and two, the next most popular participant contributions ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56415

  221. #Change11: Welcome to week 5: Managing Technology to Transform Teaching
    Tony Bates, e-learning and distance education resources, By , , October 14, 2011
  222. Tony Bates introduces his week: "Welcome to week 5 of this Massive Open Online Course organized by George Siemens, Stephen Downes and Dave Cormier. If you want to participate but haven’t ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56444

  223. Are we building a new grand narrative, or are grand narratives things of the past?
    Roland Legrand, Mixed Realities, By , , October 17, 2011
  224. Interesting view from inside Howard Rheingold's Introduction to Cooperation Theory course. Roland Legrand asks, "Is Connectivism, as practiced for instance in the Massive Open Online Course (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56465

  225. Interview with George Siemens - LE@D, Universidade Aberta
    José Mota, Google+ / Vimeo, By , , October 17, 2011
  226. José Mota writes, "Here's an interview we did with +George Siemens on 30 June, 2011, at the Laboratory of Distance Education and eLearning, Universidade Aberta, Portugal. It's around 40 ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56466

  227. Takeaways from #SketchCamp Chicago
    Aaron Silvers, AES, By , , October 25, 2011
  228. Oh, this SketchCamp would have been so much fun! It's set up on the MOOC model, expect without the Massive and Online, and cost $25, so I guess it's not open, and it was an 'uncourse'... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56506

  229. Read #MobiMOOC team's best #paper award for #mLearning research
    Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, By , , October 25, 2011
  230. I'll probably never win a 'best paper' award for anything, but it's nice to be associated, however loosely, with something that did win. "So we are now seven members in the MobiMOOC ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56514

  231. Can Enlightenment Scale?
    Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, By , , October 28, 2011
  232. I forget where I heard this but I heard it recently: the one thing that scales proportionately with student numbers is student numbers. And this is the key to understanding how new educational ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56530

  233. What Can We Learn From Stanford University’s Free Online Computer Science Courses?
    Seb Schmoller, Association for Learning Technology, By , , November 7, 2011
  234. Though numbers have declined dramatically from last summer's peak of enthusiasm for Stanford's massive Artificial Intelligence course, membership is still large enough to crash servers and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56578

  235. The sods must be crazy: OLPC to drop tablets from helicopters to isolated villages
    Ryan Paul, Ars Technica, By , , November 8, 2011
  236. I'm not sure whether the idea is genius or insane (though I suspect most people would be tending to suspect the latter). "The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) ... organization plans to drop the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56587

  237. 7 Things you should know about MOOCs
    Unattributed, EDUCAUSE, By , , November 11, 2011
  238. The latest 'seven things' paper to come out of EDUCAUSE is about MOOCs (equally a surprise to both George Siemens and myself). As Siemens says, it would have been nice to see the document ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56614

  239. The Wisdom of Motivated Crowds
    Teemu Leinonen, FLOSSE Posse, By , , November 22, 2011
  240. Directly relevant to my talk this evening, Teemu Leinonen on motivation: "In a good course students should have the opportunity to practice leadership, gain knowledge, and be autonomous. Students ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56667

  241. Using mLearning and MOOCs to understand chaos, emergence, and complexity in education
    Inge deWaard,, IRRODL, By , , November 28, 2011
  242. This paper looks at the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from the perspective of a MobiMOOC, a six-week course focusing on mLearning that ran from April to May 2011. It begins with a quick outline ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56705

  243. A Pedagogy of Abundance or a Pedagogy to Support Human Beings? Participant Support on Massive Open Online Courses
    Rita Kop, Hélène Fournier and Sui Fai John Mak, IRRODL, By , , November 28, 2011
  244. According to the authors, "it is possible to move from a pedagogy of abundance to a pedagogy that supports human beings in their learning through the active creation of resources and learning ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56706

  245. Constraints and Change in ChangeMooc
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , November 29, 2011
  246. Really good summary of the discussion in the #Change11 MOOC around the presentations made last week by Jon Dron. According to Dron, a weakness of an approach such as the MOOC is that there are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56719

  247. Team Trust in Online Education: Assessing and Comparing Team-member Trust in Online Teams Versus Face-to-Face Teams
    Peggy M. Beranek and Monique L. French, The Journal of Distance Education, By , , November 30, 2011
  248. This study measures 'trust' at the beginning and the end of a semester for in-person and online classes using a questionnaire designed to measure the different dimensions of trust in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56729

  249. The university as a flag of convenience
    John Moravec, Education Futures, By , , December 13, 2011
  250. Interesting assessment of the significance of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence MOOC. "I don’t think its significant that ‘Stanford’ is doing this, I think it’s significant that [... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56811

  251. Measuring the Wrong Things — Has the Scientific Method Been Compromised By Careerism?
    Kent Anderson, The Scholarly Kitchen, By , , December 15, 2011
  252. I think this is exactly right: "Perhaps we’re measuring the wrong things — number of publications, number of citations, impact factors of publication outlets — as a way of measuring a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56827

  253. Teaching the On-Line Stanford class at UMass Lowell
    Fred Martin, Computing Education Blog, By , , December 16, 2011
  254. Fred Martin reflects on his experience participating in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence MOOC. "I don’t have to lecture the material. When we meet, my students have (largely) worked through ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56838

  255. Khan and AI: Open Online Courses
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , December 16, 2011
  256. George Siemens writes, "I’ve been a bit frustrated in the past (actually, I still am) that the history of open courses has not been fully reflected in conversation about the Stanford AI class. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56839

  257. The Feynman Series (part 1) - Beauty
    Richard Feynman, YouTube, By , , December 16, 2011
  258. I bought a new Buddha this week (pictured left) and a new bonsai tree. The Buddha is made of some kind of mixture of resin, soil and sawdust, and is happily imperfect. The bonsai tree is still very ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56842

  259. Research about MOOC pedagogy
    Heli Nurmi, Heli connecting ideas, By , , December 19, 2011
  260. Heli Nurmi summarizes the recent article on MOOC research by Rita Kop, Helene Fournier and Sui Fai John Mak and mentions in passing additonal work by Roy Williams same questions, and Jenny Mackness, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56848

  261. #Change11- Half way point reflections
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , December 19, 2011
  262. Our #Change11 course has reached the half way marked and we're now one day into a much-needed two week intermission. In this post Jenny Mackness reflects on the first fourteen weeks, with links ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56850

  263. MITx: The Next Chapter for University Credentialing?
    Audrey Watters, Inside Higher Ed, By , , December 20, 2011
  264. An official blog and media frenzy has followed MIT's announcement that it will grant certificates for work completed using its open access learning materials. Most - like Open Culture, along ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56854

  265. Cloud Computing and Creativity: Learning on a Massive Open Online Course
    Rita Kop and Fiona Carroll, European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, By , , December 22, 2011
  266. This paper maps the concept of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to cloud computing. "In effect, millions of people from all around the world can gain access to data and services, including ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56870

  267. Tips for Facilitating a Week in Change11 MOOC
    Nancy While, Full Circle Associates, By , , December 23, 2011
  268. We had Nancy White as a guest presenter in #Change11 this fall and she did a wonderful job, introducing us to concepts like 'social artistry'. This post is a pretty good look at the task of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56875

  269. 2011 The Year of Open
    Paul Stacey, Musings on the edtech frontier, By , , December 23, 2011
  270. Paul Stacey authors an almost-definitive account of 'the year of open' that we have just experienced, documenting such initiatives as the adoption of Creative Commons and creation of open ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56879

  271. Research publications on Massive Open Online Courses and Personal Learning Environments
    Rita Kop, You-Learn, By , , January 9, 2012
  272. Rita Kop just posted a list of the work she has done analyzing MOOCs and related entities, and it's amazing how much she has written over the last two and a half years. There are eight papers ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56977

  273. Distance Learning from A to Z
    Various Authors, Website, By , , January 10, 2012
  274. Seb Schmoller tossed me this link this morning about a MOOC that started in December in Russian. The link is to a Google Translate version - it's hardly Tolstoy's Russian but it serves the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56983

  275. One Change a Day
    Various Authors, One Change a Day, By , , January 10, 2012
  276. Over the new year's break I contributed an article to this ambitious initiative, One Change a Day, which is posting daily reflections from e-learning leaders about the impact of new ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 56985

  277. ED218 Developing mathematics: The early years
    Maria Droujkova, P2PU, By , , January 17, 2012
  278. Maria Droujkova writes in Facebook, "I am leading a MOOC (massive open online course) this Spring. The sign-up is open January 17-22 at P2PU School of Math Future. The course, "Developing ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57029

  279. Online University Education in Canada
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , January 24, 2012
  280. George Siemens links to this report which says there isn't much innovation in online education in Canada. The report states, "Online education, particularly in Canada, has often been perceived ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57086

  281. Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2012
    Stephen Downes and George Siemens, CCK12, By , , January 26, 2012
  282. For those of you who never had the opportunity, or those of you who want to relive the dream, George Siemens and I are offering yet another iteration - our fourth! - of Connectivism and Connective ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57120

  283. The place of ‘the teacher’ in relation to open content
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , January 31, 2012
  284. We've had a cancellation and as a result are collectively catching our breath in #Change11, which is probably a good thing (it allows me to pause and catch my breath in CCK12, which also got ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57175

  285. IRRODL – A new edition has been published
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , February 6, 2012
  286. Interesting article with the backstory to an IRRODL article on MOOCs referenced here last week. I love the bit about the reviewers ("We didn’t receive any guidance from the Editor as to which ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57223

  287. The Virtual Trainer's Checklist by Terrence L. Gargiulo
    Helge Scherlund, Elearning News, By , , February 6, 2012
  288. I've been think of doing something like this for MOOCs (I may well still do it, as I have a presentation scheduled in that direction in a few weeks). I think I'd want it to be a bit more ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57227

  289. 4 Start-Ups Are Offering Free Online Courses
    Nick DeSantis, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , February 10, 2012
  290. À propos of what I was talking about in my presentation, the MOOC generation is passing from the 'development' stage to the 'commercialization' stage. At least, that's what I ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57276

  291. A New MOOC for May/June – First Steps into Teaching in FE/HE
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , February 15, 2012
  292. It's always a good day to welcome another MOOC into the world, "a short MOOC," writes Jenny Mackness, "for Educational Developers and all those interested in teaching and learning in Further ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57309

  293. The “Shift to Networks”
    Will Richardson, Weblogg-Ed, By , , February 15, 2012
  294. A key point I made in my recent talk is that what connectivism and MOOCs bring that's new to the table is the idea of distributed networks, and correspondingly, distributed cognition. People ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57310

  295. Knowledge, Learning and Community
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , February 27, 2012
  296. My contribution to #Change11 online course, February 27. Though I have recently become better known because of my contributions to connectivism and to the concept of the massive open online course, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57418

  297. Hello This time, reading slides is actually a good thing
    Kevin Jarrett, NCS-Tech, By , , February 29, 2012
  298. I found the 'source detection in large networks' slide presentation to be fascinating - I could actually just sit and watch these sorts of slide shows for days on end. Is it a good learning ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57427

  299. Massive open online courses as new educative practice
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , March 1, 2012
  300. George Siemens has released a set of slides on the massive open online course. "In a recent interview by Tamar Lewin for NYTimes," he writes, "I stated that while you could call Udacity, Coursera, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57439

  301. What a MOOC Does
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , March 1, 2012
  302. Short article in which I argue - contra Clark Quinn and Tony Bates - that a MOOC should be judged on its own merits, based on what it is trying to do, rather than as an extension of what the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57444

  303. The best learning of my life
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , March 2, 2012
  304. One of the reasons we (George Siemens, Dave Cormier and myself) feel we've found something in MOOCs is that we have been hearing this sort of thing a lot over the last three years: "The best ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57451

  305. More reflections on MOOCs and MITx
    Tony Bates, Online Learning and Distance Education Resources, By , , March 4, 2012
  306. Tony Bates offers at once a response to my post on MOOCs and brings in a critique from the traditional perspective. The response? That MOOCs follow in a well-established tradition: "They belong ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57472

  307. MOOC – Critical Reflection
    Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, By , , March 5, 2012
  308. Some response posts. In this first one John Mak comments on Clark Quinn and an earlier post by Tony Bates. In another post he responds to Tony Bates's most recent post. This is also a follow-up ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57476

  309. Instruction for Masses Knocks Down Campus Walls
    Tamar Lewin, New York Times, By , , March 5, 2012
  310. None of us receive any credit for having invented the form - it all goes to Stanford and MIT - but it's still nice to see the MOOC make the pages of the New York Times. [Comment] [Direct Link] 57477

  311. Thoughts on Conducting Research in MOOCs
    David Wiley, iterating toward openness, By , , March 6, 2012
  312. More criticism of MOOCs because learning can't be evaluated in them like it can traditional courses. "This makes MOOCs almost completely immune to rigorous investigation with regard to how they ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57491

  313. Learning Without Training
    Jay Cross, Internet Time, By , , March 6, 2012
  314. Once upon a time many years ago I wrote that the way to evaluate learning is not to look at test scores or even grades or educational outcomes, but rather to more significant statistics - poverty ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57493

  315. MOOCs for the win!
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , March 7, 2012
  316. Still more discussion on the nature and future of MOOCs. But as George Siemens says, it certainly appears as though it's MOOCs 4TW! I think we've bridged a conceptual gap, or crossed a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57497

  317. Definitory Power on MOOCs
    Matthias Melcher, x28's New Blog, By , , March 9, 2012
  318. Matthias Melcher comments on the watering-down of the term MOOC. My observation is that the theft of any concept by commercial interests is inevitable, because this is what they do; they did it to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57510

  319. The Emerging Landscape of Educational Delivery Models
    Phil Hill, e-Literate, By , , March 22, 2012
  320. Two parts (thus far; Part One, Part Two) of a series by Phil Hill on new educational delivery models. "Why does it matter that we describe these educational delivery models with finer granularity ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57589

  321. MOOCing about with SaaS
    Andy Powell, E-Foundations, By , , March 22, 2012
  322. Andy Powell is messing around with a MOOC on SaaS (Software as a Service) and Ruby on Rails in particular. The course is offered on Coursera. He writes, "In general, MOOCs are premised on the idea ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57590

  323. Education as Platform: The MOOC Experience and what we can do to make it better
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , March 23, 2012
  324. I've just posted the full text from my presentation 'Education as Platform', the talk I gave in India last week. In this presentation I outline the motivation and design of the massive ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57603

  325. MOOC Synthesizer
    University Diaries, Inside Higher Ed, By , , March 26, 2012
  326. (Part One, Part Two, Part Thres, Part Four) Here we have more MOOC stuff at the Faculty Project - you can sign up for Modern China, The Economics of Energy and the Environment, Poetry and more, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57621

  327. DS106: The Open Online Community of Digital Storytellers
    Jim Groom, Kickstarter, By , , April 2, 2012
  328. I've been interested to follow the story of Jim Groom and companby's use of Kickstarter to raise money to continue the DS106 experiment. In 24 hours they made their goal of $4200 and will ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57707

  329. What are the main differences among those MOOCs?
    Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, By , , April 3, 2012
  330. Interesting post looking at most of the MOOCs that have been created thus far (Stanford’s AI, Couresa, Udacity, MobileMOOC, Connectivism and Connective Knowledge MOOC,  Change11 and DS106) ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57714

  331. First Steps in Learning and Teaching MOOC – Update
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , April 5, 2012
  332. I've had a bunch of people sending me information about new MOOCs starting up and I'm totally losing track. You can follow the development of the fslt12 MOOC here as the largely Oxford-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57792

  333. Massive Open Online Courses: Setting Up (StartToMOOC, Part 1)
    Inge de Waard, Learning Solutions Magazine, By , , April 12, 2012
  334. Inge de Waard writes, "In this first part of a six-part series, you will learn about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which are courses in the Cloud. You will also learn how to set up the core ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57830

  335. Yes, it is Bleeding Edge Week
    Kae, Center4Edupunx, By , , April 12, 2012
  336. I can't keep up with all the new MOOCs being created, but I can point you to Week 4 of the Virtual Worlds, Games & Education MOOC. [Comment] [Direct Link] 57832

  337. Forget the business case, open online courses are about learning
    Bonnie Stewart, The Guardian, By , , April 16, 2012
  338. Open online courses are covered in the Guardian (I guess we've hit the big time). "In a Google-able culture replete with neo-liberal demands for reform, efficiency, and innovation, Moocs help ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57862

  339. Certified Network Teacher
    Various Authors, P2PU, By , , April 17, 2012
  340. Jonas Backelin writes to let me (and you) know that "P2PU is going to launch a promotion of their new courses on 18/4 and I have created a multi-level badges program that will be announced... one ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57864

  341. Massive Open Online Classes and the Future of EDU
    Seth Odell, Higher Ed Live, By , , April 19, 2012
  342. This looks like a good one; I can't wait to view it when I have the bandwidth. "HackEducation's Audrey Watters and Philipp Schmidt, co-founder of P2PU join us to discuss the ever emerging ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57884

  343. Coursera Adds Humanities Courses, Raises $16 Million, Strikes Deal with 3 Universities
    Dan Colman, Open Culture, By , , April 23, 2012
  344. So how long before Blackboard buys Coursera (and then claims it invented the MOOC)? Coursera "has added humanities courses to its upcoming fall curriculum — a departure from the MOOC norm of only ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57948

  345. El algoritmo RSA
    Jorge Ramió Aguirre, Website, By , , April 24, 2012
  346. Spanish language MOOC on cryptography. (I'm still catching up on the emails people have sent me about their MOOCs). "l objetivo de Crypt4you es convertirse en el Aula Virtual de referencia de ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57963

  347. Coursera, the Other Stanford MOOC Startup, Officially Launches with More Poetry Classes, Fewer Robo-Graders
    Audrey Watters, Hack Education, By , , April 25, 2012
  348. I'm running this item just for the headline, which is the most fun headline I've seen this year. But there's also some indication that even the Coursera's Daphne Koller is seeing ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57970

  349. 4 Reasons Why the Bonk MOOC is So Interesting
    Curt Bonk, Inside Higher Ed, By , , April 26, 2012
  350. Curt Bonk is offering a MOOC starting in just a few days and has managed to attract the attention of Inside Higher Ed just before it launches. You can find it here (be prepared for a surprise). ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 57998

  351. MOOCs: Two Different Approaches to Scale, Access and Experimentation
    Phil Hill, E-Literate, By , , May 1, 2012
  352. There are two types of MOOCs, wreites Phil Hill, the connectivist branch and the Stanford branch. He adds: "The two current branches of MOOCs are different and will not merge – despite ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58037

  353. Video Intro for Upcoming MOOC and IU Press on the Event
    Curt Bonk, Travelin Ed Man, By , , May 2, 2012
  354. Intro video for Curt Bonk's 'Blackboard MOOC' (I wonder how much Blackboard itself is putting into this project). The level of support from his home institution makes me envious: "IU ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58046

  355. Harvard and M.I.T. Team Up to Offer Free Online Courses
    Tamar Lewin, New York Times, By , , May 2, 2012
  356. George Siemens - a "a MOOC pioneer who teaches at Athabasca University, a publicly-supported online Canadian university" - is quoted in this New York Times article that describes the rise of MOOCs. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58050

  357. Massive Courses, Massive Data
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , May 3, 2012
  358. One wonders what sort of data Harvard and MIT will collect from their online courses. From the description in the article - "granular data on the activity of students in the edX environment" - it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58059

  359. The Sixty Million Dollar MOOC
    Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, By , , May 4, 2012
  360. "Higher education, learning. A concept barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s most massive online course. Edx will be ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58066

  361. Selecting meaningful #socialmedia tools for a #MOOC or #PLN
    Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, By , , May 4, 2012
  362. Ignatia looks at an array of social media tools and matches them to their best use and implementation. "A big part of setting up an open, online course (e.g. MOOC), or gearing up for a Personal ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58067

  363. More on #BonkOpen and other MOOC-iness
    Nancy White, Full Circle Associates, By , , May 7, 2012
  364. The edublogosphere has fairly erupted with commentary about MOOCs and their ilk following recent groundhaking events. It's more than one person can follow, it seems. But here's a post from ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58080

  365. Summarizing All MOOCs in One Slide: Market, Open and Dewey
    Justin Reich, Education Week, By , , May 9, 2012
  366. Yet another article reminding me that I really ought to update so it reflects today's MOOC environment. Anyhow, this article divides between those MOOCs that try to 'deliver' ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58094

  367. Machines Shouldn’t Grade Student Writing—Yet
    Dana Goldstein, Slate, By , , May 9, 2012
  368. The topic of assessment, and especially computer mediated assessment (CME?), is taking on an new currency. Today's readings contain a sampling that is typical of what I've been seeing in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58096

  369. Emotive Vocabulary in MOOCs: Context & Participant Retention
    Apostolos Koutropoulos,, European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, By , , May 11, 2012
  370. Well, it's a reasonable theory, the idea that you could examine the emotions expressed by people toward an open online course at the start of the course as a way to determine whether they will ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58118

  371. #fslt12 MOOC – Week zero – discussion has started
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , May 17, 2012
  372. The Change MOOC has come to an end, but if you need your weekly MOOC experience you may want to check out #fslt12 which has just started. "We have set up an Arrivals Lounge  where people can ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58175

  373. MOOCs and the Professoriate
    Kaustuv Basu, Inside Higher Ed, By , , May 23, 2012
  374. Coverage of some resistance being expressed by academics over MOOCs (and in particular, the Thomas Friedman version of MOOCs). Jonathan Rees, for example, writes, "don’t think that your ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58235

  375. MOOCs, Education and The Infinite Hotel
    Gordon Lockhart, Connection not Content, By , , May 28, 2012
  376. It does raise the question of what a 'course' is. Gordon Lockhart writes, "A MOOC isn’t a course of course. Courses are about curricula and the management of time, resources, learners ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58257

  377. How revolutionary are MOOCs and their spin-offs? Some tentative predictions
    Markus Deimann, markusmind, By , , May 28, 2012
  378. Do MOOCs address 'serious learning'? What is 'serious learning'? We write, "You are NOT expected to read and watch everything. Even we, the facilitators, cannot do that. Instead, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58258

  379. The Khan Iceberg
    Will Richardson, Weblogg-Ed, By , , May 30, 2012
  380. It is not a surprise to see increased resistance to things like Khan Academy and the recent MOOCs, as they represent what amounts to wholesale changes in education. But I think it's exactly the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58268

  381. MOOC Mythbuster – What MOOC’s are and what they aren’t
    Debbie Morrison, online learning insights, By , , May 30, 2012
  382. Useful post that contrasts some of the more hyperbolic statements about MOOCs with things that have actually been written about them by people like me and others who had a hand in developing the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58270

  383. Choose and Embed Social Media in Your MOOC
    inge de Waard, Learning Solutions Magazine, By , , May 31, 2012
  384. Inge de Waard writes a short post to show "how to add meaningful social media tools that engage participants and increase learning in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). I’ll give you a look ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58275

  385. Connectivism in Practice — How to Organize a MOOC
    Unattributed, Peeragogy, By , , May 31, 2012
  386. This article starts off well, but tails off in describing the actual implementation of a MOOC. This I think is characteristic also if the resources it uses (including a number of my own). [Comment] [Direct Link] 58280

  387. Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) - Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
    Gerry McKiernan, Alt-Ed, By , , June 3, 2012
  388. Another MOOC, this one scheduled for August. As documented by Alt-Ed: "Open to individual educators from across the UK HE, FE, and community and skills sectors, the MOOC will aim: to increase the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58313

  389. The Elevator Pitch Against Higher Ed (or, Selling Your Startup)
    Bill, Funny Monkey, By , , June 3, 2012
  390. FunnyMonkey touts this as an effective elevator pitch: "The much vaunted American higher education system coasts on the reputation of the top three dozen schools which themselves gain much of their ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58315

  391. My #CCK11 Experience: What Learning in a MOOC is Like
    Thomas Jerome Baker, Profesorbaker's Blog: A Bit of Everything, By , , June 4, 2012
  392. I can't that I ever expected someone to create a book out of their MOOC experience, but that's what has happened as Thomas Jerome Baker has documented his CCK11 experience. I would talk ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58322

    Steve Hargadon, Website, By , , June 5, 2012
  394. Brand new website dedicated to MOOCs. Sponsored by Blackboard. " lists your already-created MOOC, or help you create and then list one if you need help. This is a service of Classroom 2.0 ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58330

  395. Open University announces a Open Learning Design MOOC for autumn 2012
    Rebecca Galley, Cloudworks, By , , June 6, 2012
  396. I might have mentioned this already, but inb the interest of covering my bases, here's the announcement on Cloudworks. "The Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58342

  397. Digital Humanities MOOC?
    Rebecca Davis, ThatCampLAC 2012, By , , June 6, 2012
  398. Rebecca Davis is looking for input for a potential digital humanities MOOC. "My colleagues and I at NITLE plan to pilot this idea in the last two weeks of July.  This is your chance to request ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58343

  399. Machinima Open Online Course
    Various Authors, P2PU, By , , June 6, 2012
  400. This Machinima Open Online Course is on right now. "Machinima is a portmanteu of machine and cinema. This two week course will cover basic Machinima creation, copyright and creative commons and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58344

  401. What is the theory that underpins our moocs?
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , June 6, 2012
  402. George Siemens presents slides and text from a presentation describing eight underlying principles for MOOCs. Among these, he says, MOOC are basdsed on connectivist pedagogy, the idea that ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58350

  403. What’s the “problem” with MOOCs?
    Doug Holton, EdTechDev, By , , June 7, 2012
  404. There's a lot to munch through in this post. Doug Holton begins by listing criticisms of some recent MOOCs and open online learning initiatives, such as Coursera, Khan Academy, and Curt Bonk'... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58360

  405. Open content licensing for educators
    Various Authors, WikiEducator, By , , June 8, 2012
  406. The latest version of WikiEducator's open online course is talking registrations (it starts June 20). It has many MOOC-like features, including a microblog aggregator (see lower left of the page)... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58365

  407. How Will MOOCs Make Money?
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , June 11, 2012
  408. Interesting examination of how MOOC providers might make money. Suggestions range from using MOOCs to generate leads for education services, for matchmaking students with potential employers, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58386

  409. Social Learning Glue
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , June 14, 2012
  410. This is still way too diffocult. Facebook is still a data sink, and Blackboard is a black box. But this slide show gets at some of the mechanics of creating a real course web (and for those of you ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58427

  411. Making It Count
    Paul Fain , Inside Higher Ed, By , , June 15, 2012
  412. Inside Higher Ed seems to have really taken to MOOCs. Here's another article from them, describing a scenario where people could use MOOCs to earn university credit. It's exactly the same ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58433

  413. The future of higher education and other imponderables
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , June 16, 2012
  414. George Siemens introduces the next open online course(aka MOOC though some people don't like the term) that we are participating in (by 'we' I mean George and myself, Dave Cormier and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58450

  415. Jarl Jonas Director of CourseSites by Blackboard reflects on first MOOC
    Curtis J. Bonk, TravelinEdMan, By , , June 18, 2012
  416. Interview of Jarl Jonas from Blackboard.  Best quote: "We didn’t aim to mimic the MOOCs provided to date, but wanted to create an open opportunity for individuals to learn how they ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58458

  417. Unabridged Interview on MOOC for Chronicle of Higher Education
    Curtis J. Bonk, TravelinEdMan, By , , June 19, 2012
  418. I don't like Blackboard jumping all over the MOOC meme, but I like Curt Bonk, so it all evens out, I guess. Here is the full uncut interview he gave the Chronicle's Jeffrey R. Young (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58481

