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I'm not sure I would call it a success, but EduCon's collaborative 'book' was interesting. Actually, I'm not sure I would call it a "book" either, unless we extend the category of "book" to include slide shows. I think, though, that the idea had potential, even if the execution was a bit off. The "book" suffered in terms of consistency and format and was filled with genuinely unoriginal observations and sayings; the only thing missing was "There is no try" with an attribution to Yoda (there was one attribution to "Uncle Ben").

The book was an outcome of the Educon conference held online over the weekend at Science Leadership Academy in Philadephia. As Dean Shareski, who was visiting there from Saskatchewan (and presented along with Alec Couros), said of the school, "The level of connectedness among staff doesn't hurt their image but indeed follows closely with one of their guiding principles: Learning can – and must – be networked."

There was a lot more blog chatter over the weekend from Educon, including Lucy Gray's survey, a session with wiki from Tracy Weber, reflections on privilege from Lisa Durff, reflections on friends and a day two summary from Kevin Jarrett, a short reflection from Jen Wagner, some play from Brian Smith, some linking to famous people (like Richard Branson and Chris Anderson) by Dave Warlick (twice), links and tweets from afar by Jerry Swiatek, a wrap-up from TeachPaperless, a take-away from Will Richardson, and of course the SLA kids from principal Chris Lehman. Thanks to Langwitches for numerous session summaries.

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