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This is interesting. MIT and Fujitsu are announcing something called 'Guided Learning Pathways' based on learning "nuggets". "By breaking domains into atomistic concepts and populating each concept with a wide variety of learning nuggets, GLP will be able to eliminate the Industrial Age 'course' and tailor each individual's education to suit their interests. As shown in Figure 1, each learner can follow his or her own pathway through the material." That sounds a lot like learning objects, of course, but the project adds the idea of OERs and MOOCs to the mix. "The future seems bright for the many GLP concepts that have been demonstrated by independent organizations, such as personalized digital learning, massive enrollments in online classes, and collaborative, online learning." Once upon a time I had a plan for a distributed learning object repository network (DLORN), made up of open educational resources. This is similar (in my mind) to that. See also eCampus News.

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