  419. Opinion Time! Udacity, Pearson, MOOCs and UVA
    Amanda Krauss, Worst Professor Ever, By , , June 20, 2012
  420. Yet another post complaining about MOOCs (based on the Stanford/Udacity model only). Here's the gist: "there’s basically no direct, individual instruction, evaluation, or  ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58495

  421. Seeking Systemic Change: Higher Education in a Digital, Networked Age
    Mary Grush, Campus Technology, By , , June 20, 2012
  422. George Siemens says it like it is: "Academics are not driving the change bus. Leadership in traditional universities has been grossly negligent in preparing the academy for the economic and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58506

  423. Power Searching with Google
    Daniel Russell, Google, By , , June 27, 2012
  424. Starting July 10th, Power Searching With Google isn't being called a MOOC (yet) but has many of the hallmarkls of one, including most notably attendance likely in the tens of thousands. There ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58543

  425. Bruno: It's OK When Online Courses Are Traditional
    Paul Bruno, This Week in Education, By , , June 29, 2012
  426. Dan Butin offers a criticism of the (commercial mass-market) MOOCs. If MIT had done the job right, "MIT would have solved one of the truly difficult issues of higher education—the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58558

  427. Comparison of MOOCs and MOOC-like initiatives
    Unattributed, MediaSite, By , , June 30, 2012
  428. Why would this list comparing MOOCs and MOOC-like initiatives not even mention the connectivist MOOCs? It's not like they don't know we exist. There's an inherent bias in a lot of the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58563

  429. Games Based Learning MOOC
    Various Authors, Center4Edupunx, By , , July 2, 2012
  430. Here's another MOOC. "The Games-based Learning MOOC begins on July 9, 2012 and will run for 5 weeks with a sixth week and optional project in mid-September. The MOOC is under development and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58570

  431. Digital dawn: open online learning is just beginning
    Craig Savage, The Conversation, By , , July 6, 2012
  432. It hadn't really occurred to me, but Australia has been missing in all the MOOC action. Observing that "panic over MOOCs seems to have been a factor in a recent bizarre series of events at the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58597

  433. Open Letter to Canadian Universities
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , July 8, 2012
  434. George Siemens fires an open letter at Canadian universities. "Canadian universities are squandering an opportunity to reply meaningfully to Coursera and EDx. I’m aware of at least two major ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58606

  435. a MobiMOOC hello!
    Inge de Waard, MobiMOOC, By , , July 10, 2012
  436. Inge de Waard writes, "MobiMOOC is a free, open, online course on mobile learning (mLearning) which will be running between 8 and 30 September 2012. The course wiki is gradually taking shape. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58617

  437. Introduction to K-12 Online Learning
    Michael Barbour, Virtual School MOOC, By , , July 10, 2012
  438. This is MOOC being started by Michael Barbour. "This massive online open course (MOOC) provides a broad overview of the field of K-12 online learning, specifically what is currently known based on ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58618

  439. Courses As Commodities
    Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, By , , July 11, 2012
  440. Alan Levine has a good take on "what are called the “AI-MOOCs” or better, Cathy Finn-Derecki’s delicious acronyum 'EdUCKA'." They are, he writes, "to me, the offering of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58620

  441. Slouching Towards Bethlehem: Unpacking the MOOC as Buzzword
    Bonnie Stewart, Inside Higher Ed, By , , July 12, 2012
  442. "MOOCs are not any one thing, unless we permit them to be," writes Bonnie Stewart in Inside Higher Ed. "MOOCs will not inherently gut faculty positions in higher ed. MOOCs do not have automation ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58629

  443. Why MOOCs Work
    Geoff Cain, Brainstorm in Progress, By , , July 12, 2012
  444. Why do MOOCs (the real MOOCs, not the x-MOOCs) work? Geoff Cain has four reasons: Student motivation - "This is not a problem with MOOCs. Students can be taught motivation. As Siemens puts it, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58630

  445. Is online learning really cracking open the public post-secondary system?
    Tony Bates, Online Learning and Distance Education Resources, By , , July 13, 2012
  446. Tony Bates returns after a month away and jumps into the fray surrounding open learning and impending reform of the post-secondary education system. I like the lessons he draws form his readings: ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58642

  447. Free Online Sustainability Course
    Unattributed, University of Illinois, By , , July 13, 2012
  448. Another in the list of open online courses being offered this fall: "'Sustainability: a global introduction' examines the global forces that will determine our sustainable future... The ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58644

  449. Les Cours En Ligne Ouverts et Massifs
    Stephen Downes, YouTube, By , , July 17, 2012
  450. I'm hoping my French was OK for this video (various people on Twitter told me it was) as I attempt to summarize the objective of a MOOC and how to succeed as part of an introduction for a French-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58656

  451. Into the Fray
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , July 17, 2012
  452. So this has been all over the news today - "A dozen more universities have signed partnerships with Coursera, a company that provides hosting services for massively open online courses (MOOCs)." ...
    Enclosure: files/audio/TanyaRoscorlaConverge.mp3 Size: 10190229 bytes, type: audio/mpeg [Comment] [Direct Link] 58657

  453. The VLE vs. PLE debate
    Gráinne Conole,, By , , July 17, 2012
  454. Gráinne Conole discusses the PLE vs VLE (or LMS) debate of which my recent video was a part. There are additional videos including contributions from Helen Keegan, Jane Challinor, Steve ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58659

  455. Without Credit
    Steve Kolowich , Inside Higher Ed, By , , July 18, 2012
  456. We're seeing more of this: "The University of Washington plans to offer 'enhanced' versions of the massive open online courses (MOOCs) it will develop through a partnership with ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58661

  457. Assembly Line
    Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, By , , July 18, 2012
  458. While a lot of attention has been paid to MOOCs, it is definitely worth paying close attention to another type of program, the 'stackable certificate' program developed by the manufacturing ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58662

  459. Universities Reshaping Education on the Web
    Tamar Lewin, New York Times, By , , July 18, 2012
  460. Ongoing coverage of the MOOC revolution "This is the tsunami," said Richard A. DeMillo, the director of the Center for 21st Century Universities at Georgia Tech. "It’s all so new that everyone&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58663

  461. Massive online learning and the unbundling of undergraduate education
    Benjamin Lima, Weblog, By , , July 19, 2012
  462. The secondary wave of interest in massive open online learning is now upon is, with the education blog commenators reacting to the spate of news stories recently following Coursera's expansion. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58671

  463. Massively Open Online Courses Are 'Here to Stay'
    Tanya Roscorla, Converge, By , , July 20, 2012
  464. As a terminology update, I am now referring to the MOOCs offered by Coursera, Udemy and MITx (among others) as xMOOCs, to be compared with cMOOCs, which is what we offer in our connectivist ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58676

  465. Even MORE MOOC MOOC MOOC! Chronicle article explains the business model
    Steve Kraus,, By , , July 20, 2012
  466. Steve Kraus summarizes an article in the Chronicle describing the business model of a MOOc startup: "it seems to me that each of these business plans depends on the rest of the business world ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58678

  467. No such thing as a free MOOC
    Jeff Haywood, JISC, By , , July 21, 2012
  468. Jeff Haywood from the University of Edinburgh explains some of the thinking being their decision to join the Coursera MOOC juggernaut. "it isn’t cheap for the typical university course to &... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58686

  469. CMC11_MOOC
    CBlissMath, YouTube, By , , July 23, 2012
  470. Short graphic video, "The evolution of the social network in the CMC11 MOOC is depicted as a dynamic graph using Gephi software ( Each person is depicted as a node and interaction ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58693

  471. Good bye #opco12 and welcome #opco13
    Sylvia Mössinger, Sylvia's Blog, By , , July 23, 2012
  472. Jochen Robes wrote to me by email, "Here comes an another example of an c-MOOC. We just finished our opco12 (Open Course 2012, with 1451 participants, and although course site ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58694

  473. Massive MOOC Dropouts: Are We Really Okay With That?
    Audrey Watters, Hack Education, By , , July 24, 2012
  474. Audrey Watters, like other critics before her, takes MOOCs to task for their high drop-out rate. But let's keep this firmly in perspective. If people quit work, moved to a new city, invested ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58698

  475. Global MOOCs, Enhanced Media and The Media Psychology Effect
    Bernard Luskin, Psychology Today, By , , July 24, 2012
  476. I think the diffusion of the 'MOOC' phenomenon through traditional media is worthy of a dissertation. Here we have a column from Psychology Today in which a former president of Mind ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58700

  477. Universities on the Defensive: What is it we do
    Mark Guzdial, Computing Education Blog, By , , July 25, 2012
  478. Good questions: "Are Universities under attack?  De-funding is a form of attack.  Why do we have universities, then? What do Universities exist for?  Why did we collectively decide ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58718

  479. Four Barriers That MOOCs Must Overcome To Build a Sustainable Model
    Phil Hill, e-Literate, By , , July 25, 2012
  480. The barriers, Phil Hill tells us, are as follows: Developing revenue models to make the concept self-sustaining; Delivering valuable signifiers of completion such as credentials, badges or ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58720

  481. Ten Innovations
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , July 26, 2012
  482. From Graham Attwell a few days ago: "The UK Open University have published a “New report from the Open University on ten innovations in teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58733

  483. Personal Learning Environments: Context is King!
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , July 26, 2012
  484. In all the fuss about MOOCs the topic of personal learning environments seems to be totally forgotten. I haven't forgotten them, though - neither has Graham Attwell. "Where as before we had ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58734

  485. I’ve been in this really good MOOC for the past 20 years, it called “The Internet.”
    Patrick Masson, Patrick Masson, By , , August 1, 2012
  486. I've heard people react to the concept of the personal learning environment by saying "my browser is my personal learning environment". So I'm not surprised to hear someone now say "the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58754

  487. Camp Magic Macguffin By the Numbers
    Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, By , , August 1, 2012
  488. Nice set of posts wrapping up the summer ds106 course taught by Jim Groom, Alan Levine, and several other reprobates. It wasn't huge by Stanford-AI standards, but it was still pretty large (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58755

  489. Coursera Course Catalog
    Unattributed, Gas station without pumps, By , , August 1, 2012
  490. This seems right: "Coursera, Udacity, and other MOOC providers are riding a wave of venture capital, but I’ve yet to hear a coherent business plan from any of them.  At some point the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58757

  491. 20 questions (and answers) about MOOCs
    Dave Cormier, Dave’s Educational Blog, By , , August 1, 2012
  492. Dave Cormier offers this light but insightful discussion of MOOCs. One of thye things I like about Dave's approach is that he gets the way MOOCs refocus learning, and doesn't try to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58760

  493. Innovating Pedagogy
    Derek Wenmoth, Derek's Blog, By , , August 1, 2012
  494. Interesting stuff. I haven't read it yet, but I will. Derek Wenmoth summarizes: Personal inquiry learning  - Learning through collaborative inquiry and active investigation ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58761

  495. The Online Pecking Order
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , August 2, 2012
  496. 2012-08-02Article overviewing institutional responses to MOOCs, including the possibility of institutions offering credit for work done in MOOCs elsewhere. "At this point, converting MOOCs to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58764

  497. What’s right and what’s wrong about Coursera-style MOOCs
    Tony Bates, online learning & distance education resources, By , , August 6, 2012
  498. Tony Bates summarizes and criticizes the vision of MOOCs as illustrated in this TED video by Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller. I think Bates makes some good points, but also misses a bit. Here'... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58777

  499. Do cellphones mske students smarter?
    Misty Harris,, By , , August 10, 2012
  500. This article reports on "a survey released Thursday [that] shows more than half of Canadians – 56 per cent – agree that the mobile devices are an 'invaluable tool' for students, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58790

  501. Why Online Education Won't Replace College—Yet
    David Youngberg, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , August 13, 2012
  502. Without further ado, here are the reasons, according to the Chronicle's David Youngberg: it's too easy to cheat star students can't shine employers avoid weird people (he writes: "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58801

  503. Don’t wait for permission
    Tim Bush, The UK Schools Blog, By , , August 13, 2012
  504. Calling MOOCs "too expensive", Ben Betts touts a new collaborative learning platform, Curatr and a new method, The Collaborative Learning Cycle. According to the website, "Curatr's Social ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58803

  505. A Sign of How MOOCs Will Impact Colleges
    Jim Shimabukuro, educational rechnology & change, By , , August 13, 2012
  506. Classic MOOC discourse. "My intention when signing up for this type of free, online learning was to support my own professional development and expose myself to new learning concepts." Jim ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58809

  507. Coursera Hits 1 Million Students, With Udacity Close Behind
    Jeffrey R. Young, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , August 13, 2012
  508. Not that we're keeping track of this sort of thing. But before people get excited by these numbers, let me point out that having huge centralized providers is a weakness, not a strength. It'... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58810

  509. Riding the MOOC Wave
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , August 17, 2012
  510. "It is certainly naïve," wrote Ellen Wagner in an email, "And opportunistic." She was responding to a query about World Education University, which "will forever alter the landscape of post-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58829

  511. My Response to an Ill-informed Attack on Distance Learning
    Heather M. Ross, McToonish, By , , August 20, 2012
  512. I read this post in the Globe and Mail and just rolled my eyes. There goes the traditiomnal press again, I thought, completely mirepresenting the domain for cheap jorunalistic points. Heather M. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58899

  513. Free Online Course Will Rely on Multiple Sites
    Tamar Lewin, New York Times, By , , August 21, 2012
  514. The New York Times covers a new type of MOOC that looks a lot more like the connectivist MOOCs. "The new course, “A Gentle Introduction to Python,” will blend content from M.I.T.’... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58902

  515. The dilemma of open courses in an Australian university
    David T. Jones, The Weblog of (a) David Jones, By , , August 22, 2012
  516. David Jones is declaring the MOOC a fad and adding that he developed his first open online course in 1996. Here it is. Yes, fine, and here is my open online course from 1996. Here's my ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58911

  517. Three Kinds of MOOCs
    Lisa M. Lane, Lisa's (Online) Teaching Blog, By , , August 22, 2012
  518. Lisa Lane has come up with a list of three types of MOOCs - 'network based', as characterized by the connectivist MOOCs, task-based, as characterized by Jim Groom's ds106 courses, and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58913

  519. MOOC pedagogy: the challenges of developing for Coursera
    Jeremy Knox, Sian Bayne, Hamish MacLeod, Jen Ross and Christine Sinclair, Association for Learning Technology Newsletter, By , , August 24, 2012
  520. Interesting post on the challenges of building a MOOC in the Coursera model, authored from the perspective of the University of Edinburgh, which recently signed up. Coursera courses are designed to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58918

  521. Tent
    Ben Werdmuller, Benwerd, By , , August 24, 2012
  522. This is interesting. Benwerd comments, "Tent appeared out of the blue today: a protocol and reference server implementation for individual-to-individual distributed social networking. Or to put it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58919

  523. Home About Computing Education Blog Proposal in Texas to move higher ed classes to MOOCs
    Mark Guzdial, Computing Education Blog, By , , August 27, 2012
  524. Mark Guzdial comments, "Admittedly, this is Texas, whose state Republican platform recently recommended no teaching of higher-order thinking skills or critical thinking skills.  It may be an ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58928

  525. Ed Startup
    David Wiley, Richard Culatta, Todd Manwaring, and Aaron Miller, Website, By , , August 28, 2012
  526. Just launched, a MOOC called Ed Startup. "This is a course about bridging the gap between theory and practice. As you participate in EdStartup, you’ll learn how to identify and analyze ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58935

  527. The Problems with Coursera's Peer Assessments
    Audrey Watters, Hack Education, By , , August 28, 2012
  528. Coursera plans to handle 'soft' courses, such as those in the humanities, using peer assessment. Research shows peer assessments result in reliable grading. But as noted here, "peer ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58936

  529. Designing a Learning Design MOOC
    Gráinne Conole,, By , , August 28, 2012
  530. Gráinne Conole writes, "I am very excited to be part of a team developing a Learning Design Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which will be delivered in October 2012." I will refrain ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58938

  531. The MOOC Debate
    Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, By , , August 30, 2012
  532. Graham Attwell summarizes the debate around MOOCs taking place in academic right now. "I don’t agree with Nellie Deutsch’s assertion that the attitude the elite universities are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58954

  533. Newt and a MOOC
    Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, By , , August 31, 2012
  534. Almost as strange as debating an empty chair, Kaplan Education (owner of the Washington Post) made its allegiances clear this week as it engaged Newt Gingrich to launch its new KAPxplatform by "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58956

  535. Designing and Running a MOOC
    George Siemens, Slideshare, By , , September 5, 2012
  536. A light presentation from George Siemens outline the nature and history of MOOCs before outlining in nine easy steps how to build a MOOC of your own. I notice that the advertisements on Slideshare ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58988

  537. Caught between a MOOC and a hard place
    Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, By , , September 5, 2012
  538. There has always been quite a bit of push for us to structure our own MOOCs in a more rigid and pedagogically sound manner - people complained of drifting, of lacking guidance, even of not feeling ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58989

  539. MOOCs' Little Brother
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , September 6, 2012
  540. I'm not sure how you can reconcile the concept of 'open' and 'capped at five people' but that's what the University of Maine at Presque Isle is doing with it's LOOC - &#... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58990

  541. Harvard and MIT online courses get 'real world' exams
    Sean Coughlan, BBC News, By , , September 6, 2012
  542. This should surprise nobody. From the BBC: "Students taking online courses from prestigious US universities will be able to take final exams in a global network of invigilated test centres." The ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58994

  543. MOOCing On Site
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , September 7, 2012
  544. Another MOOC platform vendor has signed a deal to support in-person testing. "There’s been a lot of talk about how the whole online methodology is not able to verify identification,” ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 58996

  545. What is a MOOC? The Canadian Connection
    Jamie, Thoughtstream Blog, By , , September 10, 2012
  546. A CBC broadcast looking at MOOCs in general and the Canadian connection in particular created a flurry of registrations for both and this over the weekend. This post ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59014

  547. The MOOC Survivors
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , September 12, 2012
  548. Interesting first look at a survey of 7,000 people who finished and passed an edX course that had 155,000 signups and 23,000 people starting. "The most interesting piece of data is that 80 percent ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59028

  549. College may never be the same
    Mary Beth Marklein, USA Today, By , , September 12, 2012
  550. The MOOC phenomenon hits USA Today, which weighs in with a pretty good overview article (no mention of any work prior to the US-based courses, of course, but that's par for the coverage thus far)... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59029

  551. Curriki launches free, project-based algebra course online
    Helge Scherlund, E-Learning News, By , , September 12, 2012
  552. With all the fuss about MOOCs we haven't heard much from Curriki recently. This post updates us with the release of a free, project-based Algebra I course released this week. "This course ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59032

  553. MOOC’s Could Hurt Smaller and For-Profit Colleges, Moody’s Report Says
    Alisha Azevedo, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , September 12, 2012
  554. Under the heading of "No, Really?" a Moody's report traces a key implication of MOOCs offered by large big-name universities: Using MOOC’s produced by other universities could also lead ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59033

  555. Reflecting on MOOCs and Retention
    Glen Cochrane, A Point of Contact, By , , September 13, 2012
  556. Interesting reflection from a #Change11 MOOC participant on why he didn't continue to the end. The fast pace of the course - which offered a new topic each week - was one reason. But more ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59034

  557. The illusion we understand
    David T. Jones, The Weblog of (a) David Jones, By , , September 13, 2012
  558. Another discussion related to the distinction between MOOCs and informal learning is this one from David Jones summarizing opinion surrounding the university's plans to replace Sakai. It's ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59037

  559. Gates, MOOCs and Remediation
    Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, By , , September 14, 2012
  560. The Gates foundation is soliciting proposals to develop MOOCs in support of remedial learning. Specifically, ti is looking for “high-enrollment, low-success introductory level course that is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59045

  561. An invitation to join the Future of Education MOOC
    Written and Narrated by Dave Cormier. Video by Neal Gillis., YouTube, By , , September 14, 2012
  562. So here's the intro video for our Ed Futures MOOC: "From October 8th to November 16, 2012, experts from across higher education are getting together to learn about trends and change patterns ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59050

  563. Designing an Exemplary Online Course: Blackboard Announces Open Online Course to be Offered
    Jason Rhode, Weblog, By , , September 14, 2012
  564. As reported by Jason Rhode, "Blackboard has announced a new open online course “Designing an Exemplary Course,” as part of the CourseSites Open Course Series. The course will run from ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59053

  565. So, here’s the thing about the video in my Coursera course
    Clint Lalonde,, By , , September 14, 2012
  566. I've done my share of online video production over the years, and if there's one thing I can attest to, even short videos consume huge quantities of time. This one took three of us all ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59054

  567. Stanford U. Releases New Open-Source Online-Education Platform
    Alisha Azevedo, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , September 14, 2012
  568. There's some code already available and, of course, with the whole thing open sourced there is the potential for the wider community to build something more significant. As the Chronicle reports,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59055

  569. Universities in the Digital Age
    Various Authors, CBC Sunday Edition, By , , September 17, 2012
  570. Discussion in CBC's 'Sunday Edition' about MOOCs and new models for universities. According to the website the airdate was September 9, but according to the flurry of registrations the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59073

  571. MOOC Course: Fundamentals of Online Education
    Thomas Jerome Baker, Profesorbaker's Blog: A Bit of Everything, By , , September 17, 2012
  572. Keeping you updated with new MOOCS: "In this course you will learn about the fundamentals of online education. The emphasis will be on planning and application. In the planning phase, you will ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59075

  573. Twitter’s dilemma: We own our tweets, but it still wants to control them
    Mathew Ingram, GigaOM, By , , September 17, 2012
  574. I've received some enquiries about how I deal with Twitter feeds in MOOCs. One of the ways we support community is to reprint tweets in our newsletter. In theory, this is against Twitter's ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59077

  575. Open source education software unveiled by Google
    Adario Strange, IT Pro Portal, By , , September 17, 2012
  576. Google has released a course authoring tool. "The Course Builder project came by way of another program Google ran earlier this year called Power Searching With Google. The Massive Open Online ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59078

  577. K-12 MOOCs and Communities
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , September 17, 2012
  578. With the recent publicity around MOOCs I've been flooded with enquiries. Some of them (like the ones asking me to outline all relevant theories and practices) I can't really answer. Others (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59080

  579. MOOC Host Expands
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , September 19, 2012
  580. Coursera has doubled its list of university paertners. The expansion raises questions about how many colleges will eventually sign on - perhaps double the newly doubled number. "The company’s ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59092

  581. MOOC Course List
    Stephen Downes,, By , , September 19, 2012
  582. I put up an interim list of course lists from MOOC course providers. It's not ideal but it's a start, and it will help people who have gone to looking for open online courses, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59093

  583. Udacity Statistics 101
    Delta, AngryMath, By , , September 19, 2012
  584. Suppose somebody hosted a MOOC at it wasn't very good? That's the verdict offered by AngryMath after reviewing Sebastian Thrun's Statistics 101 course on Udacity. Some of the points are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59095

  585. A new academic year: global, connected, creative – and not (quite) a MOOC
    Helen Keegan, Heloukee: EdTech and Digital Culture, By , , September 21, 2012
  586. This looks like a pretty good initiative - says it's not a MOOC, but I'm straining my mind trying to figure out why it's not a MOOC. "It’s certainly pretty open, multi-disciplinary,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59116

  587. Ed Startup 101, Week 4
    Audrey Watters, Hack Education, By , , September 21, 2012
  588. I encounter this a lot in my day job. "It’s Week 4 of Ed Startup 101, and the class is moving on to tackle “The Pain Test.” That is, you might’ve identified your idea for an ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59117

  589. Moby Dick Big Read
    Various Authors, Website, By , , September 21, 2012
  590. I love this idea: various actors, famous and not so famous, are reading a chapter a day from Moby Dck and posting them online. Here's chapter one. It only started five days ago, so it's ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59118

  591. Making Sense of MOOCs: Musings in a Maze of Myth, Paradox and Possibility
    John Daniel, Speeches and Presentations, By , , September 24, 2012
  592. Survey paper authored by one of the more notable figures in online and distance learning on the topic of MOOCs as part of a fellowship at Korea National Open University (KNOU). The paper is offered ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59123

  593. Economies of Not-so-Scale and Marginal Costs of Not-Quite-Zero
    Mike Caulfield, Weblog, By , , September 25, 2012
  594. Mike Caulfield nicely reframes one of the main issues regarding MOOCs: "One additional point about the Circuits and Electronics course stats I cited yesterday. Most of the talk about MOOC-scale has ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59136

  595. Why We Shouldn’t Talk MOOCs as Meritocracies
    Mike Caulfield, Weblog, By , , September 25, 2012
  596. Mike Caulfield (whose blog has unleashed a slew of RSS posts; don't know why) cautions about MOOCs being harbingers of the return of the meritocracies. "Meritocracy, the flawed idea that an ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59137

  597. Marketing to the MOOC Masses
    Steve Kolowich , Inside Higher Ed, By , , September 26, 2012
  598. Elsevier is jumping onto thje MOOC bandwagon. "The academic publishing giant announcedon Tuesday that it will offer a free version of one of its textbooks this fall to students who register for ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59140

  599. Nothing Can Stop It!
    Giulia Forsythe, G-log, By , , September 27, 2012
  600. Some fun illustrations of MOOCs. And as Giulia Forsythe says, "The best thing to come out of the MOOC phenomenon is that people are talking about teaching, instructional strategies, and assessment. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59144

  601. Students weigh in on value of massive open online classes
    Sam Hayes, Daily Collegian, By , , September 28, 2012
  602. Interesting blend of forward-thinking and traditionalist inertia: "Danny Weng, a senior Management Information Systems major at UMass, said he thinks MOOCs are an “awesome” idea and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59150

  603. The 'Course' in MOOC
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , September 28, 2012
  604. A discussion taking place on the OER-Forum Discussion List - the proposition is that MOOCs of the connectivist ilk should not really be called 'courses' or education'. Needless to say I ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59153

  605. Flipping The MOOC?
    Jeff Borden, Pearson Fwd, By , , October 1, 2012
  606. MOOCs are coming under increasing criticism from what I would call educational traditionalists. Case in point: "I had opportunity to join a discussion group that I found purely by happenstance, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59158

  607. Online Education Grows Up, And For Now, It's Free
    NPR Staff, NPR, By , , October 1, 2012
  608. More stuff people are saying is impossible. "Earlier this year in Kazahkstan, 22-year-old computer science student Askhat Muzrabayev had a problem... "we didn't have [Artificial Intelligence] ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59160

  609. Australia's University of Southern Queensland launches the first OERu prototype
    Various Authors, WikiEducator, By , , October 3, 2012
  610. It has taken a while, but the first course from OERu is now accepting registrations. "AST1000 is a first-year level course in International Relations and the Social Sciences [and] will provide ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59169

  611. Writing a SOOC
    Keith Lyons, Clyde Street, By , , October 3, 2012
  612. Keith Lyons writes about a SOOC (small MOOC) he is launching shortly, Observing and Analysing Performance in Sport. The course is hosted on a platform called OpenLearning. OpenLearning is "a place ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59170

  613. Live Weather Display Using CSS, jQuery and PHP
    Steven Morris, CSS Tricks, By , , October 3, 2012
  614. This is an example of the sort of data integration that is going to sit behind the next generation of e-learning (and now I'm talking about what comes after all the MOOC hype here). This ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59173

  615. MOOC Madness
    Various Authors, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , October 4, 2012
  616. With the Chronicle's unyielding sense of irony, half the publication's special coverage on MOOCs is locked behind a subscription paywall. Free articles available include 'Five Ways that ...
    Enclosure: Size: bytes, type: [Comment] [Direct Link] 59177

