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Dave Winer's weblog is fifteen years old. He writes, "You'll find that no other blog has yet claimed 15 years on the planet. Just as five years ago we were first to reach the ten-year milestone." I'm happy to let him have that, but you'll notice I began regularly posting content on my site December 18, 1996, with a short post called 'Use META to add sound'. See here. At the time it was nothing special, just a repost from a bulletin board, and there were already numerous boards and other online contents. My own website dates from early in 1995. His problem, as well as mine, is that the term 'blogging' was only coined a number of years later to describe what we were doing. All of that said, if you ask me, the first weblog was Winer's own 24 hours of Democracy, February 22, 1996. I contributed, but it was Winer's idea and Winer's show and he totally deserves credit for creating the form.

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