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Rethinking e-Learning

Clark Quinn, Aug 12, 2010

This sounds right: "This recognition that our processing uses external representations is an important component in looking at ways to support performance. When should we provide tools, whether representational or computational, instead of trying to put all information in the head? We need a richer picture of how we perform, rather than a simplistic and ineffectual model that posits we can know everything we need." And I like what the author calls the seven Cs of 'natural learning':

- Choose what we are interested in
- Commit to do what is necessary to learn about it
- Create expressions of our understanding as application
- Crash when our expressions sometimes fail
- Copy others' performances
- Converse with others about the topic
- Collaborate to co-create a shared understanding as well as an artifact

I'd like to get a 'cooperate' in there somewhere. And maybe a 'cultivate'. And definitely a 'clarify', a 'criticize' and even a 'construct'. Via David Jones.

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