  617. The Future Of Mobile Learning
    Abhijit Kadle, Upside Learning Blog, By , , October 4, 2012
  618. Abhijit Kadle shares a presentation on mobile learning to the Mobile Learning MOOC (MobiMOOC) "about the possibilities in the future of mobile learning," writing, "You can find our presentation ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59180

  619. Open Architecture: Our Course Could be Your Life
    Jim Groom, Keep Learning, By , , October 4, 2012
  620. Jim Groom offers opinions on where open online courses should be headed - and it's not straight into content-silos such as those offered by the big-name MOOCs. "No students in these corporate-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59181

  621. A true(er) history of MOOCs
    Leigh Blackall, Open and networked learning, By , , October 4, 2012
  622. As "the publishing businesses and American universities are scrambling to occupy the MOOC meme, riding a bandwagon of value creating market development," writes Leigh Blackall, "I've ignored it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59187

  623. Future of Higher Education
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , October 4, 2012
  624. In case you haven't seen it elsewhere, George Siemens writes: "On Monday, Oct 8, we kick of the Current State/Future of Higher Education open online course. This course will run for six weeks, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59188

  625. Building Democratic Learning
    Fred Garnett, Wikiquals, By , , October 5, 2012
  626. Excellent commentary on the changing nature of MOOCs. "MOOCs originally offered the possibility of designing learning which is NOT pedogically-driven and subject-based. but are now being colonised ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59192

  627. Building open-learning platforms in Canada
    James Bradshaw, Globe and Mail, By , , October 8, 2012
  628. Globe and Mail ("Canada's National Newspaper") coverage of the MOOC phenomenon. "The Canadian answer to how much MOOCs can contribute to learning will have to rely largely on the American ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59194

  629. MOOC Reflections
    Tony Hrst, OUseful Info, By , , October 9, 2012
  630. Overview article by Tony Hirst on MOOCs, covering the commerical versions as well as the earlier connectivist forms. "Rather than the ‘on-demand’ offering of OpenLearn, it seems that ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59196

  631. Implementing Blogging in the Classroom
    Silvia Tolisano, Langwitches Blog, By , , October 9, 2012
  632. One of the major components of our cMOOCs is the use of blogging and other creative contributions on the part of student participants. It is worth remembering that blogging in the classroom is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59199

  633. Could a MOOCl Contribute to the Education of the World’s Poorest Children?
    John Connell, Weblog, By , , October 10, 2012
  634. John Connell writes, "The last thing this global emer­gency needs is any kind of quick fix. But I do believe that there is a poten­tially pow­er­ful appli­ca­tion of dig­... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59201

  635. Working Group sMOOChers: Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup
    Various Authors, TLT Group, By , , October 11, 2012
  636. I haven't followed up on this at all, but you have to agree that the name is delicious: "sMOOChers Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup October 8 -November 18 2012 PLUS FridayLive! ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59205

  637. MOOCs and the Rest of 'Online'
    Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed, By , , October 12, 2012
  638. Coverage of a talk by Sebastian Thrun at a Sloan Consortium event. The article even linked to one of my posts! "In a nod to those who have complained that much of the recent news coverage has ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59210

  639. Thank you, open access movement!
    Heather Morrison, The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics, By , , October 15, 2012
  640. Heather Morrison documents the dramatic growth of open access. "Highlighted this month is the dramatic growth of OpenDOAR, more than doubling from just over 800 repositories in 2006 to over 2,200 ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59214

  641. Democratizing Higher Education
    Sebastian Thrun, Sloan-C, By , , October 15, 2012
  642. Thanks to Eileen Pratt, who sent me this link to a video recording Sebastian Thurn's talk about MOOCs on October 11, 2012. [Comment] [Direct Link] 59217

  643. Texas MOOCs for Credit?
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , October 16, 2012
  644. A MOOC for credit? This article breathlessly looks at the possibility that the University of Texas System might parlay its EdX membership into for-credit courses. The author is apparently unaware ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59223

  645. xMOOCs = OCW + Cohorts
    Mike Caulfield, Weblog, By , , October 18, 2012
  646. If you want a nice concise definition of xMOOCs you couldn't really do better than this take by Micke Caulfield. The definition is in the title: xMOOCs = OCW + Cohorts. "The basic premise ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59289

  647. CFHE 2012 Impressions: My Bumpy Start to a MOOC on Future Trends in Higher Ed – ’505 Unread Discussion Messages’
    Stefanie Panke, educational technology and change, By , , October 18, 2012
  648. So we're just finishing week two of the EdFutures MOOC, and many people (including me) are experiencing the bumps and tensions inherent in this sort of enterprise. Keep in mind, we're not ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59295

  649. College Is Dead. Long Live College!
    Amanda Ripley, Time, By , , October 18, 2012
  650. MOOCs make the front cover of Time. There's zero coverage of anything that's not Ivy League. But I don't care. MOOCs will be the end of them. The elite universities are about money and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59296

  651. Google Announces 100 Live Hangouts For Teachers Around The World
    Jeff Dunn, Edudemic, By , , October 23, 2012
  652. I'm finding the quality of these hangouts announced by Google as listening experiences, um, variable. I also noticed that these (and the Hangouts on Air generally) being boosted in the Google ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59321

  653. MRUniversity Launches Alternative To edX And Other MOOCs
    Jeff Dunn, Edudemic, By , , October 24, 2012
  654. The latest entrant into the MOOC sweepstakes is MRUniversity, "brought to life by two George Mason University professors, MRUniversity (short for Marginal Revolution University)," and yes, it's&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59337

  655. MOOCs, Motivation, and the Mass Movement toward Open Education
    Hans de Zwart, Technology, Innovation, Education, By , , October 25, 2012
  656. Report of a fast-paced session on MOOCs at Learning 2012 by Curt Bonk - slides are available at TrainingShare (direct link). I found this interesting"If you want to be a leader in the MOOC space ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59340

  657. MOOC as Networked Textbook and a look back at the feedbook
    Dave Cormier, xED Book, By , , October 25, 2012
  658. Is a MOOC more like a book or more like an event. It's an intriguing question and it's raised by the emergence of book-link MOOCs in recent years. But Dave Cormier comments, "More and more ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59341

  659. Will the Real MOOC Please Stand-up
    Debbie Morrison, online learning insights, By , , October 26, 2012
  660. Discussion  of Marginal Revolution University (MRU), which I pointed to on Wednesday. While making the point that "Coursera, Edx and Udacity are pseudo MOOCs" ("they are trying to apply ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59346

  661. The Obstacles to OER
    Audrey Watters, Hack Education, By , , October 26, 2012
  662. I'm using this post in a talk I'm giving next week so it seems only fair to list it here. Audrey Watters lists four major obstacles to using OERs: discoverability, supplementary materials, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59350

  663. MOOCs and Connectivist Instructional Design
    Geoff Cain, Brainstorm in Progress, By , , October 28, 2012
  664. Geoff Cain describes designing a class to teach "the core skills that allowed anyone to adapt to any technology they might find themselves in." What's interesting was what happened when they ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59359

  665. Formerly Known as Students
    Alison Byerly, Inside Higher Ed, By , , October 29, 2012
  666. If you were to review my writing on MOOCs and similar phenomena you would see me most frequently refer to (what we would call) 'students' as 'participants'. The term 'participant&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59374

  667. UAlberta, Udacity team up for online learning
    Press Release, University of Alberta, By , , October 30, 2012
  668. The University of Alberta has joined Udacity, signing "a memorandum of understanding today that begins a research partnership for the collaborative development of systems for delivery, measurement ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59380

  669. You could do this with MOOCs too
    Mike Caulfield, Weblog, By , , October 31, 2012
  670. Here's the secret to MOOCs: "Once you get past the corporate culture  (“success coaches”) and Valley buzzword  ickiness (“analytics-powered dashboard”) and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59385

  671. Learning Management Systems and MOOCs
    George Siemens, xED Book, By , , November 1, 2012
  672. George Siemens points to a couple of developments underlining the provision of MOOCs in the cloud. 1. Instructure launches Canvas Network (see also) (and also) (and also). And 2. Blackboard is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59388

  673. FunF
    Alexander Hayes, Uberveillance, By , , November 1, 2012
  674. If you're wondering what comes after MOOCs, it includes something like this ("The Funf Open Sensing Framework is an extensible sensing and data processing framework for mobile ...
    files/images/funf.png, size:  bytes, type:
    [Comment] [Direct Link] 59389

  675. The Most Important Education Technology in 200 Years
    Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review, By , , November 4, 2012
  676. "Online learning will be the most important innovation in education in the last 200 years," says Antonio Regalado, if MOOCs succeed and create something truly different. Me, I'm wondering what ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59395

  677. The Year of the MOOC
    Laura Pappano, New York Times, By , , November 5, 2012
  678. The New York Times ran a large spread on the MOOC over the weeke-end which I suppose I should mention here, though I don't know why I bother. After all, the main point of this article is to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59402

  679. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Go International
    Dan Colman, Open Culture, By , , November 6, 2012
  680. Dan Colman is one of my favorite bloggers. But he's terribly misinformed when he says today that "the first major providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) got their start in Silicon ...
    Enclosure: Size: 35403 bytes, type: application/x-msdos-program [Comment] [Direct Link] 59408

  681. Adjacent possible: MOOCs, Udacity, edX, Coursera
    George Siemens, xED Book, By , , November 6, 2012
  682. George Siemens bites back (good on him): "Let’s start by doing away with the 'lone genius myth' of MOOCs. Thrun, Udacity, Coursera, and Stanford did not invent MOOCs. They did run ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59410

  683. Make a MOOC: Shaken or Stirred
    Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, By , , November 6, 2012
  684. Alan Levine introduced the MOOC Shaker, a tongue-in-cheek generator of MOOC titles. Perhaps he could help me: I joined NaNoWriMo last week and got stuck on the title. [Comment] [Direct Link] 59411

  685. Everybody Wants to MOOC the World
    Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, By , , November 6, 2012
  686. Michael Feldstein writes, "it’s worth asking what it means for the traditional LMS players to be marketing themselves as platforms for MOOCs and other open courses." In particular, he looks ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59413

  687. International MOOCs Past and Present
    Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, By , , November 7, 2012
  688. I have made two additions to the MOOC online course list over at The first, and most significant, is a list of international MOOCs offered by various institutions around the world. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59417

  689. All about MOOCs
    Rosanna Tamburri, University Affairs, By , , November 7, 2012
  690. As the title of this article suggests, it's an overview of massive open online courses (MOOCs). It has good coverage of the Canadian contribution to MOOCs (which is unusual for publications of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59418

  691. Who is accountable at Coursera?
    Mike Caulfield, Weblog, By , , November 7, 2012
  692. Mike Caulfield finds a pretty blatant error in a Coursera course and asks a reasonable quetion: who is accountable? "And yes, this is partially an argument for why all xMOOC credit should be ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59425

  693. How 'Open' Are MOOCs?
    Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, By , , November 8, 2012
  694. The attendees at EDUCAUSE 2012 turn their attention to MOOCs and open educational resources (OERs), asking, finally, how open are MOOCs? As Clay Shirky noted in his leynote,  the most ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59429

  695. Scraping ugly HTML using ‘regular expressions’
    Paul Bradshaw, Online Journalism Blog, By , , November 8, 2012
  696. A lot of the magic that I work behind the scenes in this newsletter and the MOOCs we run is based on regular expressions. This is a two part post (part one, part two) providing an overview. Ignore ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59431

  697. Footprints of Emergence
    Roy Trevor Williams, Jenny Mackness and Simone Gumtau, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, By , , November 9, 2012
  698. According to the authors, "we need to develop practical tools to help us describe these new forms of learning which are multivariate, self-organised, complex, adaptive, and unpredictable" (compare ...
    Enclosure: 10556 Size: 58879 bytes, type: [Comment] [Direct Link] 59440

  699. Experience, the API
    Clark Quinn, Learnlets, By , , November 13, 2012
  700. Clark Quinn comes up with the best description thus far of Experience, the SCORM-successor API formerly known as Tin Can: "it’s ridiculously simple: Subject Verb Object: e.g. “I did this&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59455

  701. Establishment Opens Door for MOOCs
    Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, By , , November 14, 2012
  702. According to this article, "the American Council of Education (ACE), which announced Tuesday that it will work with Coursera to determine whether as many as 8-10 MOOCs should be worth credit." The ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59459

  703. A New Pedagogy is Emerging... And Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor
    Unattributed, Contact North, By , , November 14, 2012
  704. Good article summarizing the key drivers leading to a 'new pedagogy' - the sort of pedagogy, for example, being embraced by MOOCs, identifying some major underlying trends (such as opening ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59464

  705. When is a MOOC not a MOOC?
    Vance Stevens, adVancEducation, By , , November 15, 2012
  706. Overview of MOOCs in language learning and an analysis of different tyoes of MOOCs, including content-based, task-based and network-based MOOCs. The intent is to characterize 'multiMOOCs': ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59466

  707. Never Mind Antioch, What is Coursera Up To?
    Ken Udas, Latent Pattern Transmission, By , , November 15, 2012
  708. Good question. "Antioch University Los Angeles has recently received some attention for their plans to accept credits for a handful of MOOCs offered through Coursera.... these arrangements have ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59467

  709. Twitter Email Facebook What You Need to Know About MOOC's
    Various Authors, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , November 16, 2012
  710. Short article and timeline documenting the 'history' of MOOCs. I put 'history' in quotes because it refers only to Chronicle articles, and is thus a graphic demovstration of the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59469

  711. MOOCs trend towards open enrollment, not licensing
    Timothy Vollmer,, By , , November 16, 2012
  712. According to Timothy Vollment, "An OER cannot be freely available or openly licensed—it must be both freely available andopenly licensed (or in the public domain) to be an OER." The earlier ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59470

  713. Is Coursera Facebook, Amazon, or
    Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, By , , November 16, 2012
  714. Interesting (and accurate) take on the 'innovation' brought to the field by Coursera and the other xMOOCs. "It’s an uncomfortable truth for educational folks," writes Michael Feldstein,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59471

  715. How (online) learning could be knowledge building?
    Teemu Leinonen, FLOSSE Posse, By , , November 16, 2012
  716. Teemu Leinonen writes, "The high-profile projects and endeavors in the MOOCs-business are also looking for smart ways to initiate peer-to-peer activities, such as peer-support and peer-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59474

  717. Innovating Pedagogy 2012
    Yashay Mor, Designed for learning, By , , November 16, 2012
  718. Yishay Mor writes about the Open University's "series of reports [that] explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59476

  719. 10 Highly Selective Colleges Form Consortium to Offer Online Courses
    Alisha Azevedo, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , November 16, 2012
  720. I giggled when I read this. "A group of 10 highly selective colleges has formed a consortium to offer online courses that students enrolled at any of the campuses can take for credit." It is, of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59478

  721. [2b2k] MOOCs as networks
    David Weinberger, Joho the Blog, By , , November 17, 2012
  722. Yeah. MOOCs as networks. What an idea! "How do you make that enormous digital classroom smarter than the individuals in it? 2B2K’s answer (such as it is) is that you make a room smart by ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59483

  723. Napster, Udacity, and the Academy
    Clay Shirky, Weblog, By , , November 19, 2012
  724. Clay Shirky on MOOCs: "Open systems are open. For people used to dealing with institutions that go out of their way to hide their flaws, this makes these systems look terrible at first. But anyone ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59487

  725. Easy as Pie
    Ethan Allen, Allen Interactions, By , , November 21, 2012
  726. I'm not sure I agree with this analogy, but it's novel and therefore at least worth sharing. E-learning, says Ethan Edwards, is like making pies. There are different models; let me quote ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59499

  727. How will MOOCs impact executive education?
    Adi Gaskell, Weblog, By , , November 21, 2012
  728. So while the rest of us consider such trivia as whether MOOCs will advance learning, make learning accessible, or alter the future of universities, Adi Gaskell asks the really important question: ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59501

  729. How to make #openbadges work for you and your organisation
    Doug Belshaw, Open Educational Thinkering, By , , November 27, 2012
  730. Some useful how-to guidance from Doug Belshaw on the use of badges. And some important caveats. "I’ve had people tell me that badges 'will inevitably lead to X,' that 'you can&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59527

  731. Zimmerman, Barry J. & Schunk, Dale H. (2011) Handbook of Self-Regulation of Learning and Performance.
    Reviewed by Susan Farber, Education Review, By , , November 28, 2012
  732. How do people regulate their own learning? As this revciew notes, "The concept of self-regulation of learning (SRL) and performance has been the focus of Barry Zimmerman’s and Dale Schunk&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59534

  733. Uruguay Presentations
    Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web, By , , November 29, 2012
  734. I have finally uploaded all the materials from my presentations in Uruguay... OER Minicourse November 23, 2012. MoodleMoodUY, Montevideo, Uruguay (Seminar). 2.5 hour minicourse on the topic of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59544

  735. What Price MOOCs?
    Donald H. Taylor, Weblog, By , , December 2, 2012
  736. "One topic has received less notice," says Donald H. Taylor, "How will MOOCs be made to pay?" We could simply invest the same public resources into offering free learning at all levels online that ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59552

  737. Owning Your Massive Numbers
    Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, By , , December 2, 2012
  738. For our MOOCs, completion was never the name of the game - sure, we'd lose people alog the way, but we'd also pick up new people, and after that first big rush things were usually stable. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59554

  739. Cultivating Your Personal Learning Network 2.0
    David Warlick, 2¢ Worth, By , , December 4, 2012
  740. There has been a lot commentary about how the term MOOC has been appropriated and redefined, but not nearly as much discussion of now the term 'personal learning environment' (PLE) was ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59562

  741. The MOOC movement is not an indicator of educational evolution
    Andy Oram, O'Reilly Radar, By , , December 4, 2012
  742. Maybe ds106 - which Alan Levine and Jim Groom keep saying is "not a MOOC" - is a fab course. "DIY courses, as popularized in the book Fab by Neil Gershenfeld at the MIT Media Lab. O’Reilly&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59567

  743. Nokia uses mobile e-learning to align social and business objectives
    Oliver Balch, The Guardian, By , , December 6, 2012
  744. After a brief interruption to look at MOOCs, the world will go back to being enthusiastic about mobile learning. Witness this Guardian article. "Web-based MoMaths service aims to plug learning gap ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59569

  745. Providers of Free MOOC's Now Charge Employers for Access to Student Data
    Jeffrey R. Young, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , December 6, 2012
  746. Another business model fpr MOOCs. This one is a bit unique - it doesn't charge the students, or even government. It charges employers. "Providers of free online courses are officially in the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59570

  747. Google Plus rolls out Communities, a place for every tribe
    Bogdan Petrovan, Android Authority, By , , December 7, 2012
  748. Thabks to Lucy Grey, who joined us during my Hangout from Ibague, Clolombia, today, and told us about the launch of Google Communities. The idea is that Google Plus members can invite other people ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59579

  749. Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: MOOCs
    Audrey Watters, Hack Education, By , , December 7, 2012
  750. Excellent overview of 2012, "The Yera of the MOOC". Audrey Watters writes, "It was students — two from India and one from Canada — who created what I think is the among most important ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59583

  751. Could online courses be the death of the humanities?
    Aurélien Mondon, The Guardian, By , , December 9, 2012
  752. "Imagine a return to a pre-revolutionary world," warns Aurélien Mondon, "where such a form of knowledge and study would only be practised by a very small elite, rich enough to delve into '... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59588

  753. Size Isn't Everything
    Cathy N. Davidson, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , December 11, 2012
  754. I have to admit, I am one of the people bemused by all the attention MOOCs are getting, not so much that I would join some sort of anti-MOOC brigade, but enough that I know that were I know so ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59595

  755. Headhunting by MOOC
    Alastair Creelman, The corridor of uncertainty, By , , December 11, 2012
  756. Commentary on reports from last week that Coursera is planning to sell student information to companies as a recruiting tool. "If the company is interested in one of those students, then Coursera ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59598

  757. Openness Beyond the Course Container
    Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, By , , December 12, 2012
  758. Alan Levine highlights a problem with the recent crop of open online courses: "It’s that weekly ramming speed pace that bugs me," he writes. "Just as a topic opens in this pace, the course ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59608

  759. Finally, alternatives to prominent MOOCs
    George Siemens, elearnspace, By , , December 14, 2012
  760. George Siemens tells us "Tony Hirst shared a new initiative via OU UK: UK universities embrace the free, open, online future of higher education powered by the open University. From a Times HE ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59626

  761. StreamHub
    Various Authors, Website, By , , December 14, 2012
  762. Daniel Christian posts in the G+ MOOC Community, "(a) piece of what they offer is subtitled as the "Web's first Engagement Management System" (so we now have another meaning for the EMS acronym :... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59628

  763. Online learning in 2012: a retrospective
    Tony Bates, Online Learning and Distance Education Resources, By , , December 17, 2012
  764. Tony Batesis as always well worth reading, including this take on the year that was. He writes, "The media love to focus on the ivy league universities to the almost total neglect of the rest of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59639

  765. Are MOOCs becoming mechanisms for international competition in global higher ed?
    Kris Olds, Inside Higher Ed, By , , December 17, 2012
  766. The buzz surrounding MOOCs continues apace in this pair of articles from Inside Higher Ed. The first article looks at the use of MOOCs to brand online learning for national education systems. This ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59642

  767. Openness is still the only superpower
    Mike Caulfield, Weblog, By , , December 17, 2012
  768. I think Mike Caulfield gets the basic premise right here as he writes of a "lurry of anti-MOOC, anti-Cousera columns in the Chronicle recently." Caulfield writes, "I love a good fight over ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59644

  769. Two key learning trends you might have missed this year: MOOCs and OA
    John Helmer, Line, By , , December 18, 2012
  770. Leaving aside all the discussion about specific models of this and that, what really makes me happy about the major trends for this year is that both of them - open online learning and open access - ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59647

  771. Rebuilding the Web We Lost
    Anil Dash, Weblog, By , , December 19, 2012
  772. Anil Dash follows up his "The Web We Lost" post with one on how to rebuild it. It's a set of good suggestions, aimed mostly at builders. Som e of them resonate quite a bit with me. This, for ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59657

  773. Teorías y modelos sobre el aprendizaje en entornos conectados y ubicuos
    Miguel Zapata-Ros, E-LIS, By , , December 20, 2012
  774. Miguel Zapata-Ros writes that he disagrees with MOOCs for reasons outlined in this paper and in his blog (where he expresses concerns about the socialization of self-taught or home-schooled students)... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59661

  775. Open Learning Recognition: Taking Open Educational Resources a Step Further
    Anthony F. Camilleri and Anne-Christin Tannhäuser, eds., The OERTest Consortium, By , , December 20, 2012
  776. This is a significant publication taking an in-depth look at the question of individual assessment in OER-supported learning. It cites one of the barriers to the use of OER as "the absence - or ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59662

  777. Idea #1: 'MOOC': Saviour of Higher Ed?
    Justin Ritchie, The Tyee, By , , December 20, 2012
  778. "MOOCs can't replace the deeply important social learning environment of the university," according to this article in the Tyee, "but (they) could lead to new teaching styles in traditional ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59663

  779. ‘History Harvest’ Project May Spawn a New Kind of MOOC
    Marc Parry, Chronicle of Higher Education, By , , December 21, 2012
  780. I like the concept. It reflects the idea in connectivist MOOCs that the learners are expected to bring new resources to the mix. The idea is that each person brings a unique perspective, and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59671

  781. Why Do Smart People Do Dumb Things? Thinking about School Reform
    Larry Cuban, Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice, By , , December 24, 2012
  782. I was asked for my take "on Cuban's labeling MOOC's at Stanford (and other schools) as a 'dumb thing.' Do you think that these high-level university MOOCs are missing the whole ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59684

  783. Important developments in online learning in India in 2012
    Tony Bates, Online Learning and Distance Education Resources, By , , December 24, 2012
  784. India continues to be an interesting place to watch for developments in online learning. Tony Bates highlights a couple important developments from 2012: first, the appearance of very low cost ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59686

  785. Learning new lessons
    Unattributed, The Economist, By , , December 24, 2012
  786. The fabrication is in the first paragraph: "top-quality teaching, stringent admissions criteria and impressive qualifications allow the world’s best universities to charge mega-fees: over $50,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59687

  787. MOOCs in 2012: Dismantling the Status Quo
    Phil Hill, e-Literate, By , , December 24, 2012
  788. Phil Hill offers the thesis that MOOCs are the beginning of change, not the final outcome. "The real significance of xMOOCs," he writes, "is that they are acting as the foreign element triggering ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59689

  789. Where xMOOCs and Adaptive Analytics Both Fail (For Now)
    Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, By , , December 25, 2012
  790. Good analysis from Michael Feldstein on 'the missing viola player' aspect of online learning: it's inability to comprehend and respond to student questions. I respond at more length to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59695

  791. Michael Sandel’s Famous Harvard Course on Justice Now Available as a MOOC: Register Today
    Dan Colman, Open Culture, By , , December 25, 2012
  792. This post focuses on a new MOOC being offered by Harvard, a reprise of Michael Sandel's 2009 course, Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? (YouTube - iTunes - Web). ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59696

  793. MOOCs – The revolution has begun, says Moody’s
    Sarah King Head, Universit World News, By , , December 27, 2012
  794. According to this article, "A new report by Moody’s Investors Service suggests that while MOOCs’ exploitation of expanded collaborative networks and technological innovation will ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59703

  795. Why Online Courseware Can't Replace A 4-Year Degree
    Andrew Grauer, Forbes, By , , December 28, 2012
  796. More techno-scepticism following in the wake of this year's MOOC hysteria. Andrew Grauer argues that online learning will not replace traditional learning until the resolution of "key ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59706

  797. The Downes Prize 2012
    Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web, By , , December 31, 2012
  798. In 2010, the prize was awarded to Effective Assessment in a Digital Age, published by JISC. Last year, the prize was awarded to Acceptable Use Policies in Web 2.0 & Mobile Era, by the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59715

  799. What would be the implications of MOOCs on Higher Education?
    Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, By , , January 3, 2013
  800. A couple of interesting points in this one. First, "If the mooc is better than the existing teaching and learning in the elite or most universities, wouldn’t that be the greatest disruption ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59726

  801. The Year Ahead in IT, 2013
    Lev Gonick , Inside Higher ed, By , , January 3, 2013
  802. I'm always thinking about the future of learning technology, even if I don't write about it so much these days. This is partially because it has become a bit predictable. Learning will ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59730

  803. MOOCs are a fundamental misperception of how teaching works
    Mark Guzdial, Computing Education Blog, By , , January 4, 2013
  804. Mark Guzdial focuses on xMOOCs like Coursera and Udacity, basically ignoring cMOOCs. He argues MOOCs misrepresent how teaching works because: The main activity of a higher-education teacher is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59733

  805. The mixably Open Online Course (mOOC)
    Mike Caulfield, Weblog, By , , January 4, 2013
  806. Two part presentation (Part One, Part Two) on the structure of open online courses. "This is an off the cuff presentation of the module structure in the Psych course we are developing, which shows ...
    Image8.gif, size: 9903 bytes, type:  image/gif
    [Comment] [Direct Link] 59734

  807. etMOOC
    Various Authors, MOOC, By , , January 4, 2013
  808. The latest MOOC: "#etmooc is a ‘Connectivist’ MOOC (‘cMOOC)that is designed around a few key principles: The course is developed with a weak ‘centre’. While ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59735

  809. MOOC MOOC Starts Sunday, January 6, 2013
    Sean Morris and Jesse Stommel , Canvas Network, By , , January 5, 2013
  810. Via LinkedIn: "In just a couple of days, the Hybrid Pedagogy online journal group is starting a MOOC MOOC to study and evaluate MOOC's within an open online course environment. I figured this ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59737

