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I think we've known for quite some time that science is not a set of facts that can be amassed but rather a network of interconnected perspectives or points of view. As Michael Polanyi said in 1962, "This network is the seat of scientific opinion which is not held by any single human brain, but which is split into thousands of different fragments … each of whom endorses the other´s opinion at second hand, by relying on the consensual chains which link him to all the others through a sequence of overlapping neighborhoods." So what does that mean for science today. We're going through a revolution in our understanding of the nature of science itself. Open science is one part of this. But it's a big important and essential part of it. This item links to an anthology on the subject of open science. There's a lot here - including a paper called Academic Goes Facebook, by Michael Nentwich & René König, from which the Polanyi quite is cited. In the spirit of open science, the anthology is available as a dynamic book, which you can read and edit online; a printed book, which you can order from the publisher, and an open e-book, which anone can read online.

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