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An interesting phenomenon is beginning to happen, typified by this post from Michael Caulfield, where he writes, "I’ve consigned a lot of my discovery blogging to twitter, which is unsatisfying to me. Here’s a link. I like it. Here’s another link. This guy’s an idiot. Ugh. I don’t work at anything meta on the link, and consequently I devalue it, not only for the recipient of the tweet, but for myself." And so, he writes, he's now doing his short-fom bloggin in longer form over at Tumblr. Of course, last week the number of Tumblr blogs surpassed the number at But I think the more significant comparison may be with Twitter. Which, I think, may have peaked. Meanwhile, and possibly related, Facebook activity is down. I log in to Facebook one in a while, and then I am sure to log out, because I don't want Facebook tracking me as I go around the internet (a general Google logout will follow soon, once I get gRSShopper to the point it can replace Google Reader).

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