  811. Anmeldung
    Monika Koenig, Dörte Giebel and Heinz Wittenbrink, MOOC, By , , January 5, 2013
  812. Via email, the following: "We are offering a MOOC from 16 January onwards (till 22nd February). The course shall take place in a connectivistic manner (cMOOC), we call it 'MOOC Maker Course' ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59739

  813. Outlook for online learning in 2013: online learning comes of age
    Tony Bates, Online Learning and Distance Education Resources, By , , January 7, 2013
  814. As promised, Tony Bates has tallied a number of predictions for 2013 and beyond, each with probabilities attached. Some of them are vague and probably ("online learning starts to become a core ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59749

  815. Growth for Online Learning
    Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed, By , , January 8, 2013
  816. Online learning has yet to show a plateau, according to the 2012 iteration of the Babson Survey Research Group's annual Survey of Online Learning. According to the study, more than 30 percent ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59752

  817. Introduction to Openness in Education, the 2013 Edition
    David Wiley, iterating toward openness, By , , January 8, 2013
  818. I'm not sure whether to call it a MOOC or an open course or what, but readers will be interested to know of the launch of David Wiley's latest iteration of "Introduction to Openness in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59755

  819. Enter the MOOC
    Todd Krohn, The Power Elite, By , , January 9, 2013
  820. A fairly typical reaction: "While I don't see MOOC's "democratizing higher education" (which I think is a euphemism for "watering down content," see below), I do believe their value as a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59777

  821. Could a MOOCI Contribute to the Education of the World’s Most Impoverished Children?
    John Connell, Weblog, By , , January 9, 2013
  822. Let's map out the core dilemma that produces the idea (quoting from the text): good-quality teaching should be central to good educational provision, and most especially for the education ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59781

  823. UbuWeb
    Various Authors, Website, By , , January 10, 2013
  824. Jim Groom points to this website that compiles generally obscure but always intresting audio and video records. For example, right now on the front page we have The Films of Toshio Matsumoto, 1961-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59783

  825. About MOOC Completion Rates: The Importance of Student Investment
    Tucker Balch, , By , , January 11, 2013
  826. When you look at how many people clicked on the login form, completion rates in a MOOC are very low. But when you look at those who completed teh first assignment, completion rates are much higher. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59803

  827. Unthinking Technophilia
    Jennifer Cost, et. al., Inside Higher Ed, By , , January 15, 2013
  828. A collection of Six community college faculty members have taken it upon themselves to denounce MOOCs on the grounds that "MOOCs are designed to impose, not improved learning, but a new business ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59826

  829. As California Goes?
    Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, By Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, January 16, 2013
  830. California has taken centre stage in the discussions around online learning and MOOCs in recent weeks, prompted by passage of tax increases (see more and more) to cover rising deficits in the state&#... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59829

  831. 5 Wishes for the Next Stage of Online Learning
    Unattributed, Contact North, Contact North, January 16, 2013
  832. Interesting discussion paper from Contact North that doesn't stay with the usual observaions and recommendations typical of such papers. Surveying what was important in 2012, the author points ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59830

  833. Peeragogy
    , , By Jay Cross, January 16, 2013
  834. Jay Cross introduces a new handbook and resource guide authored by a group of people including himself and Howard Rheingold called Peeragogy. "This project seeks to empower the worldwide population ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59835

  835. The Open University releases ROLE eBook
    , , ROLE - Responsive Open Learning Environments, January 17, 2013
  836. The Open University has released a book on ROLE. This is good, as ROLE - Responsive Open Learning Environments - is a major project covering many aspects of recent work in fields such as Personal ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59838

  837. Stanford Makes Open Source Platform, Class2Go, Available to All; Launches MOOC on Platform Today
    , , By Dan Colman, Open Culture, January 17, 2013
  838. Open Culture covers "Stanford’s Class2Go. The platform is open, meaning that you can grab the code base for free and run it on your very own server. Class2Go is also portable, giving schools ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59839

  839. MOOCs: ‘dropout’ a category mistake, look at ‘uptake’?
    , , By Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, January 17, 2013
  840. Donald Clark is on point in this reframing of the 'dropout argument' against MOOCs: "We need to look at uptake, not dropout. It’s astonishing that MOOCs exist at all, never mind the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59841

  841. What Makes a MOOC Massive?
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, January 17, 2013
  842. I've been asked this a few times recently, so I thought I should expend a few paragraphs describing the difference between online courses that are and are not 'massive'. I argue, first, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59842

  843. Lessons learned from wrestling with a MOOC
    , , By Robert Talbert, Casting Out Nines, January 18, 2013
  844. I think it's useful to include opportunity cost when calculating the cost of an eductaion. A case in point: the free MOOC. Robert Talbert reports, "this week has me reconsidering the notion ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59845

  845. The Learning Technologist Becomes A Luddite
    , , By Lanny Arvan, Lanny on Learning Technology, January 18, 2013
  846. Lanny Arvan has never learned to write concisely (I've written to him about this - he says it's his style) so you'll have to wade through mounds of verbiage to get to the essential ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59847

  847. #diffimooc Launches next week: Differenting instruction in a MOOC
    , , By Vicki A. Davis, Cool Cat Teacher Blog, January 18, 2013
  848. Vicki Davis introduces a post describing a new MOOC from the frozen north: "Next week will be the official start of the Differentiating Instruction through Technology #diffimooc offered by the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59848


  849. Thoughts from a MOOC Pioneer
    , , By Gene Roche, Academic Technology, January 23, 2013
  850. We hear the same lesson from "MOOC pioneers" every time they report on their experience: "Producing decent video takes much more skill and concentration than it would seem." What else? Interestingly,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59865

  851. Public Universities to Offer Free Online Classes for Credit
    , , By Tamar Lewin, New York Times, January 24, 2013
  852. We continue to move incrementally toward a reconfiguration of the educational system. "Dozens of public universities plan to offer an introductory online course free and for credit to anyone ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59873

  853. Revolution Hits the Universities
    , , By Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, January 28, 2013
  854. Thomas L. Friedman gushes about MOOCs. "I can see a day soon where you’ll create your own college degree by taking the best online courses from the best professors from around the world —... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59893

  855. Moving Towards a Culture of Learning #MOOCs
    , , By Miguel Guhlin, Around the, January 28, 2013
  856. Miguel Guhlin (citing Lisa M. Lane) divides MOOCs into three categories: Network-based MOOCs - "the goal is not so much content and skills acquisition, but conversation, socially ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59896

  857. MOOC-Covered Towers? Online Education's Coming Impact on Traditional College
    , , By Scott D. Miller, Huffington Post, January 28, 2013
  858. I tend not to link to Huffington Post articles because the pages have so many widgets they're unpleasant to read. But I wanted to like to this item, the upshot of which is "The challenge is to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59900

  859. Examining the true meaning of Davos
    , , By Don Tapscott, Globe and Mail, and , Mail, January 30, 2013
  860. Don Tapscott writes in the Globe and Mail about how people misunderstand Davos (if you've tripped the paywall after reading the Globe's defense of the one percent, I'm sorry, though you ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59907


  861. Both MOOCs and Textbooks Will End Up Courseware
    , , By Mike Caulfield, Hapgood, January 30, 2013
  862. Where are MOOCs headed? Not toward massive classes, writes Mike Caulfield. "It’s broadly used courseware — software that provides much of the skeleton of standard classes the way ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59912

  863. Treating MOOC Platforms as Websites to be Optimised, Pure and Simple…
    , , By Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, January 30, 2013
  864. More stuff on the tech front - this is from a Tony Hirst post where he looks (sceptically) at FutureLearn. What does it mean to say "the USP is going to relate to the quality of teaching/pedagogy?" ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59913

  865. Here a MOOC, There a MOOC: But Will It Work for Freshman Composition?
    , , By Karen Head, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, January 30, 2013
  866. Interesting post on some of the dynamics of teaching in Coursera. "A representative from Coursera (the platform we must use) contacted recipients of the Gates MOOC grants asking all the recipients ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59917

  867. Free Course, Inexpensive Exam
    , , By Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, February 4, 2013
  868. More on the same story, with a few new players. "students can use free course content from providers like the Saylor Foundation and Education Portal to study for “challenge exams,” ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59927

  869. How NOT to Design a MOOC: The Disaster at Coursera and How to Fix it
    , , By Debbie Morrison, online learning insights, February 4, 2013
  870. As I've told people in the past, what makes a MOOC a MOOC is that it i set up to use distributed resources, not centralized resources. It was inevitable that Coursera would learn this lesson ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59928

  871. Educon: Unraveling the Textbook
    , , By Tim Stahmer, assortedstuff, February 4, 2013
  872. Tim Stahmer, reflecting on Educon (and linking to a few of the wonderful reflections written by others) jots down a few short notes about textbooks. "A replacement for the textbook should be ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59933


  873. Complexity Explorer
    , , Santa Fe Institute, Portland State University, February 5, 2013
  874. This looks like an interesting MOOC, and I've signed up: "The topics you'll learn about include dynamics, chaos, fractals, information theory, self-organization, agent-based modeling, and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59936

  875. How Knowledge Workers Learn Judgment
    , , By Nancy Dixon, Conversation Matters, February 5, 2013
  876. Interesting post discussing how people who are knowledge workers learn how to make judgements "that require much more that simply following a predetermined step by step procedure." Lawyers, nurses, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59937

  877. American Council on Education Recommends 5 MOOCs for Credit
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, February 7, 2013
  878. Today's big MOOC news (is there any day these days without big MOOC news?) is that the American Council on Education has recommended five MOOCs for credit, all offered through the Coursera ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59947

  879. Analyzing MOOCs – A SWOT Analysis
    , , By Andrew Spinner, February 7, 2013
  880. The article pretty much delivers on what the title promises - a straightforward SWOT analysis of MOOCs. It's pretty informally written, and it focuses mostly on the ever-popular xMOOC form ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59948

  881. #MOOC disasters are human and part of educational innovation and why sandboxes are good
    , , By Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, February 8, 2013
  882. Inge de Waard writes, "my heart really goes out to Fatimah Wirth, for she dared to test new approaches but ... fell into the trap that all of us tend to fall into at one time or another: dreaming ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59950


  883. Your Massively Open Offline College Is Broken
    , , By Clay Shirky, The Awl, February 8, 2013
  884. Good comprehensive discussion from Clay Shirky on some of the drivers underlying th concept of the MOOC. "For all our good will, college in the U.S. has gotten worse for nearly everyone who relies ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59953


  885. The missing perspective(s) on MOOCs?
    , , By David T. Jones, The Weblog of (a) David Jones, February 11, 2013
  886. David Jones criticizes a presentation by John Daniel on the future of education (available here). He writes, "Sir John’s talk focused entirely on xMOOCs. There was no mention whatsoever of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59966

  887. The business of MOOCs: how to profit from giving away something for nothing
    , , By David Glance, The Conversation, February 13, 2013
  888. The discussion in the comments is much more emlightening than the article itself, which is essentially a restatement of how to profit from giving something away for free, with references to online ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59974


  889. MOOCs instead of open education
    , , By Bryan Alexander, February 15, 2013
  890. The open access declarations, notes Bryan Alexander, are now more than ten years old. So why the interest in MOOCs now, when in fact open access had been around for more than a decade? It's not ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59981


  891. A Language Learning MOOC – Thoughts & Vision
    , , By Glen Cochrane, A Point of Contact, February 15, 2013
  892. A 'Language MOOC' (or LMOOC) is a MOOC created for the purpose of helping participants learn a language. As can be imagined, the conversational format of an LMOOC lends itself well to this ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59982


  893. Course Sprint Creative Commons
    , , By Stephen Downes, Billy Meinke, YouTube, February 15, 2013
  894. Informal online chat I had with Billy Meinke, from Creative Commons, on the course he's developing on open scientific data (I mentioned the course in a post a few days ago, here). We talked ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59984


  895. The MOOCs that ate themselves
    , , By Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, February 15, 2013
  896. Martin Weller outlines "quite a depressing scenario" that may unfold as MOOCs follow invaiably the part set out by Coursera and the rest of them (I don't think that will happen - but that's ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59985

  897. A Few Thoughts on MOOC Credit (and “Life” credit)
    , , By Steven D. Krause,, February 15, 2013
  898. I got into this discussion about badges with Billy Meinke today (see the link to the video below) and one of the comments I made is that, with the sort of MOOCs I'm thinking about, your ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59986


  899. Visualizing the community neocortex
    , , By Fred Bartels, Icl - Meta MOOC Explorations, February 17, 2013
  900. Interesting 'meta MOOC' community created by Fred Bartels and an interesting diagram (above) capturing nicely the model of MOOCs as I see them (the people working in neural networks and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59989


  901. T3S1: Digital Literacies with Dr. Doug Belshaw
    , , By Doug Belshaw, Slideshare, February 17, 2013
  902. Good set of slides from a Doug Belshaw presentation to #etmooc on Monday (hard to gauge the exact time - the schedule says "all times eastern" but then posts times inside a Google Calendar, which ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59990


  903. edcmooc interesting
    , , Flickriver, February 18, 2013
  904. This is a link to a seemingly endless set of images related to edcmooc (and MOOCs in general) generated as a result of a week 3 contest in the open online course. I'm not sure what the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59994


  905. Making Search Engines Work for Education Resources
    , , By John K. Waters, THE Journal, February 20, 2013
  906. This article unwittingly makes the case both for and against the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI). The idea of such an initiative is to help educators find resources to support learning ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59995

  907. Posts About MOOCs
    , , By Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily, February 20, 2013
  908. So I thought it was pretty impressive when Jay Cross posted a list of 195 posts about MOOCs yesterday. Authoritative. Then I got to thinking, did some checking, and realized that I have personally ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59996

  909. When MOOCs melt down
    , , By Robert Talbert, Casting Out Nines, February 20, 2013
  910. In the news this week is the story of a professor who quit his own MOOC half way through. The Chronicle provides one side of the story - "the problem had stemmed from Mr. McKenzie’s ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 59997


  911. Beyond the Buzz, Where Are MOOCs Really Going?
    , , By Michael Horn, and , Clayton Christensen, Wired, February 21, 2013
  912. This post is evidence that you can't really predict where something is going if you don't understand the subject. The authors, trying to argue that MOOCs are a disruptive innovation, comment,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60001

  913. Apollo Group’s Technology Investments
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, February 21, 2013
  914. People are going gaga over the hundred million or so collectively invested in MOOCs. It's an impressive spend, even if distributed across a number of companies, but dwarfed by the $1 billion ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60002

  915. The Most Thorough Description (to date) of University Experience with MOOC
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, February 21, 2013
  916. I thought we have been pretty thorough with our own accounts of MOOCs (Rita Kop alone generated more description of our MOOCs than anything else I've seen) so I'm not willing to cede the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60004


  917. Future of the MOOC
    , , By Stephen Downes, George Siemens, YouTube, February 22, 2013
  918. I was in Philadelphia today to talk about MOOCs and online learning with George Siemens and staff at Philadelphia University, including especially provost Randy Swearer. We had a lot of fun and we ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60011

  919. Common Misperceptions of MOOCs and Open Learning
    , , By Trent Batson, Batson Blog, February 22, 2013
  920. Trent Batson makes a nice point in his response to the recent (and ill-informed) NY Times editorial on online learning: "with open learning, all connected humans have multiple sources of learning.&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60012

  921. MOOCs and Digital Diploma Mills: Forgetting Our History
    , , By David Wiley, iterating toward openness, February 25, 2013
  922. David Wiley wsrites, "When David Noble first published his groundbreaking critique of online education in 1998, Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education, I thought to myself '... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60014


  923. The 3 Ms, quality and instructional design of MOOCs
    , , By Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, February 26, 2013
  924. A writer in the Association of Governing Boards magazine gets to the point of online learning in this article: Mission, MOOCs, & Money. It's a reasonably good overview (though I would ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60015


  925. MOOC Paths directory – alternatives to a college programs of study
    , , MyEducationPath blog, February 26, 2013
  926. There's another MOOC directoryh, this one mapping the path to a degree via MOOCs. "In the directory there will be published paths to get education degree using MOOCs and online courses. We will ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60017

  927. The Higher-Education Lobby Comes to Madison
    , , By Sara Goldrick-Rab, The Chronicle: The Conversation, February 26, 2013
  928. I'm not sure whether 'the higher education lobby' refers to the author of this article, or the speaker being commented upon. Not a good start. Sara Goldrick-Rab posts a 'conversation&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60021

  929. My first MOOC: diary of 1 of 24,000 students following a truly Massive Open Online Course
    , , By Aldo de Moor, Making CommunitySense, February 27, 2013
  930. This is interesting. It shows how deeply personally people take things like missing confirmation emails or links that don't work. [Comment] [Direct Link] 60024


  931. The Disruption Higher Ed Doesn’t See Coming
    , , By Scott Leslie, EdTechPost, February 27, 2013
  932. It's not MOOCs, says Scott Leslie. It's badges. As he comments, "when met with the prospect that the value of a University degree is under threat and that their 'market' will get as ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60028


  933. Business+MOOCs: the Hangout recording
    , , By Jay Cross, Internet Time Blog, February 27, 2013
  934. I rtook part in this Hanghout today with nine of my colleagues across the Moocosphere where we looked at the contradictions inherent in the concept of coporation s offering 'internal' ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60029

  935. The End of the (MOOC) World is Nigh
    , , By Matt Crosslin, EduGeek Journal, March 1, 2013
  936. I expect more of this sort of article in the months to come. There is an intuitive appeal to the argument. "Anyone remember Second Life?" asks Matt Crosslin. I certainly do - and I remember the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60035


  937. FutureLearn: pedagogical & mLearning MOOC platform - the approach
    , , By Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, March 1, 2013
  938. Inge de Waard writes, "I am a bit enthusiastic here - read subjective - but after hearing yesterday’s introduction focusing on the pedagogical and design plans of the FutureLearn MOOC ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60038


  939. The changing role of L&D: from packaging to scaffolding plus social capability building
    , , By Jan Hart, Learning in the Social Workplace, March 1, 2013
  940. The argument here is that MOOCs and personal learning are not for everyone. And in this column Jane Hart shows what aspects of learning are suited to MOOCs, and what are not, as illustrated above (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60040


  941. Getting More Out of Student Blogging
    , , By Sue Waters, Sue Waters Blog, March 5, 2013
  942. The whole concept of educational blogging has faded to the background recently, though you'd think that wth MOOCs it would be more important than ever. You'd think. Anyhow, this post ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60058

  943. Farewell Posterous
    , , By John Larkin, March 6, 2013
  944. I've mentioned the death of Posterous in these pages before, but because it was one of the top four platforms used by MOOC participants to participate (WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr were the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60067

  945. What can I do with my educational data? (#lak13)
    , , By Sheila MacNeill, Sheila’s work blog, March 6, 2013
  946. I think this topic will be on the top of a lot of minds in the next little while. No, not simple "what can I do with my educational data?" though that will certainly be the topic of conversation. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60068


  947. Your first degree course is a MOOC
    , , By Alastair Creelman, The corridor of uncertainty, March 8, 2013
  948. Alastair Creelman reports: "MOOC2degreeis a new initiative that offers the first course of a degree program as a MOOC in the hope of recruiting students on to the full program. A consortium of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60080

  949. Can MOOCs Save Academic Freedom?
    , , By K. Edward Renner, Edudemic, March 11, 2013
  950. Interesting angle on MOOCs and not one that would spring to mind immediately. But... could MOOCs save academic freedom? Well, that depends a lot on what is threatening it.  In this article, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60089


  951. Hacking the Classroom: Beyond Design Thinking
    , , By Jackie Gerstein, User Generated Education, March 11, 2013
  952. Sometimes people ask me what research methodology I employ, and after referring them to Paul Feyerabend and appropriate scepticism about research methodologys, I usually wave my arms in the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60091


  953. Emerging Student Patterns in MOOCs: A Graphical View
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, March 11, 2013
  954. Because the whole emphasis on the new crop of MOOCs is their massiveness, it becomes very important how you count participants. Hence Phil Hills division of MOOC participants into four categories ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60092


  955. California Unveils Bill to Provide Openly Licensed, Online College Courses for Credit
    , , By Cable reen, Creative Commons, March 14, 2013
  956. A logical next step for MOOCs. California introduces a bill that "will allow CA students, enrolled in CA public colleges and universities, to take online courses from a pool of 50 high enrollment, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60107

  957. Online learning: Campus 2.0
    , , By M. Mitchell Waldrop, Nature, March 15, 2013
  958. Revisionist history. Here is the sum total of our contributions, according to Nature: "the term MOOCs, which had been circulating quietly in educational circles since it was coined in 2008, took ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60115


  959. The MORU as Precursor to the MOOC
    , , By Darin Hayton, March 17, 2013
  960. So, "MOOCs are all the rage right now," writes Darin Hayton. "Academics [are] generally upset or unimpressed and disruptors generally optimistic. What intrigues me is how familiar the kook-aid ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60121


  961. Learners Are People, Not Isolated Test-Taking Brains: Why MOOCs Both Work and Fail
    , , By Susan D. Blum, Huffington Post, March 17, 2013
  962. Those readers who know my history know that I began online with MUDs a type on MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). I saw in them what Nick Yee saw: "achievement, social, and immersion factors."... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60122


  963. The Professors Who Make the MOOCs
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 18, 2013
  964. Survey of 103 people (probably most of them professors) who have designed and offered a MOOC. Interestingly, most of them who participated did so for altruistic reasons (which makes a mash of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60124

  965. Who Owns a MOOC?
    , , By Ry Rivard, Inside Higher Ed, March 19, 2013
  966. IPR follies and MOOCs. Faculty in California have a hard-won right to own their own academic material. "But before professors can have their courses put on Coursera, they are expected to sign away ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60134


  967. Small Open Online Communities
    , , By Keith Lyons, Clyde Street, March 20, 2013
  968. Icon

    keith Lyon reports that Danny Munnerley makes the point that the C in SOOC stands for Community rather than Course. A SOOC is a variant of MOOC, with the S standing for 'Small' (see slide 7 ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60140

  969. How could cMOOCs be designed and incorporated under an institutional framework?
    , , By Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, March 21, 2013
  970. I wrote a brief item a few days ago on evaluating MOOCs. I write: "I then ask whether it satisfied the properties of a successful network. I can do this from two perspectives: first, from a process ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60150


  971. The Coursera composition course
    , , By Laura Gibbs, Google+, March 22, 2013
  972. Icon

    I have said in the past that the xMOOCs like those offered by Coursera will need to become more like connectivist courses over time. This post explains why. While Laura Gibbs is enchanted with all ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60153


  973. The Aussie Coursera? A new homegrown MOOC platform arrives
    , , By Bella Counihan, The Conversation, March 23, 2013
  974. Icon

    According to this article, "The first Australian free online education platform has been launched in Canberra today, by tertiary education minister Chris Bowen. Open Universities Australia, a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60157

  975. MTOPs: Micro-Targeted Online Programs - (The Anti-MOOC?)
    , , By Joshua Kim , Inside Higher Ed, March 25, 2013
  976. Asking, "Why should MOOCs get all the ink?," Joshua Kim describes the "anti-MOOC", an "online (or blended) program with 50 or fewer students per year, Narrowly focused, with a specialized ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60162

  977. It’s MOOAs, Not MOOCs, That Will Transform Higher Education
    , , By Laurie Essig, The Chronicle: The Conversation, March 26, 2013
  978. The article is tongue-in-cheek and meant as a reductio, but let's analyze the implications. In the Chronicle (where else?) Laurie Essig writes, "MOOAs are the perfect solution to the rising ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60164


  979. MOOC provider EdX goes open source – with an interesting choice of licence
    , , By Scott Wilson, OSS Watch, March 26, 2013
  980. Icon

    It's well-known that EdX recently open-sourced its MOOC software. Less well known is the unusual license it chose to do so: the Affero GPL. The core of the license ensures that any application ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60169

  981. MOOC Manifesto
    , , Conecta13, March 28, 2013
  982. This 'MOOC manifesto' came to me via Twitter and while I am sympathetic with the intent, the manifesto is almost point for point opposed to my own view of MOOCs. "In every teaching design," ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60189


  983. Trend Report: Open Educational Resources 2013
    , , By Ria Jacobi, Hester Jelgerhuis, Nicolai van der Woert, SURF, March 28, 2013
  984. Icon

    This is a substantial document that "describes trends in open educational resources (OER) and open education in the Netherlands and elsewhere, from the perspective of Dutch higher education." ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60190


  985. MOOC News and Reviews
    , , By Robert McGuire, MOOC News, and , Reviews, March 29, 2013
  986. Icon

    New group blog focused on, as the title suggests, MOOC news and reviews. "MOOC News and Reviews is an online publication devoted to thoughtful critique of individual MOOC courses and to discussion ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60193


  987. Does Europe need its own Mooc?
    , , By Alex Katsomitros, The Guardian, March 29, 2013
  988. Icon

    this article takes the perspective tha the only activity related to MOOCs is happening in the United states and raises the question of whether Europe should get its own MOOC. I read this question ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60194

  989. Open SUNY: A Game Changer in the Making
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, April 2, 2013
  990. Overall positive coverage of an effort by the State University of New York (SUNY) to adopt and evaluate various elements of open learning in order to increase access and reduce costs. But there'... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60214


  991. Pre-Hire Assessment Science Revealed: Value for Employers, Value for Candidates
    , , By Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte, April 3, 2013
  992. Icon

    Probably the most common question I am asked about MOOCs is what people will do for credentials if they're not getting degrees from universities. I've talked about mechanisms of direct ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60218


  993. Rosetta Stone Acquires Online Language Company Livemocha
    , , Business Wire, April 3, 2013
  994. Icon

    Rosetta Stone has purchased an online language learning community, moving it much more firmly in the direction of distributed social learning. MOOC providers like Coursera should take note, as it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60220


  995. MOOCs to cultivate networked textbooks part 1
    , , By Dave Cormier, Dave’s Educational Blog, April 4, 2013
  996. Icon

    Cave Cormier has observed, as have many of us, that the newer xMOOCs are mostly just online interactive textbooks. Which raises the question, what are the other kinds of MOOCs, if thought of from ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60225


  997. US Mooc platforms’ openness questioned
    , , By Chris Parr, Times Higher Education, April 4, 2013
  998. Icon

    The Times Higher Education supplement is now asking the questions we've all been asking. Patrick McAndrew, professor of open education at The Open University, praised the work of platforms such ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60226

  999. Rate Rule, MOOCs drool
    , , By Mike Caulfield, April 4, 2013
  1000. Mike Caulfield picks up on the new terminology I've been hearing over the last few days: "The 'wrapped MOOC' has gained attention over the past year as a way to integrate MOOCs into ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60227


  1001. Online Courses or Long Form Journalism? Communicating How the World Works…
    , , By Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, April 4, 2013
  1002. Icon

    This is an interesting thought: "wouldn't it be wonderful if somebody put together a Coursera course on Bitcoin, covering whole range: crypto, ops, economics, politics?" The idea, as Tony Hirst ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60228

  1003. NYTimes rejects the MOOCopalypse
    , , By Mark Guzdial, Computing Education Blog, April 5, 2013
  1004. OK, I get this criticism, which comes from the NY Times, but I have a question. Here's the criticism: "They work well for highly skilled, highly motivated students but are potentially ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60233

  1005. Four observations on how OER initiatives are modelled
    , , By Allison Littlejohn, Little by Littlejohn, April 5, 2013
  1006. Here, first, are the observations, as stated by Allison Littlejohn: European OER initiatives are based (largely) on the traditional view of instructor using OER as content for teaching Most ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60236

  1007. Sweating the Details of a MOOC in Progress
    , , By Karen Head, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, April 5, 2013
  1008. I was enlisted as a 'friend of the MOOC' as the ocTEL MOOC was being prepared, and now I'm feeling guilty because I really had no time to help when they were planning, but now have ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60237


