Why I don't use Google Reader anymore

Robert Scoble, Nov 02, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Robert Scoble writes (in Posterous, not his own blog, which makes it impossible to find unless you know what you're looking for) that he no longer uses Google Reader. The main reason is speed: "I see most news faster on Twitter than in Google Reader. Where did Marissa Mayer announce Google's deal with Twitter? On Twitter. It didn't show up on my Google Reader until later after everyone had written blog posts. Headline scanning is easier, and more interesting for some reason in Twitter than even in Google Reader's list view." Now - if you're Rober Scobnle and live headline to headline, never venturing past the lede, then sure, Twitter's your ticket. But I am inclined to agree with Brett Kelly, who says "replacing Google Reader with Twitter is nuts." he says, "Twitter, in it's current iteration and feature set, simply cannot function as a legitimate newsreading tool."
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