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If you 'aspire to be an elite' then you are getting your priorities wrong. That is not to say that you should not aspire to be the best you can possibly be - far from it. But thinking like this from Seth Godin is just skewed in the wrong direction: "The challenge of our time may be to build organizations and platforms that engage and coordinate the elites, wherever they are. After all, this is where change and productivity come from." Really? You think so? I don't. Because people who are genuinely at their best aren't trying to create advantage for themselves, and to help the rich get richer. They are working for the good of all, trying to help everyone, regardless of status, achieve their potential (and they're not trying to coordinate anything). Look at your real heroes - did they coordinate an elite? Or did they lift the common lot of humanity, even if only a little? Via Tim Stahmer.

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