  1009. The Realities of MOOCs
    , , By Ben Betts, Stoatly Different, April 9, 2013
  1010. Icon

    Some interesting early results in a MOOC run by University of San Diego (USD) based on a course called "Sustainability in the Supply Chain." The post is a bit awkwardly written, but essentially, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60251


  1011. Flipping the classroom
    , , By Rosanna Tamburri, University Affairs, April 10, 2013
  1012. Icon

    Nice article basically summarizing Desire2Learn in University Affairs, a Canadian magazine read mostly by university professors and administrators. It covers the original founding of the company by ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60255


  1013. The One Laptop Per Child Correlation With Massive Open Online Courses
    , , By Wayan Vota, Education Technology Debate, April 11, 2013
  1014. Icon

    Wayan Vota gets to the core purpose of MOOCs, at least as I see them. "What we need to bear in mind is that the MOOCs are trying to make better quality education available to a great mass of people ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60264


  1015. Reclaim Open Learning
    , , By Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, April 12, 2013
  1016. Icon

    If I had a simple way of reclaiming open learning I would do it. Though I'm not sure I'd be seeking out the MIT Media Lab as the place to do it (strictly my own bias, but I don't really ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60274


  1017. A report from Keith Devlin's and Coursera’s Introduction to Mathematical Thinking MOOC
    , , By Seb Schmoller, Fortnightly Mailing, April 15, 2013
  1018. Icon

    There is not nearly enough time to follow every MOOC out there, so I'm attending closely to summaries of different MOOCs like this one from Seb Schmoller. He reports quite a positive experience ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60283


  1019. Fanshawe MOOC
    , , Fanshawe College, April 15, 2013
  1020. Icon

    Fanshawe College is running a MOOC. "Beginning on May 13, in partnership with educational software provider Desire2Learn, Fanshawe College will launch a free, six-week open online course on Applied ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60284


  1021. MOOCs and the Funnel of Participation
    , , By Doug Clow, The Open University Open Research Online, April 16, 2013
  1022. Icon

    Interesting paper introducing the metaphor of a 'funnel of participation' to illustrate the steep drop-off inactivity in a MOOC. It uses three MOOCs as cases and observes that the number of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60285


  1023. Mooc platform to focus on group learning
    , , By Emma Boyde, Financial Times, April 16, 2013
  1024. Icon

    The Financial Times (of all places) reports on a new MOOC start-up from Stanford called NovoEd. As the headline suggests, the defining feature of the new software is a group-forming algorithm. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60286

  1025. MOOCs Changing the Way We Think About Higher Education
    , , By Helen Hu, Diverse, April 16, 2013
  1026. Good overview of the arrival of MOOCs, from their first instntiation by George Siemens and myself, to later university versions, to some of the fallout. "The sudden rise of MOOCs has prompted ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60290


  1027. MOOCs: taxonomy of 8 types of MOOC
    , , By Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, April 17, 2013
  1028. Icon

    I don't see the need for the rude poem, which requires that I post a language warning here. But beyond that, the list of eight types of MOOC is, well, a taxonomy. Because it wouldn't be ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60292


  1029. MOOCs and the Elite Edupunk Way
    , , By Darren Draper, Drape's Takes, April 17, 2013
  1030. Icon

    Darren Draper summarizes a response from David Wiley to a recent post of mine in which I argue (or complain) that "MOOCs were not designed to serve the missions of the elite colleges and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60293


  1031. How was it? The UK’s first Coursera Moocs assessed
    , , By Chris Parr, April 18, 2013
  1032. Icon

    Here's something you don't read every day: "Introduction to Philosophy the most popular, drawing almost 100,000 participants." It was one of five MOOCs offered in Britain by the University ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60298


  1033. Punked
    , , By Brian Lamb, Abject, April 18, 2013
  1034. Icon

    As Brian Lamb observes, a recent post of mine on the rebranding of MOOCs has struck a nerve in the community (Lamb lists responses from Jim Groom, David Kernohan, Martin Weller, Tony Hirst, David ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60299


  1035. My eBook on MOOC and how to set up #MOOC yourself
    , , By Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, April 18, 2013
  1036. Icon

    Inge de Waard has offered and published an eBook on designing and setting up a MOOC. She has been one of the few people running a MOOC using my own gRSShopper software, so her perspective will be a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60302

  1037. Education Giant Pearson Adapts To Digital Learning
    , , By Ellis Booker, Information Week, April 18, 2013
  1038. According to this article, half of Pearson's revenues now come from digital products and services. Pearson is also adapting to the changing learner demographic. "'[They] need flexibility,&#... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60303


  1039. How Can MOOC Platforms Be More Dynamic?: A Comparison of Major MOOC Providers
    , , By Adam Heidebrink, MOOC News & Reviews, April 19, 2013
  1040. Icon

    It's interesting to watch someone who has no experience with the gRSShopper cMOOC platform wrestle with the same discussion board issues we faced, and then come up with some of the same ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60307


  1041. News of the Week: Robo-Grading Debate, MOOCs Promoting Peer Collaboration & New Ed-Tech Tool
    , , By Debbie Morrison, online learning insights, April 21, 2013
  1042. Icon

    This is a summary article of the week's events in educational technology, but it contains a good summary of the debate around (what I guess we are now calling) robo-grading, including links to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60318


  1043. Why c and x MOOCs are attracting different number of participants?
    , , By Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, April 21, 2013
  1044. Icon

    It's a question I'm sure many people have pondered: why do the xMOOCs attract hundreds of thousands of people, while cMOOCs attract far few. Sui Fai John Mak rounds up the reasons: ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60319

  1045. European MOOCs
    , , By Graham Attwell,, April 23, 2013
  1046. This is interesting. From Graham Attwell: "Partners in 11 countries have joined forces to launch the first pan-European ‘MOOCs’ (Massive Open Online Courses) initiative, with the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60336


  1047. Will MOOC Technology Break the Education Cartel?
    , , By Jonathan Nadler, Education Technology Debate, April 24, 2013
  1048. Icon

    Jonathan Nadler writes, "Once flexible and even user-generated learning content embedded in MOOC’s trickles down to a primary school level, and super-capable mobile devices like smartphones ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60339


  1049. DIT goes live with first Irish MOOC
    , , Dublin Institute of Technology, April 25, 2013
  1050. Icon

    I found it interesting to look in and around what was advertised today as the "first Irish MOOC" (I have no idea whether that's true). It is offered by the Dublin Institute of Technology (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60341


  1051. Of Machine Guns and MOOCs: 21st Century Engineering Disasters
    , , By Pat Lockley, Hybrid Pedagogy, April 25, 2013
  1052. Icon

    As someone heavily implicated in the development of MOOCs, I have to be accountable if, as this author suggests, the impact of the MOOC is more skin to that of the machine gun than to anything that ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60343

  1053. MOOCs, History and Context
    , , By Arthur Levine, Inside Higher Ed, April 29, 2013
  1054. This is a bit of an odd article, describing as it does the history of post-secondary education in an America-centric and sonetimes inconsistent manner. The term "Democracy's College", for ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60367


  1055. Major Players in the MOOC Universe
    , , By Nigel Hawtin, Xarissa Holdaway, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 29, 2013
  1056. Icon

    There's some interesting on the Twitter about how the Chronicle has "jettisoned" any reference to the original MOOC authors (and somehow promoted Khan Academy to MOOC status. But as Lissie says, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60368


  1057. Does the Khan Academy Pass the MOOC “Duck Test”?
    , , By Anuli Akanegbu, EdTech, April 30, 2013
  1058. Icon

    There has been much criticiasm of the Chronicle's recent elevation of Khan Academy to 'MOOC status'. My own thinking is that either (a) they needed four companies to make a nice need ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60376

  1059. Peer Learning, Online Learning, MOOCs, and Me: Response to the Chronicle of Higher Education
    , , By Cathy Davidson, HASTAC, May 1, 2013
  1060. Cathy Davidson reacts with some bemusement on finding herself at the top of the list of movers and shakers in the MOOc works, as seen by the Chronicle of Higher Education. "Am I a key player in the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60389

  1061. How McAfee Cloud Identity Manager Benefits Higher Ed IT Professionals
    , , By Wayne Rash, EdTech, May 2, 2013
  1062. We're still a few months before services like this reach prime time (and push MOOCs off the front pages) but they're coming and eventually everybody will use one or another. "Cloud Identity ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60391


  1063. Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning: Open Educational Resources: Innovation, Research and Practice
    , , By Rory McGreal, Wanjira Kinuthia, Stewart Marshall, Tim McNamara, Commonwealth of Learning, May 3, 2013
  1064. Icon

    Rory McGreal announced today that this book is now online at and is available in PDF and epub. From the website: "It describes the movement in detail, providing readers with ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60395

  1065. San Jose State University Faculty Pushes Back Against EdX
    , , Inside Higher Ed, May 3, 2013
  1066. San Jose teachers are attacking the 'Great Teachers' / 'Best Teachers in the World' meme that has been associated with the recent 'elite universities' MOOCs. "There is no ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60396


  1067. 250 000 Euros for the production of 10 MOOCs
    , , MOOC Production Fellowship, May 4, 2013
  1068. Icon

    Interesting site that will fund the production of 10 MOOCs at 25K Euros each. That's not the interesting part of the site; the interesting part is the set of 250+ courses being proposed for ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60401


  1069. The MOOC Quality Project
    , , The MOOC Quality Project, May 4, 2013
  1070. Icon

    This is a project that will post a dozen or so weekly commentaries about quality in MOOCs - my own post is due to be posted in a week or two. "Are MOOCs the new model of online education for all? ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60402


  1071. [Expletive Deleted] Ed-Tech #Edinnovation
    , , By Audrey Watters, Hack Education, May 5, 2013
  1072. Icon

    Audrey Watters came to Canada to speak at the Ed Tech Innovations conference and with a series of f-bombs attacked the revisionism that is eliminating the Canadian contribution to MOOCs from ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60412

  1073. The Hijacking of MOOCs
    , , By Kevin Bell, Inside Higher Ed, May 6, 2013
  1074. Coverage of my post from almost a month ago (!) responding to the rebranding of MOOCs. With Audrey Watters's recent column, I guess it's suddenly relevant again. "The MOOC spirit has been ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60414

  1075. Learning scales, teaching doesn't
    , , By Vance Stevens, adVancEducation, May 6, 2013
  1076. This is not a long post but I want to highlight what is I think a key insight contained within: "regarding the problem with corporate and other institutional training programs.  They are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60415


  1077. The MOOC wars
    , , May 6, 2013
  1078. Icon

    "Initially," writes Martin Weller, "I thought this was just a bit of ignorance, but Clark's post made me understand - it is part of a wider narrative to portray MOOCs as a commercial solution ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60419

  1079. The pedagogical foundations of massive open online courses
    , , By David George Glance, Martin Forsey, Myles Riley, First Monday, May 7, 2013
  1080. This article focuses exclusively on xMOOCs - it's interesting to me to see how the research method effectively steered the author completely away from cMOOCs. It was, essentially: using keywords&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60422


  1081. 'The MOOC Moment': New Compilation of Articles Available
    , , Inside Higher Ed, May 9, 2013
  1082. Icon

    Sneaky. Inside Higher Ed is releasing a collection of MOOC articles, entitled 'The MOOC Moment'. I assume they are all from Inside Higher Ed. But the catch is - you have to give them ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60433

  1083. Coursera to offer students free online textbooks, with conditions
    , , By Nick Anderson, Washington Post, May 9, 2013
  1084. Of course it was always the case that Coursera would ultimately make a deal with publishers (if not actually be acquired by them). Here is the first act: "Coursera... announced Wednesday a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60434

  1085. The thorny issue of MOOCs and OER
    , , By Lorna Campbell, Lorna’s JISC CETIS blog, May 10, 2013
  1086. "FutureLearn," writes Lorna Campbell, "doesn’t appear to make any mention of using, creating or disseminating open educational resources." One of the core concepts of MOOCs - at least, the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60439

  1087. The Pedagogy of MOOCs
    , , By Paul Stacey, Musings on the ed tech frontier, May 12, 2013
  1088. Good article from Paul Stacey outlining the arc of MOOC pedagogy from the first days of the connectivist MOOCs to the more recent U.S.-based offerings. "All of these new MOOC’s are focused on ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60452


  1089. MOOCs and Community Colleges
    , , By J. Noah Brown, Inside Higher Ed, May 13, 2013
  1090. Icon

    J. Noah Brown writes a long article for Inside Higher Ed that takes as it's point of departure the question, "do MOOCs represent a panacea for community colleges?" To which the answer is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60456

  1091. Professional Responsibility
    , , By C.K. Gunsalus, Inside Higher Ed, May 14, 2013
  1092. I've taught ethics in the past and on reading this would contemplate teaching ethics in the future - but in today's more emlightened MOOC format, rather than a classroom (I wonder what the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60462


  1093. (re)Inventing the free online textbook
    , , By Sean Connor, The Saylor Journals, May 14, 2013
  1094. Icon

    Saylor knows how we feel. "First came free online courses. Now come…free online textbooks (Coursera to offer students free online textbooks, with conditions | WaPo). Call us picky, but the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60466


  1095. Laptop U Has the future of college moved online?
    , , By Nathan Heller, The New Yorker, May 14, 2013
  1096. Icon

    Don't miss this exploration of MOOCs and elite schools. But note well, this (and not education) is what the elite universities sell: "At twenty, at Dartmouth, maybe, you’re sitting in a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60467

  1097. The Quality of Massive Open Online Courses
    , , By Stephen Downes, MOOC Quality Project, May 14, 2013
  1098. In this contribution I address the question of assessing the quality of massive open online courses. The assessment of the quality of anything is fraught with difficulties, depending as it does on ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60468

  1099. MOOC war is it?
    , , By Leigh Blackall, May 15, 2013
  1100. Icon

    Leigh Blackall suggests that the editing 'war' over MOOCs on Wikipedia is lamentably one-sided. "Who among us, that spend considerable time commenting on the commentary through our blogs, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60471

  1101. MOOCs FORUM
    , , Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers, May 15, 2013
  1102. From the email again (can you tell I'm catching up today?) comes this item on a new journal launching this summer, "the only publication dedicated exclusively to the development, design, and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60474

  1103. Yale Joins the MOOC Club; Coursera Looks to Translate Existing Courses
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, May 16, 2013
  1104. Beyond pondering the irony of Yale offering an open online course on morality, the timing of their announcement that they will be joining Coursera draws my attention away from other issues facing ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60482


  1105. Visualizing a cMOOC
    , , By Fred Bartels, YouTube, May 16, 2013
  1106. Icon

    Interetsing 15 minute video demonstrating a graphgical and visual representation of a cMOOC. Its all pretty much what we would expect (and I like how they captured not just the connections between ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60483


  1107. MOOCs and Regifting
    , , By David Wiley, iterating toward openness, May 17, 2013
  1108. Icon

    Actually, I think we should call it regrifting. Because like Jim Groom, when I saw Georgia Tech was charging $7000 for a new Masters in Computing Science MOOC I didn't think it was prticularly ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60485


  1109. MOOCs @ Edinburgh 2013 – Report
    , , University of Edinburgh, May 17, 2013
  1110. Icon

    Ignatia reports: "Last week the University of Edinburgh released their first report on their experiences gained after having organized 6 MOOC courses via Coursera. In this 34 page report they ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60487


  1111. What Professors Can Learn From 'Hard Core' MOOC Students
    , , By Jeffrey R. Young, The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 21, 2013
  1112. Icon

    This should be subtitiled 'The Chronicle Surveys the Outliers'. As one commenter says, "It is like asking college professors what they liked about college." And the people answering ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60509


  1113. MOOC on Human-Computer Interaction: videos have 7 fails in HCI
    , , By Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, May 21, 2013
  1114. Icon

    On the one hand, I agree with all of Donald Clark's criticisms of the recent crop of educational videos, especially those in MOOCs. He's quite right when he says there's too much ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60510

  1115. The Web Is Your MOOC, and Portfolios To The Rescue
    , , By Bill Fitzgerald, Funny Monkey, May 21, 2013
  1116. From Bill Fitzgerald: "I've long held the notion that open source communities have been engaging in effective peer-supported learning, even while many for-profit companies and academic ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60512

  1117. Is a MOOC a Textbook or a Course?
    , , By Justin Reich, Education Week, May 21, 2013
  1118. I have in the past listed the courses offered by ALISON (I hate ugly all-acronym company names) on and just received a request to do so again (actually, they're asking for the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60513

  1119. Innovation Confusion
    , , By Cole Campese, May 21, 2013
  1120. Cole Campese asks, "why do those who used to push forward now push back? ... the same people who built rallying calls for more open access to learning are now rejecting this movement. Why? ... ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60514


  1121. Forget the learners, how do I measure a MOOC quality experience for ME!
    , , By Dave Cormier, MOOC Quality Project, May 23, 2013
  1122. Icon

    Dave Cormier follows my post last week to the MOOC Quality Project with a discussion "on the motives of different vested interests and their relationship to MOOCs." It's a good examination of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60527

  1123. If education were free, what would MOOCs be?
    , , By Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, May 23, 2013
  1124. Interesting thought experiment. "If there were no students fees and higher education were free, what would that do to MOOCs? I mean, obviously it'll never happen... oh, wait, Germany just ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60528

  1125. More on MOOCs and Being Awesome Instead
    , , By David Wiley, iterating toward openness, May 24, 2013
  1126. David Wiley clarifies, and his points are worth lingering on. "Some readers may have gotten the impression that I was saying it was ok to 'Be Awesome Instead' of being open. That was ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60537

  1127. Harvard Faculty Request Faculty Oversight of HarvardX (Their Usage of edX)
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, May 24, 2013
  1128. According to the letter signed by 58 faculty members from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard, "It is our responsibility to ensure that HarvardX is consistent with our commitment to our ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60538


  1129. Welcome to Moodle MOOC on WizIQ
    , , By Nellie Deutsch, WizIQ Blog, May 27, 2013
  1130. Icon

    For those waiting for the worlds of Moodle and MOOC to be combined, "Teaching with Moodle is a self-paced 4-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for teachers and anyone interested in teaching ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60557

  1131. What you would do with $1 million to inspire change in the world
    , , By Morton Bast, TED, May 31, 2013
  1132. Not that I would ever fit into the TED mindset, nor am I nominating myself, but it's still an interesting exercise. Were TED to give me a million dollars, I would put it in the bank and live on ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60577

  1133. Refactoring Coursera
    , , By Mike Caulfield, May 31, 2013
  1134. Now that we've had a year or so of 'disruptive technology' from the likes of Coursera, writes Mike Caulfield, it's time to take stock. The original premise of Coursera was massive ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60582

  1135. College for all
    , , By André Dua, McKinsey & Company, June 1, 2013
  1136. Writing for McKinsey, André Dua argues that it's "important that education not be seen as a free good, because it will always take big investments to attract and retain the talent needed ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60586


  1137. The MOOC bubble and the attack on public education
    , , By Aaron Bady , Academic Matters, June 1, 2013
  1138. Icon

    "MOOCs are a speculative bubble," writes Aaron Bady, "a product being pumped up and overvalued by pro-business government support and a lot of hot air in the media." It's tempting to describe ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60587

  1139. Les cours gratuits en ligne transforment les universités
    , , By Julien Brault, Les Affairs, June 4, 2013
  1140. Article in Les Affairs (en français) in which I am interviewed. Note that I point to a likely future for the MOOC outside the traditional campus, as a result of corporate sponsorship. «... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60599


  1141. 2013 Internet Trends
    , , By Mary Meeker, Liang Wu, KPCB, June 4, 2013
  1142. Icon

    I'm a few days late but I don't want to pass by without mentioning Mary Meeker's 2013 internet trends report. What I really like about these reports is that they're not just people ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60601

  1143. Massive Open Online PhDs
    , , By Jon Dron, Athabasca Landing, June 5, 2013
  1144. In this discussion paper Jon Dron offers a good idea that suffers from one fatal flaw. The good idea is the PhD MOOC, or the Massive Open Online PhD. Sounds great, especially for someone like me. "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60605


  1145. FutureLearn
    , , By Lorna Campbell, Lorna’s JISC CETIS blog, June 5, 2013
  1146. Icon

    "Many colleagues have commented previously that the relationship between MOOCs and OERs is problematic, now it seems to have hit the skids altogether." So writes Lorna Campbell, of the new ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60609


  1147. MOOCs, Robots, and the Secret of Life
    , , By Kevin Carey, New America Foundation, June 7, 2013
  1148. Icon

    Good article documenting some experiences with MOOCs and making observations about their role generally. Kevin Carey (with whom I normally disagree) spends some serious time examining MIT 7.00x, an ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60621


  1149. Announcing: MOOC Research Initiative
    , , By George Siemens, Athabasca University, June 9, 2013
  1150. Icon

    Athabasca University has launched something called the 'MOOC Research Hub' in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Part of this is a call for research proposals on ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60635


  1151. Union Unveils Its Own MOOC Consortium… OpenUpEd
    , , June 9, 2013
  1152. Icon

    The MOOC momentum continues. "the European Union wants to get in to the MOOC game and is doing so now with a dozen partners at colleges throughout Europe in its new OpenUpEd MOOC platform." Image: ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60636


  1153. Online Education Will Be the Next 'Bubble' To Pop, Not Traditional University Learning
    , , By John Tamny, Forbes, June 10, 2013
  1154. Icon

    Forbes doesn't often get it right, but in this case they do: "With university education jaw-droppingly expensive, it’s often asked what in terms of instruction kids are getting in return ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60642


  1155. Education-industry joint venture rolls out online courses
    , , By Ishan Srivastava, The Times of India, June 10, 2013
  1156. Icon

    Amid all the discussion around Athabasca's Mooc Research Initiative was the really good comment that ". This research project appears to have made a deep identification of MOOC with large, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60643


  1157. MOOCs, Hype, and the Precarious State of Higher Ed: Futurist Bryan Alexander
    , , By Howard Rheingold, DML Central, June 11, 2013
  1158. Icon

    Howard Rheingoild interviews Bryan Alexander in this wide-ranging 24-minute video (with text-intro, if you're rushed) on the fuiture of MOOCs. Writes Rheingold, "the ballyhooed arrival of free ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60646

  1159. Report of the E-Learning Work Group
    , , By Christopher Boddy, University of Ottawa, June 11, 2013
  1160. A major study on new learning technologies at the University of Ottawa recommends the adoption of blended learning. "Blended learning combines the best of online and face-to-face instruction to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60650


  1161. MOOCs and the Humanities
    , , By Jon Beasley-Murray, Posthegemony, June 13, 2013
  1162. Icon

    "I am not against MOOCs," writes Jon Beasley-Murray. "In fact, I’m so not against MOOCs that I have spent much of this past year helping to start something that may turn out to be something ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60668


  1163. A critical path: Securing the future of higher education in England
    , , Institute for Public Policy Research, June 14, 2013
  1164. Icon

    The IPPR Commission on the Future of Higher Education sets out a challenge for Britain's Open University: "English higher education institutions should embrace the potential of new ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60677


  1165. Data from edX’s first course offer preliminary insights into online learning
    , , By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office, June 17, 2013
  1166. Icon

    Interesting results from a survey of the first EdX courses. "Educational success in a MOOC, but also in a face-to-face class, is not a wholly individual activity," says Mintz, who was not involved ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60683

  1167. Evaluating a cMOOC using Downes’ four “process conditions”
    , , By Christina Hendricks, You're the Teacher, June 17, 2013
  1168. Interesting summary and reflection of a 2010 paper by Mackness, Mak and Williams on the four conditions (autonomy, diversity, openness, interactivity) I set for evaluating MOOCs. The paper itself ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60685

  1169. MOOCs and the Future of the Humanities: A Roundtable
    , , By Ian Bogost, Cathy N. Davidson, Al Filreis, Ray Schroeder, Los Angeles Review of Books, June 17, 2013
  1170. Four newly minted (by the media) 'experts' on MOOCs discuss and debate the format. "To date, few discussions of what Aaron Bady has called “the MOOC moment” have focused ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60686

  1171. MOOC-Ed: Massive Open Online Courses for Educators
    , , By Glenn Kleiman, June 17, 2013
  1172. Glenn Kleiman writes, by email, "We have launched a program of MOOCs for Educators (MOOC-Eds) and have opened registration for our second MOOC-Ed, with more coming soon.  Information is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60688


  1173. IMF launching courses on online university
    , , By Sean Coughlan, BBC, June 20, 2013
  1174. Icon

    I guess I can't really imagine the IMF adopting a crowdsourced community-based model of a MOOC, but I am pleased to observed that their course will at least be open, so we will be able to see ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60694

  1175. Can We Move Beyond the MOOC and Reclaim Open Learning?
    , , By Anya Kamenetz, DIY U, June 24, 2013
  1176. I'll classify this post under the heading of "irony": "Reclaim Open Learning is a small innovation contest, sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, the Digital Media and Learning Hub, and the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60709

  1177. The Death and Rebirth of Sakai OAE
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, June 24, 2013
  1178. If you are wondering whatever happened to Sakai OAE (Open Academic Environment), the open source (or, more accurately, community sourse) learning management system (LMS) created by a coalition of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60713

  1179. Moody’s Says MOOCs Could Raise a University’s Credit Rating
    , , By Sara Grossman, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, June 26, 2013
  1180. I would have to say that this is the point where MOOC coverage jumped the shark (yes, I'm using the expression 'jumped the shark', because it fits exactly here). [Comment] [Direct Link] 60716


  1181. The Commoditization of Higher Education in Australia
    , , By Ken Udas, The Evolllution, June 26, 2013
  1182. Icon

    As quoted on OERU mailing list today: "Recently, the notion of Micro Open Online Courses (mOOCs) has evolved from participation in the OERu, which brings together a strong commitment to open ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60717

  1183. MOOCs, MIT and Magic
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, and , online learning and distance education resources, June 27, 2013
  1184. Interesting coverage and commentary from Tony Bates of an MIT conference on MOOCs. Not surprisingly, the focus in on xMOOCs, with the key 'innovations' of MOOCs being described as follows: ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60721


  1185. Coursera under fire in MOOCs licensing row
    , , By Megan Clement, TheConversation, June 30, 2013
  1186. Icon

    The Conversation makes a big deal out of John Daniel's criticisms of Coursera for not using Creative Commons licenses (because it was not news when all the thousands of other people made the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60728


  1187. MOOC Leader EdX Turns One: What's Next?
    , , By Michael Fitzgerald, Information Week, June 30, 2013
  1188. Icon

    Michael Fitzgerald comes out of his experience with EdX with some concerns: "I wish MOOCs had fewer problems. They can be just as flat and unengaging as a real-world lecture..." "I wish MOOCs ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60729


  1189. High School Open On-line Courses (HOOC): A Case Study from Italy
    , , By Enrique Canessa, Armando Pisani, EURODL, July 1, 2013
  1190. Icon

    People have asked me frequently whether I know of any examples of MOOCs in the K-12 sector. Here's one: a MOOC designed for high school "aiming to support the training and basic scientific ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60734


  1191. Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) in a Distance Learning Course on Mathematics Applied to Business
    , , By José Bidarra, João Araújo, EURODL, July 1, 2013
  1192. Icon

    This paper examines the use of a personal learning environment (PLE) in the context of a Moodle-supported business course. While PLEs confer advantages, there needs to be an implementation strategy ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60735


  1193. Effets Durables
    , , By Michel Denis, July 2, 2013
  1194. Icon

    Our own MOOC en français will take place starting January. If you can't wait, there's this: "I would like to announce to you and to the world-wide MOOC community that the first ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60745


