7 Tips to Analyze the Formula of Your Life
Jun 21, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There's an old song from The Smiths that runs something like this:
In my life
Why do I give valuable time
To people who don't care if I live or die ?
And I think the essence of 'personal learning' (or maybe I should expand the concept, and talk about 'personal living') is captured in this. Our lives are so short, they go by so quickly, and we spend time filling our brains with other people's knowledge, other people's plans, other people's priorities. And there will never be a shortage of inducements to do so, never a shortage of business plans based on that principle. But without getting all EST or scientologist about it, can't we say something along the lines of it being most important to find out what we want to be and to do, and to pursue that aim? That is not the same as selfishness (not even close) - many of us, most of us, will choose to live selflessly. But it is the same as self-determination. Which I think is important, and on which I think our culture and out democracy crucially depends. Would I be as methodical as Vicki Davis is here? Maybe not. But maybe I should be. Total: 229
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Re: 7 Tips to Analyze the Formula of Your Life

Oh, Stephen, thank you so much for your thoughts here! My son says I'm too methodical also and I always let him know that we all have to find our way -- our priorities. The things that we need to accomplish and achieve.

I love these words of yours so much that I'm going to bookmark them. I'll say that today I didn't write my goals -- that is because one HUGE goal is looming -- four chapters of the book Julie and I are writing due to the publisher TOMORROW! That goal is clear to me and so it makes sense to focus.

However, I will say that this process of focusing on what is important has really helped me so much.

You are so great with words. Well, I guess you already know that, it is part of your gift and calling.

I love the term "personal living." Lots to chew on and think on in your pithy comments. Thank you again for including me.

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