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Despite the nice follow-up from Tim Kastelle, the wrong message is still being distributed from the Innovation Leadership Network. It's not just "aggregate - filter - connect." I know it's a nice simple version being used for some business presentations, but to represent the middle step as simply to 'filter' misrepresents what's going on. A dumb machine may filter, but learners and knowledge workers do two very specific things: they remix - which is to say, they bring (possibly filtered) elements from different (possibly filtered) sources together. And then they repurpose - which is to say, they localize, translate, interpret, comment, or in some way add value and their owm perspective to the work. Even a dumb neuron sends out its own signal, and not just a copy of an input signal. It may be the case that business types need it really simplified (such a sad commentary on the business world) but simplifying this idea to such an extreme is an unhelpful bit of rebranding.

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