  1195. Fujitsu and MIT Announce First-of-its-kind Breakthrough Higher Education Learning Platform
    , , Fujitsu, July 2, 2013
  1196. Icon

    This is interesting. MIT and Fujitsu are announcing something called 'Guided Learning Pathways' based on learning "nuggets". "By breaking domains into atomistic concepts and populating each ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60746


  1197. Japanese MOOC startup raises $1.5 million from investors
    , , By Takeshi Hirano, SD Japan, July 3, 2013
  1198. Icon

    From the wires: "Schoo is a Tokyo-based MOOC (massive open online course) startup providing livestreamed lectures on the internet. The startup announced today that it has raised 152 million yen (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60748

  1199. MOOCs and Online Education; a real difference
    , , By Jim Farmer, e-Literate, July 3, 2013
  1200. How common an error is this: boards and administrators "learning about online education from what they were reading, not from information provided by the University... depending only on the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60749

  1201. Deakin’s MOOC launch a test-bed for learning redevelopment
    , , By Tim Dodd, Financial Review, July 3, 2013
  1202. Learning from offering open courses: "Deakin University will launch its first massive open online course (MOOC) on Monday and use it as a test-bed for redeveloping its full learning environment." ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60752

  1203. CATA Launches and the Summer Innovation Programming
    , , Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, July 4, 2013
  1204. Courses on the AcceleratorU platform range from $5 to $25. The site is really sluggish but is in just-launched mode. "Some people prefer to learn on their own schedule, others prefer set times, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60756


  1205. An Inside Look at Duke University’s MOOC Initiative
    , , By Jimmy Daly, Ed Tech, July 4, 2013
  1206. Icon

    Interview with Randy Riddle, a Duke University technology consultant who for 11 years has worked on Duke's explorations of online learning. One interesting thing caught my eye: "The one piece ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60757

  1207. Who Will Teach U.S. Kids to Code? Rupert Murdoch
    , , By theodp, Slashdot, July 4, 2013
  1208. I think this makes the case for concern pretty well: "For all of their handwaving at about U.S. kids not being taught Computer Science, tech execs from Microsoft, Google, and Facebook seem ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60759


  1209. A New Use for MOOCs: Real-World Problem Solving
    , , By Zafrin Nurmohamed, Nabeel Gillani, and Michael Lenox, Harvard Business Review Blogs, July 4, 2013
  1210. Icon

    I like this! (And it's from Harvard - I'd better check for a blue moon or lions lying down with sheep...) "Perhaps it's time we stop trying to fit MOOCs into old educational molds and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60762


  1211. European MOOC Stakeholders Meeting
    , , By Pierre Dillenbourg, Centre for Digital Education, July 4, 2013
  1212. Icon

    This presentation from June lists dozens and dozens of MOOC initiatives in Europe. I think we can say definitively that the concept has taken off outside the Stanford-MIT nexus (and of course it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60763


  1213. The shape of things
    , , By Janet McKnight, July 5, 2013
  1214. Icon

    Janet McKnight, who runs an occasional blog with some gems (get off of my cloud, part two, Oxford colleges) has performed a valuable service summarizing all the talks from the recent Institutional ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60770

  1215. American MOOC Providers Face International Competition
    , , By Sara Grossman, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, July 5, 2013
  1216. The Chronicle followed this week's announcement from Schoo (that it was receiving $1.5 million in funding) with a look at some international competition for American MOOCs. "MOOC platforms in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60771

  1217. MOOCs: A systematic study of the published literature 2008-2012
    , , By Tharindu Rekha Liyanagunawardena, ,, Andrew Alexandar Adams, Shirley Ann Williams, International Review of Research in Open, and , Distance Learning (IRRODL), July 5, 2013
  1218. The title of this IRRODL article is very misleading, as by 'published' it means very specifically "a number of academic journals in the disciplines of educational technology and distance ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60772

  1219. Rethinking OER and their Use : Open Education as Bildung
    , , By Markus Deimann, Robert Farrow, International Review of Research in Open, and , Distance Learning (IRRODL), July 5, 2013
  1220. I agree with the authors' objectives, as they "argue that the beliefs and values associated with Bildung – including autonomy, critical reflection, inclusivity, and embracing the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60773


  1221. Lessons from a mooc: learning is not a competition
    , , By Frances Elizabeth, Soleful Fran, July 6, 2013
  1222. Icon

    One of the beautiful things about MOOCs - all MOOCs - is the way they are changing the game in learning. Here is a wonderful example of this: "I have had the overwhelming realisation," writes ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60778


  1223. A University's Offer of Credit for a MOOC Gets No Takers
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 8, 2013
  1224. Icon

    You can almost feel the glee in this Chronicle article as it reports on the failure of a plan to offer credit via an $89 MOOC-related exam for a course that usually costs $1050. But really, we ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60787

  1225. MIT LINC 2013: ‘Consistent but Stupid’
    , , By Jim Shimabukuro, educational technology & change, July 8, 2013
  1226. Fairly comprehensive coverage of the The Sixth Conference of MIT’s Learning International Networks Consortium (LINC) by Jim Shimabukuro. The morning session, “Four Perspectives on MOOCs,&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60789


  1227. Whither MOOCs?
    , , By Larry Cuban, Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice, July 8, 2013
  1228. Icon

    Larry Cuban weighs in on MOOCs, and leaving aside his use of the ridiculous Chronicle MOOC diagram, has some generally useful things to say. But. His argument is based on what strikes me as a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60791


  1229. Beyond MOOC Hype
    , , By Ry Rivard, Inside Higher Ed, July 9, 2013
  1230. Icon

    This is essentially an article describing how educational institutions are looking at taking control of MOOCs to have them support in-class learning rather than challenging it. It takes a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60792


  1231. Neoliberalism and MOOCs: Amplifying nonsense
    , , By George Siemens, elearnspace, July 9, 2013
  1232. Icon

    Leaving aside the totally nonsensical (non-)formula for MOOCs (slide 10) George Siemens is making a good - indeed, essential - point in this post: "Something is not neoliberalist just because ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60793

  1233. Blackboard enters the MOOC fray
    , , By Denny Carter, eCampus News, July 10, 2013
  1234. From the PR mill: "Blackboard, Inc., announced July 10 that the company would provide a free massive open online course (MOOC) platform for existing customers. Blackboard, which made the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60800

  1235. What are the assumptions behind MOOC, in particular peer assessment and grading?
    , , By Sui Fai John Mak, Learner Weblog, July 11, 2013
  1236. Assessment in MOOCs is a hard question (assessment is a hard question genrally). The criticism of MOOCs is that someone (or something) other than a professor is doing the assessment, and "that’... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60801

  1237. Three brief thoughts on “A University’s Offer of Credit for a MOOC Gets No Takers”
    , , By Steven D. Krause, , July 11, 2013
  1238. Not sure I agree, but his points are: Something similar happened with “traditional” online classes.  MOOCs have a serious audience problem. Actual college students are not ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60802

  1239. BREAKING: Blackboard Uses “MOOC” in a Sentence
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, July 12, 2013
  1240. Michael Feldstein on the Blackboard MOOC announcement: "As far as I can tell, what Blackboard has announced is that they have an announcement. A newsworthy announcement for sure, but still just ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60805

  1241. A Heartfelt Note from a Humanities MOOC Professor
    , , By Charlie Chung, Charlie's Blog – To Notice, and , to Learn, July 14, 2013
  1242. This is similar to my own experience in MOOCs: "I see a form of teaching-and-learning—of listening and responding—that differs sharply from the classroom life I’m accustomed to, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60811

  1243. A MOOC Delusion: Why Visions to Educate the World Are Absurd
    , , By Ghanashyam Sharma, The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 15, 2013
  1244. Let's grant, provisionally, Ghanashyam Sharma's assertion that "Academic disciplines and teaching/learning environments (or, put simply, courses) are almost always highly specialized and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60823

  1245. Discussing design models for hybrid/blended learning and the impact on the campus
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, July 17, 2013
  1246. Tony Bates writes, "Despite all the hype about MOOCs, hybrid learning is probably the most significant development in e-learning – or indeed in teaching generally – in post-secondary ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60858


  1247. OERs and MOOCs: Old Wine in New Skins?
    , , By Neil Butcher, eLearning Africa News Portal, July 18, 2013
  1248. Icon

    Neil Butcher makes the point that current MOOC implementations using open educational resources (OERs) are simply replicating traditional courses usinbg OERs, where "we are primarily harnessing the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60861

  1249. Blackboard MOOC Gains 15 More Colleges
    , , By Kelly Sheridan, Information Week, July 18, 2013
  1250. Lots of movement in the commercial MOOC arena. On the one hand, San Jose State and Udacity have decided to cool it for a while (more) (even more). Meanwhile, Blackboard has signed on more than a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60865

  1251. Free Courses for a Big Problem
    , , By Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, July 19, 2013
  1252. From the Inside Higher ed newsletter: "Community colleges use open-source, MOOC-style content as study guides for remedial courses, and some are choosing homegrown content over courses from&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60866


  1253. Scaling Education: The Absurd Case of the MOOC
    , , By Cameron D. Norman, Censemaking, July 21, 2013
  1254. Icon

    I think this commentary comes tantalizingly close to solving its own problem, but ultimately fails. The point of departure is Ghanashyam Sharma's criticism of MOOCs, covered here last week. The ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60875


  1255. Dark discussions with educators
    , , By Bryan Alexander, July 21, 2013
  1256. Icon

    Bryan Alexander's 'Dark Post' has been resonating with educators since it appeared last week. "Never in my professional life have I heard so much fear coming from educators." In it, he ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60879


  1257. School of Open, Rrround 2! Sign-up is now open
    , , By Jane Park, P2PU, July 22, 2013
  1258. Icon

    I will be on vacation in August so I won't be taking these or any other courses. Still: "The School of Open is offering its second round of facilitated courses! Starting today, you can sign up ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60882


  1259. MOOCagogy: Assessment, Networked Learning, and the Meta-MOOC
    , , By Sean Michael Morris, Jesse Stommel, Hybrid Pedagogy, July 23, 2013
  1260. Icon

    Interesting perspective on MOOCs, drawing on the idea (with which I agree) that real learning can't (and shouldn't be) constrained: "We haven’t learned anything new about online ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60885

  1261. SJSU and Udacity: Poor Planning and Support, but Valuable Reviewing of Results
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, July 24, 2013
  1262. The upside of the 'pause' taken by San Jose State University's MOOC offering is in the availability of the relevant data, reports Phil Hill. "How often do we get the chance to review ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60892


  1263. MOOC Evaluation & Disruptive Technologies
    , , By Robert Farrow, OER Research Hub, July 25, 2013
  1264. Icon

    Interesting summary of two recent items: first, an evaluation report of the OLDS MOOC curriculum design course by Simon Cross, and second, a suggestion from Gilly Salmon that MOOCs should be ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60895


  1265. In Connectivism, No One Can Hear You Scream: a Guide to Understanding the MOOC Novice
    , , By Keith Brennan, Hybri Pedagogy, July 25, 2013
  1266. Icon

    Keith Brennan writes a well-thought-out and evenly expressed criticism of connectivism as it is applied in connectivist MOOCs. It's worth taking the time to read it in full: here it is. In ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60903


  1267. The MOOC Racket
    , , By Jonathon Rees, Slate, July 26, 2013
  1268. Icon

    Knowing that Jonathan Rees is a professor of history at Colorado State University, I am led to wonder how many people learned of the nature and causes of the decline of the Roman Empire from ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60905

  1269. Mapping the landscape of Open Educational Resources institutional initiatives
    , , By Susan D'Antoni, Commonwealth of Learning, UNESCO, July 26, 2013
  1270. Susan D'Antoni has posted information on the summary and wrap-up from last November's UNESCO-COL discussion on the feasibility of mapping OER initiatives. While I think the documentation ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60906

  1271. What MOOCs Will Really Kill Is The Research University
    , , By Tim Worstall, Forbes, July 28, 2013
  1272. This article is mostly tripe from a partisan source, but the headline tells an important story. Research is big business and I have no doubt there are private agencies - including less reputable ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60909

  1273. Truths about MOOCs, Rees v Chait, and a bunch of other MOOC article links
    , , By Steve Krause,, July 29, 2013
  1274. In a longish and comprehensive piece covering most of the recent (ie., last week's) coverage of MOOCs Steve Krause tries to set the record with 'two truths' about MOOCs: Truth #1: &... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60913


  1275. Dino 101 MOOC opens, offering free tuition in paleontology
    , , By Katie Collins, Wired, July 31, 2013
  1276. Icon

    My old friends at the University of Alberta opened MOOC registration yesterday to the much anticipated Dino 101 massive open online course on paleontology. Who can resist? More, "The course is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60916

  1277. Unequal Classrooms: What Online Education Cannot Teach
    , , By Jennifer M. Morton, The Chronicle: The Conversation, July 31, 2013
  1278. It doesn't take much to jump from "what can't online education teach?" to "what can't MOOCs teach?" but that's the state of play in today's educational discourse, where terms ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60924

  1279. REPLY to The MOOC Racket: Widespread online-only higher ed will be disastrous for students—and most professors
    , , By Rory McGreal, Athabasca L, ing, August 2, 2013
  1280. Rory McGreal shhreds Jonathon Ree's criticism of MOOCs. His first comment: "JR> MOOCs possess the magical power to turn some of the smartest people in academia into followers of a faith-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60943

  1281. An explanation of how ACE accredits MOOCs
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, distance education resources, August 2, 2013
  1282. I've seen this explanation before, but Tony Bates is quite right to highlight it, as it is too easily overlooked in media coverage: "ACE accreditation misleadingly suggests that Coursera ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60946

  1283. Shiuld MOOCs Replace Professors?
    , , By Diane Ravich, August 4, 2013
  1284. Diane Ravich raises the question of the use of online learning to help lower income students, instead of the traditional reponse, tuition subsidies. The opposition to this plan is based on  ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60950

  1285. Survey Finds Curiosity, No Cost Motivate Successful MOOC Students
    , , By Muhammad Nadeem, Education News, August 5, 2013
  1286. I think that the lesson we can learn here is that cost isn't a motivator so much as it is a demotivator. What motivates, then? Well, other things, like the relevance of the subhect material and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60953

  1287. Make your own MOOC
    , , By Bemsha Swing, Stupid Motivational Tricks, August 5, 2013
  1288. OK, you can't exactly make a MOOC out of the Spanish-language poetry resources linked here, the concept is sound. The iidea is that volumes of open  access materials on almost evrry ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60954

  1289. Students are cool with MOOCs, so why aren’t profs?
    , , By Konrad Yakabuski, Globe, Mail, August 5, 2013
  1290. Best line of the article? "The MOOC (a term apparently coined by Canadian academics)..." This from "Canada's national newspaper," which didn't even bother to check. [Comment] [Direct Link] 60955

  1291. Submit MOOC
    , , By Stephen Downes,, August 7, 2013
  1292. I've updated the site a bit and made it easier to submit MOOC and to find them. Of most importance is the new Submit MOOC page, an easy way to enter information about your MOOC and have ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60963

  1293. Development Training for SAP HANA® Successfully Delivered as Massive Open Online Course
    , , By Press Release, SAP, August 8, 2013
  1294. The apocalypse has arrived. "SAP today announced the continuation of the successful massive open online course (MOOC) format for technical IT professionals through the openSAP platform." [Comment] [Direct Link] 60965

  1295. A New Learning Environment for the Future of Learning
    , , By Justin Reich, Education Week, August 8, 2013
  1296. Nice. cMOOC inspired MOOC engine. "With Alan's help, we built a site that used the recent educational technology cMOOC, ETMOOC, as the template for our own Wordpress-based Future of Learning ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60966

  1297. introduce their first MOOC
    , , By Matt Bury,, August 9, 2013
  1298. Moodle has been used to host a large num er of MOOCs - we even used it to partially support CCK08 - but now according to this post Moodle.Org is launching their first MOOC. "Moodle for teachers: An ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60967


  1299. The State of Educational Blogging 2013
    , , By Sue Waters, The Edublogger, August 9, 2013
  1300. Icon

    There's quite a bit of information in this post about educational blogging (that's what they used to do before MOOCs) based on a survey conducted by Sue Waters at The Edublogger. Readers ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60971


  1301. Q&A: Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalf talks about what's next for the Internet
    , , By Shelly Bradbury,, August 11, 2013
  1302. Icon

    Sounding like Cisco CEO John Chambers, ethernet inventor Bob Metcalf says MOOCs are a bad idea, like books. "But moocs are a bad idea just like books were. You used to sit around the campfire and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60972

  1303. Personalized Education
    , , aurisacrafames, August 11, 2013
  1304. You may not be able to tell from some of today's MOOCs, but the primary opponent of MOOC-like education is the advocate of content-based direct instruction - the Kirschners and Swellers and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60974

  1305. Anti-MOOC really is the new black
    , , By Jonathon Rees, More or Less Bunk, August 15, 2013
  1306. Jonathon Rees declares MOOCs dead (but still in need of dismemberment). It's not clear how he reaches this conclusion based on Siemens's observation that criticizing MOOCs is now in vogue. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60988

  1307. An open letter to Stephen Downes
    , , By Jonathon Rees, More or Less Bunk, August 16, 2013
  1308. Jonathon Rees responds to my recent posts defending MOOCs. "While I still don’t think crowd-sourcing higher education can do what most of us do in our face-to-face classrooms every day, but ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60996

  1309. In Shadow Of MOOCs, Open Education Makes Progress
    , , By David F. Carr, Information Week, August 17, 2013
  1310. Longish post summarizing a panel discussion on MOOCs held recently at the annual distance education conference in Madison, Wisconsin. The post is mostly focused on a description of panelist Richard ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 60997


  1311. Udacity CEO Says MOOC 'Magic Formula' Emerging
    , , By David F. Carr, Information Week, August 20, 2013
  1312. Icon

    Sebastian Thrun has figured out MOOCs, he says. "The thing I'm insanely proud of right now is I think we've found the magic formula," he said in an interview last week. "Had you asked me ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61004


  1313. Massive Open Online Courses and Beyond: the Revolution to Come
    , , By Michael A Peters, Truthout, August 21, 2013
  1314. Icon

    Good article on MOOCs in Truthout (a source I have come to trust over the years) by an author who has unfortunately not heard of cMOOCs, and hence, levels a critique appropriate only to xMOOCs. It ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61005

  1315. You know what would help MOOC articles? Getting the facts and goals right before analyzing
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, August 21, 2013
  1316. Just a post to echo what Phil Hill says: "If we want to get beyond the silly point / counterpoint arguments about MOOCs and online education, we owe it to ourselves to characterize the position of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61006

  1317. A review of the HEQCO report on productivity and quality in online learning in higher education
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, distance education resources, August 21, 2013
  1318. Good summary and excellent criticism of a report from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario by Trick and Carey (yes, you read that right) titled How Online Learning Affects Productivity, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61007

  1319. Lessons Learned from Vanderbilt’s First MOOCs
    , , By Derek Bruff, Center for Teaching, August 21, 2013
  1320. The lessons learned at Vanderbilt are consistent with lessons learned in our own MOOCs and in other MOOCs offered elsewhere. The lessons include, briefly: Teaching online is a team effort. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61008


  1321. Building the RMOOC Site, Syndication and All
    , , By Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, August 21, 2013
  1322. Icon

    Alan Levine does a very nice job of describing and showing at length how to set up a MOOC - including feed aggregation - using WordPress. The context is the Art+Reconciliation project that ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61009

  1323. What’s the Difference Between OCWs and MOOCs? Managing Expectations
    , , By David Wiley, iterating toward openness, August 21, 2013
  1324. Everybody loves MIT's Open Courseware project. But they hate MOOCs. David Wiley points to the fact that they are (at least, the way MIT does them) essentially the same. So why the hate? "We&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61010


  1325. City of Boston teams up with EdX to create BostonX
    , , By Carolyn Fox,, August 22, 2013
  1326. Icon

    This is an interesting experiment, though you have to be in Boston to partake. "'BostonX' will run MOOCs at community colleges and libraries, making online education available to those who ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61016

  1327. A New Polemic: Libraries, MOOCs, and the Pedagogical Landscape
    , , By Nora Almeida, In the Library with the Lead Pipe, August 23, 2013
  1328. Interetsing article that looks at the relation between MOOCs and libraries and publishing. This is a useful approach: "'a MOOC isn’t a thing at all, just a methodological approach [and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61022


  1329. The underlying inequality of MOOCs
    , , By Alicia Mitchell, eLearning Africa News Portal, August 28, 2013
  1330. Icon

    OK, this is true: “People need to learn how to learn – they need some basic level of education and the ability to study. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds often lack this (or they ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61044

  1331. Definition of MOOC in English
    , , Oxford Dictionary, August 28, 2013
  1332. Oxford Dictionaries inserts 'MOOC' into its lexicon, and gets both the usage and the etymology wrong. It cites as an example, "anyone who decides to take a MOOC simply logs on to the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61045

  1333. MOOCs and The Change of Higher Education
    , , By Stefan Popenici, popenici, August 30, 2013
  1334. I think people are still looking for the value proposition for learning. Case in point: "It is evident that mastering critical thinking, collaboration, presentation skills and genuine empathy ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61057


  1335. Initial Reflections on The Hyperlinked Library MOOC and the Badges I Have Acquired
    , , By Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, September 2, 2013
  1336. Icon

    Brian Kelly's post strikes at the nib of the debate (to my mind) concerning badges. On the one hand, he writes, "I have to admit that I found this rather cheesy; I felt the system was ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61072

  1337. A Star MOOC Professor Defects—at Least For Now
    , , By Marc Parry, The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 3, 2013
  1338. The word of the day in MOOCs is "franchising" - that's what Coursera wanted to do which caused Princeton professor Mitchell Duneier to pass on offering his introductory sociology MOOC a second ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61077


  1339. Dino 101
    , , University of Alberta, September 3, 2013
  1340. Icon

    Tomorrow marks the launch of Dino 101, a MOOC offered by the University of Alberta. I would think this course would be interesting to students, and especially younger students, the world over (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61078


  1341. Gary Hamel: Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment
    , , By Gary Hamel, YouTube, September 3, 2013
  1342. Icon

    Good video (in English) recommended for an upcoming management MOOC (in German). Management structures designed in the mid-1800s are no longer sufficient for the challenges of the new environment, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61081


  1343. Think Again AGAIN – Second Run of Popular Duke MOOC Underway
    , , By Seth Anderson, Duke Center for Instructional Technology, September 4, 2013
  1344. Icon

    As a public service announcement: "The popular MOOC Think Again: How to Reason and Argue, co-taught by Walter Sinott-Armstrong, Chauncey Stillman Professor in Practical Ethics in Duke’s ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61096


  1345. ALT-C 2013 Learning in the Open
    , , By Jenny Mackness, Jenny, September 6, 2013
  1346. Icon

    I set out shortly for Britain, where I will be the closing keynote at ALT-C in Nottingham. Generally I am not invited a second time to conferences, but I spoke there previously in 2005, so either ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61110


  1347. Towards a theory or model of productivity for online learning: outcomes, scale and design
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, distance education resources, September 6, 2013
  1348. Icon

    Tony Bates offers a deeper look into the task of evaluating outcomes on online learning, based on commentary from Max Blouw and an HEQCO report and blog posts from Tom Carey. There's a lot here, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61113

  1349. Can the #MOOC format respond to the educational challenges #altc2013?
    , , By Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, September 10, 2013
  1350. As I write, I am at ALT-C in Nottingham and getting input and ideas - right now Ièm at a digital literacies seccion. I missed the session summarized in this post from Ignatia (it looks like ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61121

  1351. Sebastian Thrun confuses me: Thoughts on Udacity’s openness project
    , , By George Siemens, elearnspace, September 10, 2013
  1352. Georgen Siemens likes Sebastian Thrun (he writes; I've never met the man, nor am I likely to). It's "the other Thrun that confuses me," Siemens continues. "He says things like: In the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61123

  1353. Bold innovations in openwashing
    , , By Brian Lamb, Abject, September 10, 2013
  1354. While George Siemens (below) simply finds the announcement "confusing", Audrey Watters unhesitatingly calls the announcement a case of openwashing. She tweets, "Udacity announces an Open Education ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61124

  1355. Innovating Pedagogy
    , , By Mike Sharples, Open University, September 11, 2013
  1356. This report, produced by the Open University, reads and feels a lot like the Horizon reports. "To produce it, a group of academics at The Open University compiled a long list of new educational ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61126

  1357. Reclaiming the Original Vision of MOOCs
    , , By George Lorenzo, Campus Technology, September 11, 2013
  1358. Article on reclaiming the original post that winds up focusing on interactions, especially video. Odd use of a modality to make the point (because they could just write Cormier and ask if he does ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61127


  1359. The silent majority - why are MOOC forums counterproductive?
    , , By Alastair Creelman, The corridor of uncertainty, September 11, 2013
  1360. Icon

    It's interesting that this article addresses a lesson we learned in the first few weeks of our MOOC in 2008 - the centralized discussion forum is not a good tool for a course of thousands of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61129


  1361. Google teams up with Harvard and MIT to help boost free online courses
    , , By Casey Newton, The Verge, September 11, 2013
  1362. Icon

    Marc Canter asked me what I thought about this, and that's how I found out about it. "Google said today that it will develop software for edX, a nonprofit created by Harvard and MIT ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61130


  1363. “Education is broken, somebody should do something”
    , , By David Kernohan,, September 11, 2013
  1364. Icon

    Good post by David Kernohan analyzing the misrepresentation of MOOCs by media. He writes, "“Open” was the first organ that we lost. From a nuanced and specific position in the world of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61131


  1365. MOOC MOOC! The Interview
    , , By Jessica Knott, educational technology & change, September 13, 2013
  1366. Icon

    Interview about the upcoming MOOC MOOC, a MOOC about MOOCs. This will be the third iteration. "In MOOC MOOC, we resisted the common impulse to put ourselves at the head of the class. Instead of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61132

  1367. Update on the MOOC Market: Things Moving Fast
    , , By Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte, September 14, 2013
  1368. Some quick updates. "1.  Coursera announced that its new "Signature Track" has now generated a million dollars of revenue and is growing... 2.  Google announced plans to partner with ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61135


  1369. MOOCs and the Gartner Hype Cycle: A very slow tsunami
    , , By Jonathan Tapson, Panodaily, September 15, 2013
  1370. Icon

    Some very good points in this article. First, the autghor dispenses with two bad arguments against MOOCs: "The first is that you can’t get a high quality student-teacher or student-peer ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61139


  1371. Credit for MOOCs Is One Step in a Long Journey Toward Relevance
    , , By Jummy Daly, Ed Tech Magazine, September 16, 2013
  1372. Icon

    As universities embrace open online learning, the cold hard edge of the point of no return becomes clear: "I don't want anybody to think we're giving away credit." I can think of a number ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61143


  1373. The Digital Learning Transition MOOC for Educators: Exploring a Scalable Approach to Professional Development
    , , By Glenn M. Kleiman, Mary Ann Wolf, David Frye, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, September 17, 2013
  1374. Icon

    This is a report on a MOOC supporting professional development for educators (9 page PDF) called MOOC-Ed. I appreciated the level of detail, and the lessons learned were exactly those we've ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61146


  1375. MOOC Discussion Forums: barrier to engagement?
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, September 17, 2013
  1376. Icon

    I reiterated recently my observation that centralized discussion forums are not effective in massive courses, and while David Luebke disagreed, based on his experience teaching a course through ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61148


  1377. MOOCs Forum
    , , September 17, 2013
  1378. Icon

    Volume 1 Number 1 of MOOCs Forum is now available. According to editor Nish Sonwalkar, "There is a critical and imminent need for MOOCs Forum to be the journal that will allow scholars, developers, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61150

