Faculty at Work

Alex Reid, Digital Digs, Sept 02, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think we are in a golden age of music. As I site here in a Tim Hortons typing this I am listening to the second of six versions of Girl Crush on my Google Music application (website version; let's keep the net neutral). Sure, the music publishers took a hit, and maybe some big stars are making a few fewer millions, but there has been a proliferation of independent talent, especially talent from outside the mainstream. This is what we wanted from the internet, isn't it? So it's hard for me to be as concerned as people like Jonathon Rees, who thinks the flipped classroom is "professional suicide", or Alistar Scott, who is worried that universities are dumbing down. If faculty could reimagine what they think their "work" is, they could be more open to the huge vistas ahead. This is really a wonderful time to be an intellectual. It wasn't always thus.

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