Are Things Really Broken or Is This How Change Really Feels?

Rob Reynolds, The Learning Lot, Mar 22, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A good point about the online videos: the critics on Khan Academy videos are missing the point. "Maybe we're asking these videos to be more than they actually are -- individual tutorial snippets designed to help someone studying a particular subject gain a better understanding. Again, I have never seen this content as stand-alone but rathe as supplemental. As such, I think it's both significant and extremely innovative. Maybe we're trying to make it more than it really is?" Maybe indeed. If you're from the perspective that online learning ought to be full-fledged content and scaffolding and community, then you're not going to get it from the videos. But if you see this content - as I do - as the McGuffin, something provokes learning, but which isn't
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