  1379. U.K.-Led MOOCs Alliance, FutureLearn, Launches First Batch Of 20 Free Courses As It Chases Coursera Et Al
    , , By Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch, September 18, 2013
  1380. I received my FutureLearn beta invitation yesterday and signed up for a couple of courses. These include one on building a mobile web app and another on the "shallowness" of human psychology. The ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61155


  1381. FutureLearn plans to stand out from Mooc crowd
    , , By Elizabeth Gibney, Times Higher Education, September 19, 2013
  1382. Icon

    I must confess, my first reaction was, "Oh please, not yet another social network." Times Higher Education describes it as follows: "FutureLearn  would have a “very powerful social ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61159


  1383. The Famous Feynman Lectures on Physics: The New Online Edition (in HTML5)
    , , By Dan Colman, Open Culture, September 19, 2013
  1384. Icon

    Eventually communities will develop around such resources and the world of MOOCs will be populated by works such as this: "Caltech and The Feynman Lectures Website have joined forces to create an&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61163

  1385. The maturing of the MOOC: literature review of massive open online courses and other forms of online distance learning
    , , By Stephen Haggard, Department for Business, Innovation, Skills, September 20, 2013
  1386. This is a very large report and for the most part comprehensive - regular OLDaily readers will recognize much of the literature cited here. To my mind, it focuses mostly on secondary literature - ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61167

  1387. Demande d'intérêt: un MOOC portant sur les RÉL, pour janvier 2014
    , , By Robert Gregoire, Stephen Downes, Journal public du MOOC collaboratif portant sur les Ressources éducatives libres (RÉL), September 20, 2013
  1388. Il nous fait plaisir d'annoncer à la communauté internationale Francophone, puis la communauté intéressée dans l'éducation libre et ouverte, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61168


  1389. FutureLearn & the role of MOOCs
    , , By Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, September 23, 2013
  1390. Icon

    It makes me grumble but I couldn't have expected anything else from a university: "Martin Bean... pitched MOOCs as a shop-window. That's a sustainable business model for universities. We'... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61184


  1391. MOOCs Need to Go Back to Their Roots
    , , By Michael Burnam-Fink, Slate, September 25, 2013
  1392. Icon

    "They were supposed to be educational communities, not hypertextbooks," writes Michael Burnam-Fink. Needless to say, I am in broad agreement with this post (though I wouldn't characterize ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61190


  1393. What Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and Udacity Should Learn from SJSU
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, September 29, 2013
  1394. Icon

    What the SJSU report tells us, says Feldstein, is that "however different the scaling model is for MOOCs, they are still online courses and have similar success factors." More here. One of the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61197


  1395. The brains behind an exhibition
    , , By John Hawks, john hawks weblog, October 1, 2013
  1396. Icon

    Paleoanthropologist John Hawks compares the Wellcome Collection's recent "Brains: Mind as Matter" exhibition: The travels of a head whith his own blog and MOOC coverage. "[The] exhibition ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61204


  1397. How to Build an Ethical Online Course
    , , By Jesse Stommel, Hybrid Pedagogy, October 1, 2013
  1398. Icon

    "The best online and hybrid courses are made from scraps strewn about and gathered together from across the web," writes Jesse Stommel. "We build a course by examining the bits, considering how they&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61205


  1399. Learning in a Small, Task–Oriented, Connectivist MOOC: Pedagogical Issues and Implications for Higher Education
    , , By Jenny Mackness, Marion Waite, George Roberts, Elizabeth Lovegrove, International Review of Research in Open, Distance Learning (IRRODL), October 1, 2013
  1400. Icon

    Case study describing a cMOOC in which "the expectation that knowledge would be co-created through active, autonomous participation and that learning would ‘emerge’ through the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61209

  1401. Canada needs an online education strategy
    , , By Jenni Hayman, Globe, Mail, October 3, 2013
  1402. This is one of five articles Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper devoted to MOOCs and online learning yesterday. The overall thrust is that while MOOCs have potential, they will not address the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61216

  1403. Copyright Challenges in a MOOC Environment
    , , By Unattributed, EDUCAUSE, October 3, 2013
  1404. This is an analysis of copyright issues in MOOCs written from the university perspective. It is focused entirely on the use of one of the new MOOC platforms - it doesn't name them, but it's ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61217


  1405. MOOCs take off in Rwanda: Accreditation, sustainability and quality issues
    , , By Bernard Nkuyubwatsi, Institute of Learning Innovation Blog, October 4, 2013
  1406. Icon

    Bernard Nkuyubwatsi reports that he has been "following closely the MOOC initiative by Generation Rwanda and its Kepler initiative (Leber 2013, Bartholet 2013 and O’Neil 2013)." The post ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61221


  1407. Vive la Révolution MOOC
    , , By Steve Kolowich, October 6, 2013
  1408. Icon

    EdX is reaching into France with the announcement of this France Université Numerique (FUN) "which it hopes will serve as an online clearinghouse for MOOCs offered by various French ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61225


  1409. wemooc
    , , October 7, 2013
  1410. Icon

    Telefónica Learning Services has developed a Open source mooc platform wemooc, which is used for a variety of projects: Talentumschools: focused on teaching children to develop ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61227

  1411. 15 Ways of the Successful Self-Directed Learner
    , , By Jeff Cobb, Mission to Learn, October 8, 2013
  1412. What are the habits of successful connected learners? Revisiting an old post of mine, I will be considering the question anew in an online seminar in a couple weeks - according to the seminar ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61232


  1413. Desire2Learn Open Courses
    , , By Press Release, Desire2Learn, October 8, 2013
  1414. Icon

    Disire2Learn has launched an 'Open Courses' application: "Our philosophy is simple: Open Courses can kick-start or enhance the learning journey by supplementing or driving a wide range of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61233

  1415. Seeking a Path toward Open Access for Books
    , , By Joseph Esposito, The Scholarly Kitchen, October 12, 2013
  1416. While we may have reached a way to support open access articles, writes Joseph Esposito, the case of longer items like books is more difficult: author fees would be unreasonable, yet the cost of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61247

  1417. Five Myths about MOOCs
    , , By James G. Mazoué, EDUCAUSE Review, October 13, 2013
  1418. Normally the organization of an article into a list and the use of 'myths' in the title would be sure signs to steer away from what looks like churnalism. But this article is a serious and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61248

  1419. Europe’s iversity Launches 1st MOOCs With 100k+ Students & Curriculum Of 24 Courses
    , , By Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch, October 15, 2013
  1420. The headline says it all. Germany's iversity launched it's first set of courses today; you can find the English descriptions on its website. I've added iversity to the list of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61253


  1421. Announcing e-Literate TV
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, October 15, 2013
  1422. Icon

    Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein "announce a new initiative we’re calling e-Literate TV, in collaboration with a company called In the Telling. Using some of the lessons that we’re ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61259

  1423. Mooc creators criticise courses’ lack of creativity
    , , By Chris Parr, Times Higher Education, October 17, 2013
  1424. The Times Higher Education supplement published an article on the origin of MOOCs today, relying on interviews with myself, George Siemens, Dave Cormier and Bryan Alexander to tell the story. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61264


  1425. An Educause Moment
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, October 18, 2013
  1426. Icon

    More threads of coverage of the EDUCAUSE conference: "peacocking" pays off for Instructure as it lands a gushing Chronicle Wired Campus article The Chronicle’s Megan O’Neil ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61269


  1427. Domain of One’s Own: Notes from the Trailing Edge
    , , By Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, October 18, 2013
  1428. Icon

    Jim Groom was not at EDUCAUSE this week - he was selling out presenting at a TEDx conference in Puerto Rico, talking about "a web of one's own" and name-dropping “trailing edge” ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61270


  1429. Tales of a MOOC Dropout
    , , By Cindy Londeore, Hybrid Pedagogy, October 19, 2013
  1430. Icon

    I like thisd assessment of dropping out of a MOOC: "I’m a dropout and I’m ok with that. MOOCs offered me the opportunity to show up for a class, and only stay as long as I was still ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61271

  1431. Connection is about Creating Relationships
    , , By Cathleen Nardi, Exploring Digital Culture, October 22, 2013
  1432. "If you are still part of #CICMOOC," says Cathleen Nardi, "it is probably because you are part of a team that keeps you going. That is certainly true for me." And that speaks to one important ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61281


  1433. Early Analysis Shows MOOCs Struggle With Engagement
    , , By Mirabel Shanny, Education News, October 22, 2013
  1434. Icon

    According to this article, "Although Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are fast becoming a popular option for students worldwide, the medium faces several challenges along the way to realizing ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61282

  1435. Stephen Downes
    , , By Jonathan Haber, Degree of Freedom, October 22, 2013
  1436. Glowing coverage that leaves me stubbing my to into the ground and mumbling "aw shucks." Jonathan Haber writes, "To watch Downes in action (as I did last weekend when he talked about The Habits of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61283

  1437. cMOOCs and xMOOCs – key differences
    , , By Jenny Mackness, October 22, 2013
  1438. Nice post by Jenny Mackness outlining major differences between cMOOCs and xMOOCx. What's good about this post si that it is based on successful experience learning in both forms of MOOC. "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61284


  1439. FutureLearn is go, but it is not quite the finished article
    , , By Chris Parr, Times Higher Education, October 24, 2013
  1440. Icon

    The early reviews on the launch of FutureLearn are in (FutureLearn is the Open University's foray into MOOCs): "Compared with the other Moocs, we have very manageable numbers – ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61289


  1441. Gates Foundation funds new research on MOOCs
    , , By Brianna Goldberg, University of Toronto, October 26, 2013
  1442. Icon

    Nice to see the Canadian involvement in the next wave of MOOCs. "Three University of Toronto research teams are among the successful applicants in a competitive grant competition run by ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61292

  1443. MOOC Skeptic’s Toolkit: Sample Letter #3, to a Parent
    , , By Martin Kich, Academe Blog, October 26, 2013
  1444. I'm not really sure how the "MOOC Sceptic's Toolkit" published in the American Association of University Professors's Academe Blog is helping anyone. This edition features a 'sample ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61293


  1445. Courses, or learning episodes?
    , , By Steve Wheeler, Learning with 'e's, October 26, 2013
  1446. Icon

    Probably the worst thing about MOOCs is that they're courses (if they weren't 'courses' nobody would care about completion rates, there wouldn't be this emphasis on quizzes and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61294


  1447. Kevin Werbach on Teaching Gamification at Coursera
    , , By Ivan Kuo, Gamification Corp, October 27, 2013
  1448. Icon

    From the website: "Join Professor Werbach, teacher of the massively successful #Gamification12 MOOC as he discusses the hard-won lessons of teaching Gamification — and how this understanding ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61299


  1449. Pedagogy of MOOCs
    , , By Paul Stacey, Slideshare, October 27, 2013
  1450. Icon

    Good slide presentation from Paul Stacey describing pedagogical models employed by a range of MOOCs, including the early cMOOCs, ds106, Coursera, Udacity and EdX. Here's the official description:... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61300


  1451. Examining the potential and reality of open educational resources: the 2013 COHERE conference
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, distance education resources, October 27, 2013
  1452. Icon

    Tony Bates summarizes a discussion he held at the COHERE (Collaboration for Online Higher Education and Research) conference on  the idea of open textbooks. To me it's a no-brainer - why ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61302

  1453. on a world with only 10 universities
    , , By D'Arcy Norman, D’Arcy Norman dot net, October 27, 2013
  1454. Nice. D'Arcy Norman takes the sharp edge of the blade to Sebastian Thrun's bold prediction: "Compare the predictions of two experts in their fields, extrapolating their personal visions ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61303


  1455. Announcing MERLOT II: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
    , , YouTube, October 29, 2013
  1456. Icon

    MERLOT has drifted a bit from the mainstream with all the hoopla over MOOCs, but the act of creating and sharing open educational resources (OERs) is still important, especially as MOOCs evolve. In ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61306

  1457. Rebranding: "MOOC" to "CaS"
    , , By Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed, October 29, 2013
  1458. "It is a losing battle to get people to stop conflating MOOCs with online learning," writes Joshua Kim, so "We need to change the language.   We need to rebrand... The thing formerly known as ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61308

  1459. Mooc rival OERu puts accreditation on menu
    , , By Chris Parr, Times Higher Education, October 31, 2013
  1460. OERu officially launches today. I've talked about it quite a bit over the years. "Students who complete an Open Educational Resources University course will be able to pay a fee to have their ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61309


  1461. Introducing Coursera Learning Hubs: Global Participation, Local Access and Support!
    , , By Unattributed, Coursera Blog, November 2, 2013
  1462. Icon

    OK, so you're launching a worldwide franchise operation for your free online courses. Where do you locate? Shanghai? Sure. Chennai? Why not? But what about these places: Baghdad, Cairo, Helsinki,... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61316


  1463. In Times Higher Education, on MOOCs
    , , By Bryan Alexander, November 3, 2013
  1464. Icon

    Bryan Alexander discusses the THE article about the state of MOOCs and focuses on the use of "MOOCs as fodder for other classes," MOOCs as increasing "the casualization of academic labor," and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61320

  1465. 91% MOOC satisfaction rating for University of London International Programmes
    , , By Press Release, University of London International Programmes, Coursera, November 4, 2013
  1466. I remember once the University of Alberta proudly displaying a survy which showed a 95 percent student satisfaction rate. The catch? The survey was taken of students on their graduation day. This ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61329


  1467. OERu Launches Worldwide
    , , By Paul Stacey, Creative Commons, November 5, 2013
  1468. Icon

    Paul Stacey has written an article for Creative Commons on the launch of OERu. This is important for OERu - as Wayne Mackintosh writes in an email, "Creative Commons is the air that OER breathes. &... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61335

  1469. A New Pedagogy is Emerging...And Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor
    , , Contact North, November 6, 2013
  1470. This is a really good article, looking first at hopw technology is changing student expectations, and then second, in much more detail, at how technology is changing pedagogy. A number of trends ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61338


  1471. MOOCs: How did we get here?
    , , By George Siemens, elearnspace, November 7, 2013
  1472. Icon

    From OpenEd 13, George Siemens's presentaation. "I’m at the Open Education conference in Park City, Utah. The conference is now in its impressive 10th year. I did a presentation following ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61361


  1473. Saving Universities in the Era of MOOCs: How Service-Oriented Schools can Add Value in the Online Learning Boom
    , , By Ted Curran, Ted, November 7, 2013
  1474. Icon

    Longish article that looks at the value proposition in traiditonal education and ends with this little kicker: "The dirty little secret is that too many bricks-and-mortar schools are offering ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61362


  1475. A Guide to Web Components
    , , By Rob Dodson, CSS-Tricks, November 11, 2013
  1476. Icon

    This is pretty interesting. "Web Components are a collection of standards which are working their way through the W3C and landing in browsers as we speak. In a nutshell, they allow us to bundle ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61374

  1477. New Council to Develop Standards, Best Practices for Online Learning
    , , By Megan O'Neil, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, November 12, 2013
  1478. Carnegie Mellon university is launching the Simon Initiative to accelerate research on technology-aided learning (named after Herbert Simon) and the Global Learning Council that "will spearhead ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61379

  1479. 10 Principles to Select Technology
    , , By Unattributed, Contact North, November 13, 2013
  1480. Back in prehistory (way back before MOOCs and even before Connectivism) one of my more popular articles was Nine Rules for Good Technology. This article by Contact North reminds me of that. But ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61380


  1481. Phonar: a massive, free photography class
    , , By Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing, November 15, 2013
  1482. Icon

    This is very much part of the MOOC business model: "Four years ago when I first opened my photography classes online the big issue was 'free' - if you 'give your classes away for free ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61394

  1483. MOOCs, Norway, and the ecology of digital learning
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, distance education resources, November 16, 2013
  1484. Interesting summary of a conference in Washington DC organized by the Government of Norway "to inquire into the possibilities and challenges that accompany the development of MOOCs and similar ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61395

  1485. The Failure of Udacity
    , , By George Siemens, elearnspace, November 16, 2013
  1486. George Siemens's take on a Fast Company article describing a Udacity "pivot", which I echo, is that Udacity has admitted its failure. "No one did more of a disservice to MOOCs than Thrun ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61396


  1487. State of the Anglosphere’s Higher Education LMS Market: 2013 Edition
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, November 17, 2013
  1488. Icon

    The latest update to the LMS market, this time expanded to reach beyond U.S. borders to encompass 'the Anglosphere' (loosely construed). Corportae learning management is still not included. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61400


  1489. Janux
    , , By Staff, Janux, November 19, 2013
  1490. Icon

    Via MyEducationPath, which summarizes: "Janux, a new interactive learning community created in partnership between The University of Oklahoma and technology leader NextThought, connects learners ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61404


  1491. How Jordan’s Queen plans to ‘democratize access’ to education
    , , By Christina Farr, VentureBeat, November 19, 2013
  1492. Icon

    Despite Udacity's 'pivot' the VC world remains enthusiastic about MOOCs, to judge from this article in Venture Beat about MOOCs in Jordan. In particular, it reports, "[Jordan's] ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61405

  1493. New thoughts on Personal Learning Environments
    , , By Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, November 19, 2013
  1494. The most recent issue of e_learning Papers has been posted on the European Commission Open Education Europa portal and it focuses on a topic of interest to me, personal learning environments (PLEs). ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61410


  1495. The King of MOOCs Abdicates the Throne
    , , By Rebecca Schuman, Slate, November 20, 2013
  1496. Icon

    I think that what amuses me most about the reaction to the Thrun story is the glowing descriptions of him have only intensified. "The King of MOOCs." "The Genius Godfather of MOOCs." Really now. As ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61412

  1497. MOOCs Are Reaching Only Privileged Learners, Survey Finds
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, November 20, 2013
  1498. OK, you see the headline above. But read the story and see this: "The paper is based on a survey of 34,779 students worldwide who took 24 courses offered by Penn professors on the Coursera platform."... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61414

  1499. Farewell, Sebastian
    , , By Matt Reid, Inside Higher Ed, November 21, 2013
  1500. Thrun Watch, Day 3: Tressie McMillan Cottom: "Thrun says it wasn’t a failure. It was a lesson. But for the students who invested time and tuition in an experiment foisted on them by the  ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61417

  1501. The MOOC Backlash -- A Response
    , , By Jonathan Haber, Huffington Post, November 22, 2013
  1502. The Thrun watch continues: Jonathan Haber, "I've seen innovations and experimentation -- some promising, some not -- that demonstrate a development in educational technology more dynamic than ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61422


  1503. Highlights from Educause 2013 #3: Jane McGonigal
    , , By Mal Booth, FromMelbin, November 27, 2013
  1504. Icon

    I think there is a strong overlap between cMOOCs and games. This came up at the conference in Lyon yesterday. It is striking how similar the support for an individual ina cMOOC lines up with the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61443

  1505. Notes from Centre Jacques Cartier seminar on MOOCs, Lyon, France
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, November 27, 2013
  1506. These are summary notes from two days of disussions on MOOCs at a conference, part of les Entretiens Jacques Cartier hosted in Lyon, France. Day 1. Day 2. Highlights included talks by John Danial ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61444


  1507. Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2013: MOOCs and Anti-MOOCs
    , , By Audrey Watters, Hack Education, November 30, 2013
  1508. Icon

    This is the fourth in her year-end series of articles (I'll run a retrospective of all ten later in December) and focuses on MOOCs. As she says, there has barely been a week this year without ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61450


  1509. Talk About Mooc with Stephen Downes
    , , By Christophe Batier, Stephen Downes, YouTube, November 30, 2013
  1510. Icon

    Nice interview with Christophe Batier about MOOCs - the first MOOC, our French MOOC coming up in January, my talk in Clair, my first visit to France, and why I only follow one person on Twitter. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61454


  1511. MOOC Roundtable: The past, present and future of the platform
    , , By Corporate Learning Network, YouTube, November 30, 2013
  1512. Icon

    Here's a video that deserves rather more than the 70 views it has right now: "We're just coming off a summer where it seemed like you couldn't go a week without seeing massive open ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61455


  1513. Learning is not simply a process of reception and filtering
    , , By Sophie Spillone, December 2, 2013
  1514. Icon

    Good post (en français [translation]) with an even better image (in English) comparing xMOOCs (national orchestra) with cMOOCs (jazz band). The post also contains a link to another article (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61457

  1515. MOOC Platforms : a primer - biggies, newbies & freebooters
    , , By Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, December 4, 2013
  1516. Donald Clark comes out with a good list and overview of MOOC platforms. "We need a pluralistic landscape. The internet may like ‘ones’ but education likes ‘many’. We also ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61461


  1517. De-Icing the MOOC Research Conference
    , , By Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, December 7, 2013
  1518. Icon

    Commentary and such, plus slides, from Jim Groom on the MOOC Research Initiative conference attended by a large number of creators in Arlington, Texas. A lot happened in the short time I was there (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61478

  1519. Learning and Performance Support Systems
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, December 7, 2013
  1520. This post introduces our Learning and Performance Support Systems program, a new $19 million 5-year initiative at the National Research Council that I will be leading. If I had to depict LPSS in a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61479


  1521. MOOCs: the C***** word is the problem!
    , , By Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, December 8, 2013
  1522. Icon

    Good post from Donald Clark (who has really been hitting the mark recently) on the way the use of the word 'course' in MOOC misleads us. The problem with the traditional course, he sais, is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61481


  1523. About those U Penn MOOC results reported at MRI13
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, December 8, 2013
  1524. Icon

    As Phil Hill points out, the main media focus from the recent MOOC Research Initiative conference (MRI) is a survey of some UPenn xMOOCs featuring large numbers of drop-outs (see Chronicle, Inside ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61486

  1525. Changing the Narrative
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, December 8, 2013
  1526. Michael Feldstein offers his retrospective on the MRI conference, suggesting that “the connectivist/open ed crowd has been spectacularly, stunningly successful at ‘changing the narrative&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61491

  1527. Give Me an M! Give Me a C! Blah Blah Blah To All This Theory!
    , , By Matt Crosslin, EduGeek Journal, December 9, 2013
  1528. Another reaction to the MRI conference (no reason for me to stop running articles on this anytime soon). "There were two things I noticed at the conference. One is that some of my biggest problems ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61494

  1529. Dallas, Texas
    , , By Stephen Downes, Flickr, December 9, 2013
  1530. Catching up on my phoitos, for those of you who are interested: I have small sets from short visits to Dallas and Fort Worth (stockyards), as well as a set from Geneva, and Doha (Qatar). I also ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61497

  1531. Learner support in MOOCs. An alternative perspective
    , , By Jenny Mackness, December 12, 2013
  1532. My thanks to Jenny Mackness for drawing out some key points of the recent panel discussion I took part in at MRI13 around the idea of learner support in MOOCs in terms of self-organisation. "This ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61516

  1533. #FiveWordEdTechHorrors
    , , By Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, December 12, 2013
  1534. My favourite has to be, "We blog in the LMS." But I'm sure you can think of many more. Some other faves: "My provost heard about MOOCs." And "Pearson invested in our startup." Here's the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61518


  1535. Presentation to UNCTAD's Advisory Group
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, December 12, 2013
  1536. Icon

    This is a lightly edited transcript of the talk I gave online on Tuesday to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Advisory Group on "Developing skills, knowledge and capacities ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61520


  1537. Opening Up | Next Steps for MOOCs and Libraries
    , , By Ian Chant, Library Journal, December 13, 2013
  1538. Icon

    I've never really looked at libraries as being a useful resource for MOOCs because, ironically, libraries have in the digital age collaborated with closed-access publishers to implement ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61524


  1539. Massive, Open, and Course Design
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, December 15, 2013
  1540. Icon

    I don't know why this has been such a mystery up to now, because we've been harping on it for, what, ten years? Feldstein writes, "While Martin is focusing primarily on course goals ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61535


  1541. Look back in anger? A review of online learning in 2013
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, distance education resources, December 15, 2013
  1542. Icon

    Tony Bates channels his inner Osborne as he reflects on the non-advance of MOOCs in 2013. He writes, "I was struck by a recent comment from someone with 15 years of experience in designing face-to-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61540


  1543. edX Drops Plans to Connect MOOC Students With Employers
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, December 17, 2013
  1544. Icon

    According to a slide show leaked to the Chronicle of Higher Education, edX is abandoning its plan to link students with employers. "In a pilot job-placement program, edX recruited 868 high-... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61545


  1545. MOOCs For Teacher Training–Not a Fan
    , , By Alfred Thompson, Computer Science Teacher, December 17, 2013
  1546. Icon

    First of all, I think this is just a use of the term 'MOOC' to mean 'online learning'. But more importantly, I am left wondering how long it's going to take to get with the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61548


  1547. Headless ds106ers, Stand Proudly! Some Disjointed Thoughts and Puny Data
    , , By Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, December 18, 2013
  1548. Icon

    "No xMOOC will every have a talking doll as a key participant." So says Alan Levine in his wrap-up of the 'headless DS106' experiment that too place this fall. It's hard to find fault ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61554

  1549. e/merge Africa 2013 Needs and Priorities Survey Report
    , , By Jakob Pedersen, Tony Carr, Google Docs, December 20, 2013
  1550. Jakob Pedersen and Tony Carrsahre the results of this survey, with just under half the responses from South Africa and 90 percent of responses from Africa. Most were involved in e-learning and most ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61560

  1551. Interview with Stephen Downes
    , , By Jonathan Haber, Stephen Downes, Degree of Freedom, December 20, 2013
  1552. Audio interview of me conducted by Jonathan Haber. "Today, on a very special Degree of Freedom podcast we are joined by Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher for the National Research Council of Canada ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61563

  1553. Thinking about MOOCs
    , , By John Faig, Educational Musings, December 23, 2013
  1554. I like this way to create a blog post. John Faig reads a New York Times article about MOOCs, but instead of reacting to the articles, reads through and reacts to the comments that follow the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61568


  1555. This North Carolina Campus Was Meant to Show Off the Future of Online Education It hasn't gone according to plan
    , , By Nora Caplan-Bricker, New Republic, December 23, 2013
  1556. Icon

    This item was tweeted by Tressie Mc and while a defender at Black Mountain SOLE says "this article was a blatant bash" it is useful in displaying how MOOCs are portrayed in different communities. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61569

  1557. MOOCs, SPOCs, and LAPs: The Evolving World of Education
    , , By Anton Dominique, Huffington Post, December 25, 2013
  1558. Some commentary on MOOCs, leaning to the marketing perspective (and touting 'Small Private Online Courses, aka the status quo), but with this bit at the end, from the Economist: "Rupert Murdoch ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61578


  1559. The worst tech predictions of 2013 -- and two that hit the mark
    , , By Bill Snyder, InfoWorld, December 25, 2013
  1560. Icon

    I like posts describing the failed precictions of the previous year much better than the posts listing the predictions for the next year, of only because the latter seem to outnumber the former by ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61579


  1561. The death and life of great Internet cities
    , , By Joe Kloc, The Daily Dot, December 26, 2013
  1562. Icon

    There was once a movement afoot to brand internet users as 'Digital Citizens',  'Net Citizens' or 'Netizens'. It was a metaphor that never to me made much sense, and I ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61582


  1563. How MOOCs Can Be Free and Profitable at the Same Time
    , , By John Swope, EdTech, December 26, 2013
  1564. Icon

    MOOCs are necessary, argues the author, because of the competition between institutions. "Universities are highly competitive, and they invest significant money into faculty, facilities, research ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61583


  1565. Online Learning Curriculum for Data Scientists
    , , By Shane Lynn, Personal site, December 27, 2013
  1566. Icon

    It's still a pretty short curriculum, but it's interesting to see Shane Lynn pull together a set of courses from various institutions to form the basis for a data scientist curriculum. This ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61585

  1567. The Downes Prize 2013
    , , By Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web, December 30, 2013
  1568. This year's Downes Prize is awarded to: Discussing design models for hybrid/blended learning and the impact on the campus Tony Bates, online learning & distance education resources ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61595


  1569. Lessons From the CEO Of The First Ever MOOC
    , , By Peter High, Forbes, January 1, 2014
  1570. Icon

    ALISON continues its ongoing campaign to claim credit for inventing the MOOC. What the company offers, of course, are online self-paced courses, and these were available long before ALISON ever ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61602


  1571. You Own Your Learning
    , , By Dannis Callaham,, January 3, 2014
  1572. Icon

    The restaurant metaphor used by Dennis Callahan reminds me of the graphic I made last month to illustrate the difference between formal learning, xMOOCs and cMOOCs. Callahan writes, "As an adult, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61614

  1573. Yao Ming joins hands with VIPABC
    , ,, January 4, 2014
  1574. The world is embracing e-learning. This is from a single issue of my Google Alert on the topic: India: Kerala's e-learning initiative should be taken across country, says PM, Firstpost. "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61619


  1575. Breaking down the silos
    , , By Steve Wheeler, Learning with 'e's, January 7, 2014
  1576. Icon

    I get asked the question "How would you create a MOOC in [pick a subject]" quite a bit. My response is, I wish we could think of online learning as going beyond subjects, to address entire domains ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61630

  1577. 180 MOOCs to Start the New Year (Is This the Crest of the Wave?)
    , , By Dan Colman, Open Culture, January 8, 2014
  1578. Remember last week, when MOOCs were dead? Even Dan Colman suggests that this may be the peak for MOOCs. But 180 courses doesn't seem dead to me. Sure, MOOCs will evolve over time (as they have ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61635


  1579. Is Massive Open Online Research the Next Frontier for Education?
    , , By Doug Ramsey, Jacobs School of Engineering, January 10, 2014
  1580. Icon

    'MOOR' stands for 'Massive Open Online Research' and is the latest in the list of MOOC-inspired algorithms. In this case, a MOOR is a natural (especially for a cMOOC), as the idea ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61642


  1581. Freire, MOOCs and Pedagogy of the Oppressed
    , , By Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, January 13, 2014
  1582. Icon

    Nice reflection on the philosophy of Paulo Friere. "Freire believed that in a climate of ‘fear of freedom’ the oppressed becomes the oppressor. I think of this as 'going over to the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61650


  1583. Reviewing the trajectories of e-learning
    , , By Grainne Conole,, January 15, 2014
  1584. Icon

    Grainne Conbole offers a timeline history of e-learning with quite a bit of discussion for each item, ranging from learning objects to virtual worlds to MOOCs. I like the idea, but I would probably ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61661

  1585. Sir John Daniel’s book review of ‘Beyond the MOOC Hype’ by Jeffrey Young
    , , By Sir John Daniel, online learning & distance education resources, January 18, 2014
  1586. OK, I count this as a ringing endorsement: "he endears himself to non-American readers by being aware of developments outside his own country, a rare quality among US education journalists! He took ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61676

  1587. MITx Working Papers
    , , By Kimberly Allen, MIT, January 21, 2014
  1588. I've received an email from Kim Allen at MIT concerning the results of the MITx and Harvardx MOOC projects, which I'll quote at some length: "MIT and Harvard University today announced the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61681

  1589. The coming Calculus MOOC Revolution and the end of math research
    , , By Cathy O'Neil, mathbabe, January 21, 2014
  1590. I've always been sympathetic to the idea that teaching and research are closely linked. Certainly I feel it in my own work, where my research would be nothing like what it is without the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61684


  1591. Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable online learning in institutions
    , , By Li Yuan, Stephen Powell, Bill Olivier, CETIS, January 22, 2014
  1592. Icon

    Three themes emerge from recent MOOC experiments, write the authors: Openness – new approaches to online learning, including models for scalable provision that may generate revenues, and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61686

  1593. Everything in Moderation
    , , By Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed, January 25, 2014
  1594. So, I've seen this before: "conversation, in his words, 'very quickly disintegrated into a snakepit of personal venom, religious bigotry and thinly disguised calls for violence.' But ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61698

  1595. An Exploratory Study of Emotional Affordance of a Massive Open Online Course
    , , By Jeremy C.Y. Cheng, EURODL, January 25, 2014
  1596. Well, it's different. And I like the perspective it takes, starting with J.J. Gibson's direct perception, and the idea that "here is nothing inherent in technology that automatically ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61699


  1597. Online education platform Coursera blocks students in Syria and Iran
    , , By Nina Curley, Wamda, January 28, 2014
  1598. Icon

    I'm sorry to hear about this ban. I have always been of a mind that science and education transcent international differences (the phrase 'teachers without borders' should be redundant). ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61704


  1599. India MOOCs
    , , By Viplav Baxi, India MOOCs, January 28, 2014
  1600. Icon

    Contributors to Viplax Baxi's India MOOCs website are discussing the sites mission and goals. some of the suggestions are ambitious. "No learning without learning outcome guarantees," says one. "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61705


  1601. A Future Without Schooling?
    , , By Jim Shimabukuro, January 29, 2014
  1602. Icon

    So, here's the question: "Can we, educators, imagine a future without traditional schools and teachers? The same can be asked of higher ed, Can we imagine a future without traditional colleges ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61708


  1603. 4 Lessons We Can Learn from the "Failure" of MOOCs
    , , By Andrew Miller, Edutopia, January 31, 2014
  1604. Icon

    "Let's be clear," writes Andrew Miller, "that MOOCs are just one part of the so-called online learning revolution." But even the so-called failure of MOOCs can teach us some lessons, he says. ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61727


  1605. Moralities of Everyday Life
    , , By Paul Bloom, Coursera, February 2, 2014
  1606. Icon

    I'm looking at the Moralities of Everyday Life course being offered by Paul Bloom of Yale (it's a bit too strong to say I'm taking it). Mostly the course is readings and videos with ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61738


  1607. Learning Theory and MOOCs
    , , By Norm Friesen, Learningspaces, February 3, 2014
  1608. Icon

    This is an interesting set of slides from Norm Friesen on the past and future of learninga and of MOOCs. In the middle is a fascinating thought experiment based on the work of J.S. Bruner: What if ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61742


  1609. Data-driven policy and commerce requires algorithmic transparency
    , , By Alex Howard, Tech Republic, February 3, 2014
  1610. Icon

    Just for the record: the next phase of VC-backed MOOCs is going to meet the same comeuppance as the first phase. See where they say here and here where 'big data' will save education. Their ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61744


  1611. Un cours en ligne ouvert et massif portant sur les Ressources Éducatives Libres
    , , By Robert Gregoire, YouTube, February 6, 2014
  1612. Icon

    Vraiment bien fait, Robert. "Une initiative de l'Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, réalisée par l'Université de Moncton (NB, Canada) et le Conseil ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61749

  1613. Suffering Massive MOOC Creep
    , , By Tom Woodward, Bionic Teaching, February 7, 2014
  1614. My thoughts exactly (and I quote): If a student can’t tell if they’re the only student in the course or if there are 5,000 other students, you just have an online course. Please ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61760

  1615. MOOCs, Trust, and the Signature Track
    , , By Jade E. Davis, The Chronicle: #FutureEd, February 8, 2014
  1616. Courser's signature track offers a way for students to verify their identity by taking a photo of themselves and displaying their government-issued ID on camera. Face-recognition technology ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61763


  1617. Thoughts on power discrepancy in #MOOC #eMOOCs2014
    , , By Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, February 10, 2014
  1618. Icon

    Inge de Waard is having "dark thoughts during a really nice conference." Why? "the video recording studio that Jermann talked about, if the content production is supported by such a big HR team, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61770

  1619. Harvard U. Will Offer Exclusive MOOCs to Alumni
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, February 11, 2014
  1620. Quick quiz: what part of "exclusive MOOCs for alumni" is inherently self-contradictory? Here's their plan: "Prospective donors—alumni, other benefactors, even corporate and foundation ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61777

  1621. Books making us stupid – too soon?
    , , By Dave Cormier, Dave's Educational Blog, February 11, 2014
  1622. Dave Cormier, reviewing the progress of the "Is books making us stupid" week of his Rhizomatic MOOC, suggests that he is "frustrated with myself for not getting my point across" and "the book thing ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61778


  1623. An interview with Canadian MOOC pioneer George Siemens
    , , By Rosanna Tamburri, University Affairs, February 12, 2014
  1624. Icon

    So now that george Siemens is leaving the country, everyone wants to interview him! Just kidding, of course. But it is interesting to see the attention he's getting (not that it isn't ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61782

  1625. Juergen Rudolph Interview
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, February 12, 2014
  1626. This is a lightly edited transcript of an interview I had with Juergen Rudolph a few weeks ago. A few important points: first, "(A MOOC) is not a group of people trying to reach some destination ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61783

  1627. Proceedings of the European Stakeholder Summit 2014
    , , By Ulrike Cress, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Open Education Europa, February 12, 2014
  1628. This is a book-length collection of essays on MOOCs and MOOC pedagogy. You'll find my name as a co-author in Challenges for conceptualising EU MOOC for vulnerable learner groups (though my ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61784


  1629. The Learn Tracker
    , , By Edward Tanguay, The Learn Tracker, February 14, 2014
  1630. Icon

    This is one of those projects I like a lot. Edward Tanguay has been watching MOOC videos at a terrific clip and has been posting summaries pn his website. People learning English will especially ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61788


  1631. MOOC community?
    , , By Matthias Melcher, x28's new Blog, February 14, 2014
  1632. Icon

    "Which is the 'community' of a MOOC?" asks Matthias Melcher. It's a good question. I'm pretty hesitant to use the term 'community' too loosely - it represents a lot of good ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61792

  1633. Five myths about Moocs
    , , By Diana Laurillard, Times Higher Education, February 14, 2014
  1634. This came out about a month ago but according to my logs I haven't mentioned here yet, so here goes. First, let me quote Laurillard's five myths: the idea that 'content is free' ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61794

  1635. Leveling the higher ed playing field with free educational content
    , , By Lynn Russo Whylly, University Business, February 18, 2014
  1636. Short interview with Rice University's Richard G. Baraniuk, now Rice’s director of the Connexions and OpenStax initiatives. Rice hasn't been in the press much recently in this ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61813


  1637. Major challenges Chinese MOOCers have on English platforms
    , , By Xu Minji, Journey of a Chinese MOOCer, February 20, 2014
  1638. Icon

    Interesting article about the problems faced by the Chinese audience participating in international (ie., English-language) MOOCs. Issues range from internet speeds to the Great Firewall to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61822

  1639. John Seely Brown on Tutored Video Instruction
    , , By John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid, Innovation Memes, February 23, 2014
  1640. In the winter of 1981 I was sent to Austin, Texas, for three months to learn IBM's new MVS-JES (Multiple Virtual Storage - Job Entry Subsystem) mainframe computer, which would be the backbone ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61832


  1641. 信息技术在线互动课程的公开平台
    , , By Unattributed, Hasso Platner Institute, February 24, 2014
  1642. Icon

    The Hasso Plattner Institute has launched a Chinese-language MOOC portal. The recently launched an educational platform offering MOOCs in Chinese language.  Current courses are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61835

  1643. 10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC
    , , By Cathy N. Davidson, Hybrid Pedagogy, February 25, 2014
  1644. Cathy Davidson was more than a little surprised and bemused when she was arbitrarily named one of the leading figures in MOOCs by the Chronicle of Higher Education. "I've been ambivalently ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61837


  1645. REL 2014
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, February 25, 2014
  1646. Icon

    We're running a MOOC en français starting next Monday on Open Educational Resources (OERs). There's a page available where you can sign up. It's not a long MOOC - 10 weeks - and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61838

  1647. MOOC experts surprised by how they're evolving
    , , By James Breiner, News Entrepreneurs, February 26, 2014
  1648. I would hesitate to call the three commentators in this article 'experts' but I do think their reflections on their initial exposures to MOOCs are interesting. Here's Rosental Alves of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61840

  1649. Pitbull’s school: Star promotes a radical idea for at-risk kids
    , , By Neely Tucker, Washington Post, February 27, 2014
  1650. Take the concept of MOOCs (with star professors) and charter schools (with private funding and mandate) and combine them and you get this inevitable result: pop-star charters. "Armando Christian P&... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61853

  1651. HarvardX’s and MITx’s MOOC Data Visualized and Mapped
    , , By Jimmy Daly, Ed Tech, February 27, 2014
  1652. People love these roll-ups and visualisation of all the people in all the courses offered by EdX (and HarvardX). [Comment] [Direct Link] 61855

  1653. Learning Design for Online Ed: An Interview With Gilly Salmon About Her Carpe Diem MOOC
    , , By Robert McGuire, MOOC News & Reviews, March 5, 2014
  1654. Video interview with Gilly Salmon. Now, the first MOOC that she is leading is about to launch. "Carpe Diem—Learning Design starts on March 10, and we took the opportunity to discuss some of ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61883

  1655. Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promises and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses
    , , By Steven D. Krause, Charles Lowe, Parlor Press, March 10, 2014
  1656. Poor bandwidth means a leaan newsletter, but here's a book on MOOCs that you migth want to read. (I'm in Valencia where I gave a talk today.) "Unlike accounts in the mainstream media and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61894

  1657. Does teaching presence matter in a MOOC?
    , , By Terry Anderson, Virtual Canuck, March 13, 2014
  1658. Terry Anderson reports on a studty of a Coursera MOOC showing "that teacher presence had no significant relation to course completion, most badges awarded, intent to register in subsequent MOOCs or ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61907

  1659. Online university courses can't change the world alone
    , , By Gayle Christensen, Brandon Alcorn, New Scientist, March 17, 2014
  1660. According to New Scientist, "Ultimately, MOOCs are not by themselves a mechanism for development but require certain levels of education and technology. They are reaching millions of people around ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61911


  1661. When MOOC Profs Move
    , , By Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed, March 18, 2014
  1662. Icon

    I'm going to teach a lesson in this post. But first, let me set it up. In this article, the question of the ownership of MOOC materials is raised. Who owns the materials when faculty move to a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61917

  1663. Emerging Best Practices for Using Storify For Archiving Event Tweets
    , , By Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, March 19, 2014
  1664. Part of the hook of this post is that it takes us outside the 'archiving event tweets' dicussion to consider the nuances of being 'open', and in particular Sheila MacNeill’s ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61926

  1665. Homunculus vs. Emissary
    , , By Matthias Melcher, x28’s new Blog, March 20, 2014
  1666. Good brief summary of my point in The MOOC of One, and in addition, he suggests that my emphasis on recognition "nicely matches how McGilchrist describes one of the two operational modes of the ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61936

  1667. The MOOC of One
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, March 25, 2014
  1668. This is a first lightly edited vrsion of the transcript of my talk in Valencia a few days ago. It describes the development of the MOOC and  want to leads into a discussion of what will follow, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61953

  1669. European Commission launches network to foster web talent through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
    , , By Press Release, European Commission, March 27, 2014
  1670. Nick Kearney pointed me to the European Commission's ususual definition of MOOCs: "MOOCs are online university courses which enable people to access quality education without having to leave ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61967

  1671. The Game of Wrong, and Moral Psychology
    , , By John Holbo, Crooked Timber, March 28, 2014
  1672. Some interesting post-MOOC reflections on learning and moral psychology from Crooked Timber, another example I think of how a MOOC well done results in the creation of new knowledge, as opposed to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61969

  1673. Professional Learning in Massive Open Online Courses
    , , By Allison Littlejohn, Little by Littlejohn, April 3, 2014
  1674. I can only assume they're not talking about our MOOCs: "A study by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University and Harvard University published April 2014 found that massive open online ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 61990

  1675. Jeff Young on Pop-Up Learning: The Future of MOOCs and Online Education
    , , By Jeffrey R. Young, Berkman Center, April 7, 2014
  1676. You'd think Harvard's Berkman Center could spring for text transcripts of audio material, but I guess noty. Anyhow, the Chronicl;e's Jeffrey R. Young "takes a closer look at who is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62014

  1677. 3 Benefits of MOOCs in the Workplace
    , , By Sahana Chattopadhyay, ID, Other Reflections, April 7, 2014
  1678. OK, let's leave aside the fact that 'Corporate MOOC' is essentially an oxymoron. Here are the reasons advanced in support of them: Corporate MOOCs will be a pathway to social and ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62016

  1679. MOOCs for Development - Day 2
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, April 11, 2014
  1680. My notes from Day 2 of the MOOCs4D conference. [Comment] [Direct Link] 62041

  1681. MOOCs for Development - Day 1
    , , By Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, April 11, 2014
  1682. Notes from the MOOCs for Development Conference April 10-11 at UPenn's International House in Philadelphia. [Comment] [Direct Link] 62042

  1683. All the passwords you should change because of Heartbleed, in one handy graphic
    , , By Harrison Weber, VB, April 14, 2014
  1684. *Sigh* "Heartbleed arose inside a version of open-source OpenSSL cryptographic software. Information sitting inside the memory of a server should be encrypted, but a little bit of data could be ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62050

  1685. Are Instructional Designers Making Themselves Irrelevant?
    , , By Dawn Poulos, Xyleme, April 14, 2014
  1686. Interesting question to which the answer may be 'yes'. Dawn Poulos suggests, "Being static means being stale, and for instructional designers, stale content is the fastest road to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62053


  1687. 2014: The Year the Media Stopped Caring About MOOCs?
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, April 14, 2014
  1688. Icon

    Based on information about an unpopular UPenn seminar for media on MOOCs Steve Kolowich wrote this article about the possibility that media are losing interest in the story. I suppose a decline in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62057

  1689. Cultural Translation in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
    , , By Bernard Nkuyubwatsi, eLearning Papers, April 15, 2014
  1690. This is generally a good paper though I disagree with some aspects. Basically, the idea is that 'cultural translation`- which is roughly "flexibility to allow students from diverse cultures to ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62058

  1691. Offering cMOOCs Collaboratively: The COER13 Experience from the Convenors’ Perspective
    , , By Patricia Arnold, Swapna Kumar, Anne Thillosen, Martin Ebner, eLearning Papers, April 15, 2014
  1692. This short paper reflects on the offering of a cMOOC on the topic of Open Educational Resources in 2013. I'm curious to know what platform is used, but this is not described. The experiences, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62059

  1693. Time to retire from online learning?
    , , By Tony Bates, online learning, distance edcuation resources, April 16, 2014
  1694. Tony Bates is calling it a career. "After 45 years continuously working in online and distance education," he writes, "I’ve certainly earned the right to stop." Among other reasons, he is ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62068

  1695. Phasing out certificates of free courseware completion
    , , By Sebastian Thrun, Udacity Blog, April 16, 2014
  1696. The commercialization of MOOCs continues: "effective May 16, we will stop offering free non-identity-verified certificates." The funny part is that they say students are demanding this. [Comment] [Direct Link] 62072


  1697. An Interview with Donna Fry
    , , By Doug Peterson, doug - off the record, April 23, 2014
  1698. Icon

    This interview with Donna Fry gives you a sense of what it's like to teach and learn in northern Ontario, and insight into some of the work being undertaken to support that, including OSSEMOOC. "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62104


  1699. Another Post about Hashtags. No, Seriously.
    , , By Tressie McMillan Cottom., tressiemc, April 23, 2014
  1700. Icon

    Insightful post about the role and use of hashtags. It's relevant because of the widespread use of hashtags in learning. Hashtags were (and are) produced not by individuals or corporations, but ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62106

  1701. With 24 million students, Codecademy revamps its offerings
    , , By Erin Griffith, - Money, April 24, 2014
  1702. People forget about CodeAcademy when they talk about MOOCs, but it was earlier than most and, with 24 million users, larger than most. It has distanced itself (quite rightly) from the xMOOCs ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62108


  1703. European Multiple MOOC Aggregator
    , , By Various authors, Open Education Europa, April 24, 2014
  1704. Icon

    Worth a look: "EMMA will provide a system for the delivery of free, open, online courses in multiple languages from different European universities to help preserve Europe’s rich cultural, ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62110

  1705. BIM and BAD
    , , By David T. Jones, The Weblog of (a) David Jones, April 25, 2014
  1706. I like this acronym - it's not complete, but it's a great start: "BAD is an acronym that captures what I think is missing from the institutional approach to university e-learning ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62118

  1707. New e-Literate TV Series on MOOCs
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, April 25, 2014
  1708. Consultants Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill were at the MOOC Research Institute conference in Arlington last fall recording videos for their new series of videos. "If 2013 was the year that MOOC ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62122

  1709. Challenges to Research in MOOCs
    , , By Helene Fournier, Rita Kop, Guillaume Durand, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning, Teaching, April 30, 2014
  1710. This is a paper published by my colleagues at NRC describing research on some of the MOOCs we've offered over the years here. "the authors report on an exploratory case study of PLENK, a ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62153

  1711. Participants' Perceptions of Learning and Networking in Connectivist MOOCs
    , , By Mohsen Saadatmand, Kristiina Kumpulainen, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning, Teaching, April 30, 2014
  1712. I think the authors could have been a bit bolder in their conclusions ("creating networks and developing professional connections through networking technologies are advantages of participating in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62154


  1713. MOOCopoly: The Game
    , , By Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, May 5, 2014
  1714. Icon

    Just for fun (and as part of the Daily Create challenge 486 - make a board game) Alan Levine created this fun version of MOOCopoly. "I came across a Monopoly template in Photoshop," he writes, "... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62189


  1715. Designing a Dual Layer cMOOC/xMOOC
    , , By Matt Crosslin, EduGeek Journal, May 6, 2014
  1716. Icon

    Honestly, I don't know why you'd want to design a 'dual layer cMOOC/xMOOC' - but let's listen to the proposal. "At any time that the learners on the cMOOC track need help (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62191

  1717. A to Z of Learning
    , , By Donald Clark, Big Dog, Little Dog, May 7, 2014
  1718. From aLearning to eLearning to zLearning - a good idea, but I think Donald Clark missed the mark on a few letters. Like rLearning, which he says must be 'Redundant Learning', really (it ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62200

  1719. Why Design a xMOOC / cMOOC Hybrid? LTCA Theory
    , , By Matt Crosslin, EduGeek Journal, May 8, 2014
  1720. Matt Crosslin follows up an earlier post with an explanation of why he thinks it would be a good idea to build a cMOOC/xMOOC hybrid. He writes, "the idea of MOOC layers is really looking at a four ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62207


  1721. MOOCs’ disruption is only beginning
    , , By Clayton M. Christensen, Michelle R. Weise, Boston Globe, May 12, 2014
  1722. Icon

    What characterizes a bubble isn't the chorus of sceptics. It's thee lack of them. So MOOCs - who have certainly attracted the sceptics - are far from the bubble stage of their existence. So ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62224

  1723. MOOCS: Expectations and Reality
    , , By Devayani Tirthali, Fiona M. Hollands, Teachers College Columbia University, May 13, 2014
  1724. Longish report (211 page PDF) about the use and understanding of MOOCs in an institutional context. "Through interviews with 83 administrators, faculty members, researchers, and other actors from ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62226


  1725. The Open Virus
    , , By Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, May 13, 2014
  1726. Icon

    Though the spread of the open virus is by no means guaranteed, it seems like a natural progression from one domain to the next. "It is no coincidence that many of the MOOC pioneers had also been ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62228

  1727. Are MOOCs Just Moneymaking Scams? Providers Challenged To Substantiate Grandiose Claims
    , , By Keith Button, Campus Technology, May 15, 2014
  1728. So the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has launched a video and campaign against MOOCs, depicting MOOCs as schemes designed to make money. This follows the release of three working ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62238

  1729. Conventional Online Higher Education Will Absorb MOOCs, 2 Reports Say
    , , By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, May 16, 2014
  1730. I think that the most interesting thing about this headline is that it asserts that there is such a thing as 'conventional online higher education'. Even a few years ago the words would ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62239


  1731. The MOOC Problem
    , , By Rolin Moe, Hybrid Pedagogy, May 16, 2014
  1732. Icon

    Interetsing article about the appropriation of terms like 'MOOC' and '2.0' to support marketing. The author concludes "MOOCs have been sold not only as an agent to democratize ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62240


  1733. Amazing Starling Flocks Are Flying Avalanches
    , , By Brandon Keim, Wired, May 20, 2014
  1734. Icon

    I'm giving a talk on MOOC research on Friday, and while I've previously documented my thoughts on research methods (or the lack of same) the question nonetheless occurred to me, "how do you ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62272

  1735. Developing world MOOCs – A workshop on MOOCs in Africa
    , , By Tony Carr, e/merge Africa, May 26, 2014
  1736. From Tony Carr: "Are you curious about MOOCs or already developing or running MOOCs in Africa? From Tuesday 17 June - Friday 27 June 2014 we present "Developing World MOOCs - a workshop on MOOCs in ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62284

  1737. The psychology of open: On wrestling your inner MOOC
    , , By Mariana Funes, doublemirror, May 27, 2014
  1738. You can't be half open, says Mariana Funes, but it's a process, and you can adapt to it. "Work at your own pace, do not let anyone force you into openness online  faster than you are ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62286


  1739. Why Unizin is a Threat to edX
    , , By Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, May 27, 2014
  1740. Icon

    e-Literate a week or so broke a story on Unizin, an initiative from the Indiana University designed to, as Michael Feldstein says, "run the table" on online learning technologies. In this post ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62290


  1741. The Best Laid Plans …
    , , By Frances Bell, Francesbell's Blog, May 28, 2014
  1742. Icon

    Frances Bell has responded to my recent presentation on digital research methods. She writes, "A criticism of research that Stephen made was that it tends to find what it is looking for. This ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62295


  1743. Alexander the MOOC Lands
    , , By Guy M. Rogers, Inside Higher Ed, May 28, 2014
  1744. Icon

    I know, it's just another MOOC story, which has been done, but still I can't help passing these sentences along: "Some critics of MOOCs have pointed to the fact that only a small percentage ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62298


  1745. Brilliance struck. We call it Canvas Catalog.
    , , By Matt Goodwin, Canvas by Instructure, May 30, 2014
  1746. Icon

    Instructure is launching a new product called Canvas Catalog, "a white-label platform that enables any institution, government entity, university or K-12 school to create a branded index of online ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62309

  1747. Beyond the stack
    , , By Mike Loukides, O'Reilly Radar, May 30, 2014
  1748. One of the interesting 'behind the scenes' things about the new MOOC platforms is the way they're built: distributed computing. Coursera, for example, relies on Amazon Web Services (... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62311


  1749. Business School, Disrupted
    , , By Jerry Useem, New York Times, June 2, 2014
  1750. Icon

    Good article in the New York Times on the struggles of Harvard Business School, which depends on being elite, is coping with the arrival of online learning, which depends on being egalitarian. The ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62317

  1751. What Harvard and MIT could learn from the University of Phoenix about analytics
    , , By Phil Hill, e-Literate, June 2, 2014
  1752. Phil Hill is critical of the new data being released by Harvard and MIT from their edX-based MOOCs. "At first I was eager to explore the data," he writes, "but I am not sure how much useful insight ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62319


  1753. MOOCs Won’t Replace Business Schools — They’ll Diversify Them
    , , By Gayle Christensen, Brandon Alcorn, Ezekiel Emanuel, Harvard Business Review Blogs, June 6, 2014
  1754. Icon

    This idea here is that MOOCs are effective advertsing vehicles that will help these schools attract the demographics they want, especially since they have a global reach. Of course, this is true ... [Comment] [Direct Link] 62339